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Liquid Fallen
Portugal TooNoisyAlex 
They need an IGL and an Awper, so wouldn't Fallen be the best option?
2020-10-18 23:07
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I dont think so.
2020-10-18 23:08
yeah kick stew
2020-10-18 23:08
maybe, but idk if FalleN would accept that
2020-10-18 23:08
Brazil setsz
-stew +fallen pls
2020-10-18 23:09
Poland JKG
Everyone would be better than Stewie2iq Especially main awper
2020-10-18 23:09
2020-10-18 23:14
Brazil Catatauu
hes out of his prime but still much better than stewie or any NA player available rn.
2020-10-18 23:10
Brazil Catatauu
i just want to see fallen playing again.
2020-10-18 23:11
i think he can play very well if the team win games and every1 gets confidence
2020-10-18 23:17
Vanity is better
2020-10-19 01:50
2020-10-19 03:01
They can buy him out like what they have to do if they want fallen
2020-10-19 03:05
Yeah , but i wouldnt kick stewie , he still does alot for the team, maybe twizzt even too i like his aim alot, he is not the same as during their semi-era~ I would put stewie back on entry fragger , splitting the job with grim sometimes, Naf can go back to his original positions pre-nitro, grim would play twistzz role on t side at least , and fallen would technicaly just replace nitro when he was there
2020-10-18 23:12
2020-10-18 23:54
Why not just replace Grim?
2020-10-19 05:44
Cuz Grim is doing much well then twistzz , with worst positions and while playing a much more agressive playstyle? If he played like he used to play on Triumph , with the roles and positions of Twistzz, he can even play better. More passive = More time to utilize your mechanical skills
2020-10-19 12:48
I don't think this will ever happen
2020-10-18 23:10
- stew + FalleN easy top 3
2020-10-18 23:11
United States ShawnM
ngl vanity wouldn't be the worst option in the world, young player and actually a pretty good awper if he would get picked up by a good team, i think it would be soon if chaos don't become better than liquid soon
2020-10-18 23:11
Philippines EDBX
This is actually a good move. No point in picking up a 32 year old washup up lazy awper. Vanity will work hard and he's shown promise.
2020-10-18 23:20
Brazil ghcnvbkn
agree with you, but fallen is actually 29
2020-10-18 23:35
old, outdated, washed up, big buy out
2020-10-18 23:13
2020-10-18 23:44
Brazil ghcnvbkn
2020-10-18 23:48
2020-10-18 23:48
1 million
2020-10-19 02:10
i think this could work, but i don't think that is what fallen wants
2020-10-18 23:16
flag checks out fallen is the most outdated igl ever lmao and his buyout is at least 800k because of his media presence. for that amount of money they could get an eu igl or awper who is 100x better
2020-10-18 23:19
jks | 
who is 100x better? names?
2020-10-18 23:50
acor syrson idisbalance xsepower maka that’s just a few of them
2020-10-19 02:39
jks | 
hahahahaha what a joke, r u a clown?
2020-10-19 02:57
i think you're the clown, those awpers are all so much better, the gap is massive
2020-10-19 03:04
jks | 
gap is massive? more jokes? standup comedy?
2020-10-19 03:09
yea ok as expected ur just another brazilian who cant actually make an argument
2020-10-19 03:15
He’s right you know, Youre literally a typical br that sucks up to fallen 24/7 right?
2020-10-19 03:21
this isnt 2016-2017 lmao fallen in tier 5 eu: 1.01 rating and hes better than current eu awpers? 0/8 those arent even the "top" eu awpers, most of them besides syrson are on tier 2 eu teams
2020-10-19 04:51
Austria Troll_JuJu
i think this is the dumbest post iv ever seen
2020-10-19 04:04
flair and fakeflag if you genuinely think fallen is better than those awpers rn you are a braindead br fan
2020-10-19 04:44
Brazil Fauchard
Fallen only accept if his boyfriend come together... Fer and Fallen s2
2020-10-18 23:18
arT | 
Brazil logzera
2020-10-18 23:58
Russia NOD777
Dead player into dead team
2020-10-18 23:22
Brazil ghcnvbkn
add dead as coach and it will be easy major 😎😎😎😎
2020-10-18 23:36
+Niko +Woxic
2020-10-18 23:25
his calling is even worse than stewie I think, but at least he'd have been an upgrade statistically to nitr0
2020-10-18 23:26
How can u know if stew calls are better if u are not even in the team lol
2020-10-19 02:20
Could be a nice idea actually But fer and fallen left for taco i don't think fallen would join any team by abandoning taco and fer atleast in the near future
2020-10-18 23:43
but fallen would never leave fer and taco... maybe they can do EliGe fallen fer TACO NAF/Twistzz
2020-10-18 23:45
jks | 
nt fallen suck balls
2020-10-18 23:50
Worse than the liquid rn
2020-10-19 01:52
should have retired long ago
2020-10-18 23:49
He just needs to retire
2020-10-19 01:57
Brazil 1930
we're all expecting this to happen soon enough
2020-10-19 02:01
why tho? he still got it
2020-10-19 02:02
Croatia Awestamper
i think liquid want someone a bit younger
2020-10-19 02:05
Fallen is washed with a huge ass buyout they need someone better
2020-10-19 02:11
Still huge ass buyout and still old af
2020-10-19 03:41
My point stands
2020-10-19 04:01
Imo he's OK for na scene But there are better awpers than him like: acor syrson idisbalance xsepower maka Vanity Sh1ro Junior Hen1 Osee Farlig Mantuuu
2020-10-19 04:09
Talking solely awp - maybe 4/5 players from that list Overall, maybe 3 players can equal what hed bring to the team I go night night
2020-10-19 04:14
True because fallen is more than just an awper its fallen Good night i go to bed now
2020-10-19 04:21
Asia Blitzer
yes pls -grim +fallen free stew for other roles win-win for liquid
2020-10-19 03:11
I love how this has become a post where nom br people would go “thats bad fallen is washed up” which is true and the brs sucking up going “i love fallen he should play” while also not giving any argument whatsoever when people say hes washed up. Fact is all the ex mibr players are pretty much washed. Fallen is not even 1/4th as good as he used too let alone fer and Taco. If liquid does take fallen expect a drop to top 15 from a top 10 team cause theyll be signing an outdated igl and an awper that statically shows hes missing shots and is washed
2020-10-19 03:24
I think its a good one, experienced player, igl, still insane awper, liquid needs some experience to stop choking every important match, but it wouldnt happen.
2020-10-19 03:49
Brazil LukFD
I see a lot of disrespect to Fallen in this topic. What he did this year, just because mibr disbanded, everbody forgot. It's a good idea to replace stew with fallen, he's 100x better than him. But I will not continue due to the disrespect to Fallen here.
2020-10-19 04:49
If they need a igl why would they sign fallen??
2020-10-19 12:50
Croatia nAmeless69
-Stewie +FalleN Stewie to GenG
2020-10-19 12:51
Even in his worse he is better than stewie2k lmao
2020-10-19 12:55
Yeah 5 years ago
2020-10-19 12:56
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