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Lomachenko vs Lopez
s1mple | 
Other el1teman 
Who do you think will win?
2020-10-18 04:11
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REZ | 
Mexico PS4
ez 4 lopez, also where does it stream free? been seatching nac cant find anyhting
2020-10-18 04:15
2020-10-18 04:15
dm pls
2020-10-18 04:51
Canada f0rkb0mb
share the knowledge (?) (the stream)
2020-10-18 04:36
2020-10-18 04:44
Asia Blitzer
lomachenko very ez tbh huge upset if lopez wins, simple as that
2020-10-18 04:16
Berlanga looking good as well
2020-10-18 04:17
best footwork i've ever seen, been to his fight against Crolla in the Staples, totally worth it. hope for at least a competetive fight.
2020-10-18 04:31
yes indeed going to be an amazing fight hopefully!
2020-10-18 04:56
United States Swadplan
Loma should dance around him for the first 9 and then finish, but Lopez could def KO
2020-10-18 05:08
Def sounds like a real plan
2020-10-18 05:17
Finland Zombade
Lopez is just a power puncher, loma will dance rings around him, wear him out for 10 rounds and then lopez's corner throws the towel.
2020-10-18 05:10
2020-10-18 05:36
2020-10-18 05:11
Lopez looking crisp
2020-10-18 06:11
ez loma
2020-10-18 05:55
Will see, hopefully a good fight
2020-10-18 06:01
Well Loma lost
2020-10-18 06:44
I don't even want to guess this one, both are looking crisp
2020-10-18 06:03
Yes some great boxing here
2020-10-18 06:04
ye this is GG if loma won't explode and do damage, he is kinda looking helpless man
2020-10-18 06:13
True idk what's wrong. I know he activates in the end but he is eating so many body shots which are painful
2020-10-18 06:20
Ez Loma entering the Matrix
2020-10-18 06:17
this dude is not watching, this dude has only googled who loma is, saw he's ukrainian and here's the comment
2020-10-18 06:19
The fight STARTSSS
2020-10-18 06:27
loma finally exploding and I saw some shaking by lopez hehe, short but it happened
2020-10-18 06:30
I hope Loma turns up and this fight doesn't disappoint. Lopez been dominating most of the time
2020-10-18 06:31
what you think?? I think loma has lost this fight...
2020-10-18 06:45
I think Loma lost
2020-10-18 06:45
deserved by lopez
2020-10-18 06:48
Yep, Lopez saved up energy for round 12 as he knew Loma needed that one
2020-10-18 06:49
+3 belts in one fight this is crazy
2020-10-18 06:49
I watched a couple of his recent fights which completely covers my needs Mr. box expert
2020-10-18 06:39
ok ok sorry ^^ I'm not even close to being an expert but I'm a good observer
2020-10-18 06:43
you support vatnyk? are you vatnyk too or what? Well anyway, vata lost and it`s gorgeous!
2020-10-18 07:08
Oh shait haven't seen it yet lol. I'm not familiar with his political views, it's just entertaining to watch his style of boxing. What's vata about him?
2020-10-18 07:48
wow, too much to tell, use google carefully if you really wanna figure out
2020-10-18 08:39
Ukraine Taira
Lomas was afk for 7 round. why? i dont get
2020-10-18 06:45
I guess you never watch Loma fights
2020-10-18 06:46
He usually lets the opponent to throw the puches in air and get tired, so that he can dismantle his exhausted opponent after round 7. I was already thinking that it is Loma's fight before round 12 started.
2020-10-18 06:52
Ukraine Taira
how u win if u lose first 7 round? this strategy dont make any sense. he literally dont hit him for 7 fucking rounds...
2020-10-18 06:53
He was more afk than usual and judges score cards are rigged af 119-109??? That means Lopez won like 11/12 rounds which is total bs Lopez would have won but those were great judges cards
2020-10-18 11:16
lol the cards
2020-10-18 06:48
Ukraine Taira
119-109? ammm?
2020-10-18 06:48
Finland Zombade
This fight is so rigged, the judges' scorecards don't make any sense. This was a 1 point differential minor decision or a draw.
2020-10-18 06:50
United States camdavis9
I had Lopez winning 115-113 but those scorecards were beyond rigged
2020-10-18 06:51
Finland Zombade
Lol at the one judge giving Lopez 119 when Loma got at least 5 rounds. These are supposed to be the best judges and the fairest judges next to the ring
2020-10-18 06:56
DD | 
United States breasts
2020-10-18 06:54
Lomachenko lul beat boxers from jamaica, nicaragua, puerto rico and got 4 belts whathefuk????
2020-10-18 11:26
All-in fight
2020-10-18 11:32
when is the fight edit: wait it wass already. who won
2020-10-18 12:08
well done to lopez fantastic
2020-10-18 12:08
Sweden mrarrogant
the scorecards were more rigged than GGG v Canelo, such a shame how corrupted the sport is. altho i had 7-5 in rounds for lopez, so atleast its not as scandalous as the GGG v Canelo
2020-10-18 13:49
Portugal 69_mL
LOMA won that fight, at last draw That was ROBBERY... 119-109 LOL facepalm
2020-10-18 13:50
You are delusional
2020-10-18 14:07
Loma still GOAT, cry is free
2020-10-18 14:16
GOAT my ass 2 losses in his career he got exposed
2020-10-18 14:48
Loma is like s1mple, GOATTEST GOAT
2020-10-18 17:27
i think loma was a lil rusty in this fight,im pretty sure he would win the rematch.This fight 7-5 for Lopez
2020-10-18 14:26
Ye he was rusty and too passive in the start rounds
2020-10-18 19:27
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