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What is going on with mouz, on paper so much potential but it doesnt seem to work
2020-10-17 22:42
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LAN team
2020-10-17 22:44
bymas never attended a lan in his life
2020-10-17 22:44
bymas sens too high = too inconsistent
2020-10-17 22:44
United Kingdom novaseer
s1mple has EDPI over 1k and he's considered the GOAT by pretty much everyone
2020-10-17 22:53
becuase hes awping and has used that sens for 10 years
2020-10-17 22:54
in major finals he always choking because of that sens :( His hands are shaking and he miss so much shots cuz high sens
2020-10-18 11:45
biggest nonsense ive read all year, i doubt i even heared mouse acceleration means inconsistent
2020-10-17 22:58
thats a 0/8 from me friend
2020-10-17 23:00
i rather say low sens inconsistent, because you cant always keep up with opponents
2020-10-17 23:03
absolutely 0/8, cant even give you a half bro, kinda shit
2020-10-17 23:05
whats your rank in competetive
2020-10-17 23:06
ive given you enough of a try to make a decent bait bro, you ran out of time
2020-10-17 23:07
i didnt understood single thing you wrote how old are you
2020-10-17 23:08
They need find pro player and kick botmas. Chris J also play like shit now.
2020-10-17 22:44
they just made 4th in epl tho last in dh open, but tbh which team, besides astralis is on form rn ? heroic last at iem new york navi loses to vp, choke huge cock in finals, went out 2nd last in cologne too vitality cant win titles, rest is shit
2020-10-17 22:44
Well they're not THAT bad but the results arent consistent at all atm, even for online standards
2020-10-17 22:47
agree, mousesports was never a title favourite, and only win a couple of times like new york in 2018 with snax or epl in 2019 I think their problem is bymas and chrisj rn, frozen is ok, but could be more consistent
2020-10-17 22:49
ChrisJ is inconsistent as shit but the thing is that without him, i doubt Ropz would shine as much, plus they seem to have no actual awper with impact anymore so that is something that might need change
2020-10-17 22:51
2020-10-17 22:44
I wonder who could replace him tho and how Ropz would play without him
2020-10-17 22:46
chrisJ deffo has an impact (probably) when it comes to the team mood and composure, but he needs to perform better. broky would be a good option (my flag checks out) or some free agent awper. Or they should let karrigan continue awping and get another rifler, not sure who tho as it is hard to keep track on what good players are free now
2020-10-17 22:48
Dont think FaZe would let go of him tho. But yeah Chris seems very inconsistent sadly, but lets say they get another youngster, would Karrigan be able to handle that alone?
2020-10-17 22:49
I think karrigan could, I feel like ropz is experienced enough to help him with mid round calling or micro managing other 3 players. Mouz will probably bounce back even if they dont change anyone tho, atleast I hope so
2020-10-17 22:52
We'd have to wait for LAN i'm afraid
2020-10-17 22:52
Sadly LANs seem so far away that a change probably is inevitable down the line
2020-10-17 22:53
United Kingdom novaseer
iem global challenge (if it doesn't get cancelled)
2020-10-17 22:54
Most likely, yeah But i dont rly see it improving with time, at least not short-term
2020-10-17 22:56
Karrigan awp? Naaah Its better to try guardian then,he was great under karrigan's igleading. Broky is great option as well.
2020-10-17 22:51
I doubt Broky would leave Faze/i doubt faze would let go of Broky. Would be interesting through
2020-10-17 22:53
2020-10-17 22:54
What would u argue as decent realistic options? I cant think of any tbh
2020-10-17 22:56
Well, as i said they can try Guardian. He's free agent, maybe he's not as good as he was in 2018 but still better than chris/karrigan awp. Ottondo is good option i think. Who else... Smooya? :DD
2020-10-17 23:01
Oh my lord just Imagine GuardiaN suddenly back in high tier CS, suddenly joining Mouz. I hope this happens
2020-10-17 23:02
Yeah, me too. I have a strong feeling that he will shine again with karrigan as igl
2020-10-17 23:05
I mean everyone felt bad when Navi didnt work out, i hope he gets his redemption
2020-10-17 23:08
mouz with karrigan as an awper would be surely even worse...
2020-10-18 11:41
Bruh mouz is tier4 team
2020-10-17 22:56
Flag + flair def check out tho
2020-10-18 11:33
Already fan of c9 before they even played a game with their fullbroster😅
2020-10-18 11:56
Namibia doggc
2020-10-18 11:37
Karrigan was never able to fully utilize potential of his players.
2020-10-18 11:41
2020-10-18 22:09
Im gonna say that again, i have never seen succesfull Karrigan team without awp carry. They need a big strong name on awp, but that means another roster change. Probably -bongj which is going to break my heart :(
2020-10-18 11:49
Tsm didnt have a great awper as far as i know
2020-10-18 11:56
Device was a great awper back then.
2020-10-18 15:33
Wasnt cajunb awping and device riffling? They at least shared the awp
2020-10-18 17:09
It wasyou are right still i find them both being great awpers back then. Device did go full time awp tho while on tsm.
2020-10-18 22:03
They need awper
2020-10-19 18:30
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