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Latvia plecktrickal 
2020-10-18 00:22
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Congrats Godsent! You guys really deserved it!!
2020-10-18 00:22
GGs, it was very close tho. Such a great matchup tho!
2020-10-18 00:23
+1 mens))!
2020-10-18 00:24
Argentina Joedash
GL against Astralis maboys.
2020-10-18 00:26
2020-10-18 00:28
Argentina Joedash
2020-10-18 00:28
thats a bruh moment for sure XD
2020-10-18 00:28
Argentina Joedash
HAHAHAHA. I mean, im sad cause faze will play in the LB, but im happy cause they wont face Astralis XDD.
2020-10-18 00:29
ahahah basically FaZe won today Anyway GGs my fellow HLTV user mens))
2020-10-18 00:35
Argentina Joedash
GGs dude. Today honestly faze played terrible, broky wasnt on point at all :/
2020-10-18 00:38
Man thats make a lot of sens i mean
2020-10-18 00:41
Germany japsenpower
2020-10-18 00:22
United Kingdom winter1337
2020-10-18 00:22
Disband is the only solution - they're the punching bag for T1 and T2 teams lmao
2020-10-18 00:23
New Zealand rOtten_97
Krystal > NiKo
2020-10-18 00:23
Brazil !nStinct
FazeDown LUL
2020-10-18 00:23
wtf are those casters tho
2020-10-18 00:23
So, IEM New York was just a fluke?((
2020-10-18 00:24
of course it was
2020-10-18 00:26
yes i agree with you 120hz 👍
2020-10-18 00:27
thanks plecktrickal you are my true friend flipside with s1mple the best btw won me a lot of bets on CSGOLOUNGE LETS GOOO
2020-10-18 00:29
+1111111111111 s1mple was better! rip flipsid3 and markeloff, csgolounge :(((
2020-10-18 00:30
yes :((( csgolounge was the best, now when betting i have taxes and its shit
2020-10-18 01:14
true my friend((
2020-10-18 11:45
As always. One-Two good events after a lineup change and then back to being a disappointment
2020-10-18 00:27
+1 man, just like 2019, they won some tier 2 events (2 Blast Pro Series, ELEAGUE Invitational, then they become a disappointment rest of the year, and those tier 2 events are not even impressing, just some rank boosters, they sometimes step up at some events (Blast Spring) but that's it, they never prove their value.
2020-10-18 00:35
Germany BIG2020
2020-10-18 00:25
Looks like they are back to being trash already. Their good periods after switching a player get shorter every time. This lineup is going nowhere. Memebye was one of the worst picks they could have made. Niko should just go to G2 so faze is forced to rebuild partly.
2020-10-18 00:26
And people were saying that IEM wasnt fluke and that NIKO was good IGL because they switched positions and people got caught off guard LUL
2020-10-18 00:33
He is quite decent IGL - fragging and giving ok T strats, ct still suck and players underperforming
2020-10-18 02:16
He completly missused his players for year. Still does it to broky. Thats not sign of decent IGL only upside of niko IGL is the firepower
2020-10-18 03:54
Big mouth from a fan who played like silver yesterday. If not because godsent choked on inferno, theres no guarantee BIG will win against faze today. Chill bro
2020-10-18 02:28
literally does not matter what team i cheer for. BIG won both BO3s and i think all that matters in the end. at least BIG is willing to do big lineup/role changes in order to make their gameplan work. i dont see a gameplan when faze is playing. the faze lineups after -karrigan have the same problem as most NA teams - they just rely on fragging and they are easily outplayed. history just repeats for faze for the third or fourth time now.
2020-10-18 11:46
Finland H0rnPub
fluke clan lul
2020-10-18 00:26
great game by rain NiKo and cold but kjaerbye just waaaay too bad for most of the game
2020-10-18 00:26
Shakerbye should have stayed in n♿️orth, perfect team for him
2020-10-18 00:28
fuck you, you can't blame a loss on one player
2020-10-18 00:38
if that player has 3 kills in 18! rounds and misses easy shots then yes, you can. If he was playing from the start as he was playing last 10 rounds easy win for faze. But broky was almost as bad. Broky had 3 kills on t side and kjaerbye 3 on ct side.
2020-10-18 00:44
this team is doomed to fail, this is what you get when your players are uncomfortable in their positions
2020-10-18 00:57
Shakerby was not that bad - he played A anchor and godsent went there like 3 or 4 times. Broky was real disappointment all 3 maps though
2020-10-18 02:18
nt 1 guy scene talkin
2020-10-18 02:19
lmao nexa is the only serbian player in top 30 wtf are you talking about lol
2020-10-21 23:20
imagine being from latvia and talkin about cs HAHAHHAHHAAHHAHAAHHAHAHAAHA
2020-10-18 02:26
Well latvia has some pro players
2020-10-18 14:00
ye, yekindar :D
2020-10-18 21:21
broky (even tho he is shit last couple of matches) yekindar >>>>>>>> 1 serbian nexa in top 30 even you're baiting, your baits are stupid and not funny
2020-10-21 23:21
what does faze have in common with chocolate i dont get it
2020-10-18 02:29
Denmark fuze^
Hey, unrelated, but a steam friend messaged me, asking me to vote on "his team" on a site called He also offered keys if I did it, which made me suspicious. Could anyone give me an idea of whether this is an actual thing or not? Havent seen any HLTV coverage of it (Might be an idiot) EDIT: cant post an original thread, have been inactive.
2020-10-18 02:30
very late answer mate, but it's a scam attempt. there is no team called "loz" in HLTV and it's very obvious that the site will steal your steam account by signing into a fake "Steam log-in site". block and report that guy, "" is a scam site :D and never click before checking a link at steam, steam contains so many scammers that trying to steal your Steam account and your other info, like this guy. always be careful mate!
2020-10-21 23:13
Denmark Kon10R
Not sure I understand the "lul" part. It was a great game, good match up, very close ... EVYTHING we want and like as viewers! Congrats to Godsent, but what was the "lul" thing all about?
2020-10-18 02:32
Brazil Roufas
+1 gg, this was by no means a stomp
2020-10-18 13:57
Whats lul in that Idiot ? It was a gg. And Latvia, do you exist ? fckin' BOT.
2020-10-18 06:04
lmao ChoKo Clan fanboy is mad stfu bitch ass. go and suck ChoKo's dick 😎👌
2020-10-21 23:07
even if faze won they would face astralis which is an automatic L. So IG its easier LOL
2020-10-18 13:58
FazeDown LUL
2020-10-18 13:59
Finland scene where?
2020-10-18 14:01
the fact that broky was missing the whole series was a big factor. You need to have your awp player to show up at least decent. Again, faze lose so many stupid rounds. The 2v5 round on mirage was so fcking bad This team makes so many mistakes its getting ridiculous I'm getting more and more frustrated watching faze as they seem to have the same problems for so long time now. One of these things are the rounds they just throw that they should win. Must be a niko IGL thing. Should not happen.
2020-10-18 14:03
people believe ChoKo can do something as igl? impressive. many rounds are lost just because of his bad calling, like losing to ecos or having rounds be very close when they shouldn't (just like LULquid, faze is done because of a bad igl)
2020-10-18 14:08
ChoKo Clan strikes again vs NiP!
2020-10-21 23:04
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