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CS Major into a TI
Spain Sneakers 
Make it bigger pls. If it ever happens. Watching the LoL Worlds, The Dota2 TI, and the Major. The Major is a big step down from the 2 2 things, make it more bigger. Crowdfunded prize pool. And slightly different format. double eliminitation playoffs. with bo1 group stages (i think it already is like this). Longer playoffs in arena = more interest, more crowd, more hype. Less time in group stages.
2020-10-18 14:28
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2020-10-18 14:29
zhokiNg | 
Finland )))
2020-10-18 14:29
2020-10-18 14:31
+1 Majors haven’t been hyped for years.
2020-10-18 14:32
Yeah, but if you have 1 TI with such a huge prizepool a year the other tournaments lose meaning, especially if it's crowdfunded. Just look at Dota. People only play to win TI.
2020-10-18 14:32
CS will be different because we have partner teams, leagues etc.
2020-10-18 14:32
You're probably right.
2020-10-18 14:34
+1, i mean as long as Valve doesnt create a CS:GO Pro Circuit, it wouldnt overshadow everything else like it happens with Dota2, which is causing them a problem too. It WOULD a bit for sure obviously, the interest would skyrocket but thats not a bad thing.
2020-10-18 15:03
gaben dont cars
2020-10-18 14:32
2020-10-18 14:34
GabeN was in NZ i think for all of the covid lockdowns, i think he returned back to the US, but not sure. He is not just hands off from CS, but from Valve itself lol.
2020-10-18 15:04
It is indirectly crowdfunded via stickers.. teams and players earn much more from stickers than from prize money from the major I believe
2020-10-18 14:34
But for actual prize pool that is nothing. TI hitting 35mil or something crazy.
2020-10-18 14:35
2020-10-18 14:37
Yeah well my point is the total prize pool is muuuch bigger than 1M , more likely around 5M but yeah, its still nothing compared to the 40M from TI
2020-10-18 14:40
Never gonna happen.
2020-10-18 14:37
dota2 is the child that gets everything and cs:go is the child that u have to love just because it's there.
2020-10-18 14:40
true. But i think its just valve "culture" of giving the devs all freedom of whatever they want. 1 has a group of devs that probably are more invested while the other is a much smaller group with a 20 year old code and engine, which makes everything harder.
2020-10-18 15:08
Poland Hanse
+1, but just learn from DOTA and don't make prize pool too big to keep other events relevant
2020-10-18 14:41
I don't understand. How should they 'learn from DOTA' but also 'not making prize pools too big' at the same time?
2020-10-18 14:46
Poland Hanse
Valve killed DOTA scene by making prize so big that tourneys other than The International are irrelevant so top teams don't attend it - all teams just gang up twice a year for one tournament and that's it. They could boost prize money to let's say 5m$, no more. Hope you understand now.
2020-10-18 14:56
Valve should invest in tier 2 and 3 Dota scene. And make events where some teams aren't allowed to attend. In summer a tournament wanted to do sth for tier 2-3 scene and make an event. Guess who won? a tier 1 team. So the idea behind it was useless. CSGO has a tier 2-5 scene where people can make money and living. Dota don't
2020-10-18 15:13
The thing is Valve doesn't really invest on esports scenes, not even on CSGO. All they did is holding big yearly or bi-yearly events. CSGO managed to have Tier 2-5 thanks to the sheer amount of betting money circulated. Then there is Faceit and ESEA that could fund tournaments thanks to subscription money. It's kinda ironic how Valve's ignorance turns out to be a thing that manage to keep CSGO scene alive.
2020-10-18 15:34
I agree that TI enormous prize kinda kill non-TI DOTA event, the problem is that amount is partially as a result of the whole crowdfunding. So I don't think CSGO should learn that part from DOTA because without doubt the overall prizepool will be undoubtly gigantic. In fact I find the whole sticker model is good enough for CS as it still generate millions. Valve just need to market the amount harder.
2020-10-18 15:21
lower brackets in playoffs suck
2020-10-18 14:41
yeah they do are suck, but they suck cuz we see them in tournaments that are tier 2. like beyond the summit and a few others.. I think for a major, the storylines, the epic comebacks can be great.
2020-10-18 16:32
Too expensive to hold an arena with double elimination playoffs Also 2 majors/year >>>> 1 TI/Worlds per year I wish Rio will be maked as celebrating event and then we will back to standart format
2020-10-18 14:58
CS is a small game compared to LoL and dota2. CS only brings 7 map pool with different playstyle from each team. LoL and dota2 brings 1 map with countless chess pieces combination with different playstyle from each team. this is probably the main point of why valve didnt invest much to the cs pro tournament
2020-10-18 15:09
No. Last Major get overall 12 Million that is more than enough for an event. Dota eSports scene is sth complete different. So nope thanks. Best regards your Lord Gaben
2020-10-18 15:09
+1 even katowice/cologne seems bigger.
2020-10-18 15:37
But sticker money 11 million. It is a hidden price pool that people forget. Sth the other events don't have.
2020-10-18 15:53
Netherlands dabadpad
too bad valve didn't care about csgo
2020-10-18 16:46
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