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Predict your playoff teams and winner of this season and why?
2020-10-18 12:37
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Who IPL?
2020-10-18 12:38
I used to watch cricket many years back (before cs and football) Are Mumbai and Chennai still good?
2020-10-18 12:40
Mumbai is good. Chennai just bad, they can't win without fixing
2020-10-18 12:41
2020-10-18 12:41
Yes the team which was banned for 2 years for fixing scandal
2020-10-18 12:42
WTF lol did they not win a season? Idk like ten years back I think they won the IPL conducted in the same year as WC that's when I knew about IPL since India won it
2020-10-18 12:43
They have won many times bro.
2020-10-18 12:49
Oh I see i watched IPL for two or three years Also when is the semi and finals? I cant try to find it in the schedule But found another interesting thing Do people watch this?
2020-10-18 12:51
Women power is slowly increasing in India. Yes people do watch it but not to the level of men's game.
2020-10-18 12:54
That is pretty ignorant. The players themselves had nothing to do it, if I recall correctly. Be careful with your words.
2020-10-19 06:54
India breathes in corruption, thats why we suck so hard kek
2020-10-18 14:16
Fakeflagger spotted.
2020-10-18 13:02
India xEleanorex
2020-10-18 13:25
Danish guy watching cricket? Nice fake flagging bro
2020-10-18 14:14
I think cricket is getting traction amongst Scandinavian countries recently.
2020-10-18 14:32
Not much here, I watched baseball as a kid and knew about cricket so I watched the World Cups only and after the 2011 win India was really famous and I think they won that after a long while and also IPL had a lot of players from other countries so its not like IPL has only Indian players
2020-10-18 15:23
I watch laliga, I am Spanish now? I also used to watch EPL, so I was British? I like baseball and basketball too but not enough to watch the matches I knew IPL from ICC WCs, at least half of the players in IPL were not Indian when i was watching So Is it a rule that only Indians should like cricket and watch IPL?
2020-10-18 15:21
Indian Polesitting League?
2020-10-18 12:43
Indian Premier League but I forgive ruski for not know how to use Google
2020-10-18 12:44
Polesitting would be interesting tho. You have polesitting in India?
2020-10-18 12:45
No Edit:wtf this used to be a real thing???
2020-10-18 12:46
Thats a shame
2020-10-18 12:46
2020-10-18 14:16
2020-10-18 14:19
indian poop league
2020-10-19 06:57
2020-10-19 10:41
you indian? kekw
2020-10-19 14:32
Don't car about IPL
2020-10-18 12:45
Why tho? Is it not really famous there? I thought almost everyone in India is interested in cricket lol sorry
2020-10-18 12:46
Mostly everyone but I don't like cricket
2020-10-18 12:47
I see I used to watch a decade back but then I got interested in CS and football Did you watch the ICICI 2011 WC at least?
2020-10-18 12:48
Its ICC mate
2020-10-18 12:56
Oh lol yeah international cricket council
2020-10-18 15:24
ICICI is a bank XD
2020-10-18 15:48
mi gonna win for sure <3 MI
2020-10-18 12:46
Is Malinga still playing in MI?
2020-10-18 12:46
nope not anymore.
2020-10-18 12:51
he retired from cricket
2020-10-18 12:54
wtf Redmi plaaying IPL?!
2020-10-18 15:24
+1 no doubts
2020-10-18 15:30
Everything is fixed dont get too excited. btw I think RCB can win this year
2020-10-18 12:47
They might choke like Navi at crunch time xD
2020-10-18 12:50
xD ABD is carrying them, final I feel could be MI v RCB and a good chance of RCB choke.
2020-10-18 12:57
Really? Delhi is a much better team than Rcb.
2020-10-19 06:55
RCB gonna choke in semis
2020-10-18 12:54
what wud be more fun is if they choke finals xD
2020-10-18 12:57
Even tho Im a rcb fanboi I still remeber their choke in 2016 finals XD
2020-10-18 12:58
Poor gayle ducked out.
2020-10-18 13:00
no he didnt he made 76
2020-10-18 13:01
What was the one where he got duck in finals?
2020-10-18 13:02
it was his 100th ipl game
2020-10-18 13:04
oh sorry, I remembered that. nvm this year they can break the jinx n maybe win the trophy but never too high hopes , I mean this is RCB xD
2020-10-18 13:06
xD i think so too but delhi looking like the best team of ipl currently ngl
2020-10-18 13:07
yeah they deserve to be in finals not MI, cuz MI is so overrated , but I believe a lot of MI matches especially the last 2 finals were fixed.
2020-10-18 13:08
I agree mi is overrated
2020-10-18 13:09
How is MI overrated? I'm a die hard Delhi fan but you can't deny that MI have been the best franchise. You cannot be overrated if you have one the most number of titles.
2020-10-19 07:05
here comes the idiot with all "eVeryThiNg iS fIxeD" nonsense
2020-10-18 15:25
2020-10-18 12:53
Seems reasonable except for csk.
2020-10-18 13:50
Fixed tourny... still supporting KXIP
2020-10-18 12:54
honestly I feel sorry for rahul and mayank
2020-10-18 12:55
idk why they decided to bench Gayle for 7 matches
2020-10-18 13:01
batting aint the problem for kxip as the top 2 run scorers are from their team its the bowling even though they have shami but he cant carry the bowling department every match
2020-10-18 13:03
mujeeb is the only consistent one
2020-10-18 13:21
nah shami is much better and mujeeb is international so they cant play with him too much
2020-10-18 13:47
Mujeeb? He has been very mediocre. I have been thoroughly impressed by Ravi Bishnoi, great young bowler.
2020-10-19 07:00
I think KXIP played really well this year, they are just bit unlucky. Or maybe matches were fixed
2020-10-18 13:51
I mean a team that make 230 or so runs only to lose because a guy hits 5 sixes on one over. Doesnt seem sensible to me
2020-10-18 14:16
Exactly and the guy turns out to be noob tewatia. very unlucko Punjab.
2020-10-18 17:26
2020-10-18 13:57
KXIP will win, I still believe we can make playoffs aha. Will be Mumbai or RCB most likely lol.
2020-10-18 12:55
2020-10-18 13:02
India skyl4rk
RR is <3 but RR is shit
2020-10-18 12:55
most unlucky team after kxip
2020-10-18 12:56
Unlucky? They got two miracle wins and you call them unlucky? If anything its RR who have been lucky this season but failed to capitalise apart from Tewatia's heroics.
2020-10-19 06:59
Unlucky team
2020-10-18 12:58
Ez for RCB this year. Ae sala cup namde KEKW
2020-10-18 12:58
Are you from Bengaluru?
2020-10-18 13:04
No, supporting because of VK and ABD <3
2020-10-18 13:06
you mean like everyone else who supports rcb KEKW
2020-10-18 13:08
I'm from Bengaluru. So asked if you knew kannada maybe hehe. Good to know.
2020-10-18 13:09
im from haryana but most people who started to support rcb in the first case was cuz of kohli abd and gayle
2020-10-18 13:10
Yes , lol
2020-10-18 13:09
Support RCB Just because my company has good reliance on bangalore 😂
2020-10-18 13:28
India somecunt
All fakeflaggers exposing themselves, Good thread.
2020-10-18 13:35
2020-10-18 13:47
2020-10-18 13:48
2020-10-18 13:52
Nepal sasukeee
What does IPL stands for?
2020-10-18 13:52
Indian premier league It's a t-20 cricket tournament.
2020-10-18 13:54
Nepal sasukeee
is this the same cricket tournament where star sports shows the same match in 8 out of 10 channels? :/
2020-10-19 06:52
Sadly yes
2020-10-19 17:47
ipl is just wwe t20i
2020-10-18 13:55
Ee Salla Cup Namde easy for rcb lads let's go lads
2020-10-18 13:59
broky | 
India h@des
so many fakeflaggers spotted :D
2020-10-18 13:59
Do china play this game?
2020-10-18 14:19
Nah it's just popular amongst UK's former colonies.
2020-10-18 14:29
2020-10-18 15:25
Mumbai wins, rest irrelevant
2020-10-18 15:31
Mumbai Indians 4 life <3
2020-10-18 15:42
Yo dude, why did you stop uploading knife skins on gamebanana? Your bayonet aqua skin was in a mobile game called block strike for a few months
2020-10-18 17:05
woah, really 😮
2020-10-19 17:07
come to australia 🔪🔪🔪
2020-10-18 15:48
Nepal sasukeee
there are more indian and chinese in australia then australian. 😂
2020-10-19 06:53
Stating my bias to start: MI are my favourite team. MI, DC and RCB will make playoffs 99%, will take KKR to round it off. I’m backing MI to win obviously, but I genuinely think we look the best team right now.
2020-10-18 17:08
I believe MI and DC are much better than the rest in terms of skill, I expect both of them to make the finals. Rcb have also done well but I wouldn't put it past them to choke in the play-offs.
2020-10-19 06:57
fixed tourni tho ive supported kxip since i was a kid
2020-10-19 06:56
Sooooooooo many fake flagging Indians.... Wtf mens(( Why u Indians don't like to be associated with your country?
2020-10-19 07:13
U do realise it's famous in UK and down under right?
2020-10-19 10:45
what is IPL? new version of FPL or something?
2020-10-19 10:42
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