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Make a top 15 team
United Kingdom DDoubleE 
READ --> BUT(!) You can only use players from team #20 to team #30 in your lineup <-- READ Most people just type some random lineup without reading this, lol. My lineup: BnTeT (Rifler) acoR (AWPer) Autimatic (Lurker / 2nd AWPer) faveN (Entry) Spiidi (IGL / Support) Coach: Elmapuddy Could probably throw in Xeppaa i guess, but meh.
2020-10-20 01:27
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Lekr0 (Entry) Jame (AWP) YEKINDAR (2nd Entry) Jerry (IGL/Support) autimatic (Lurker/2nd AWP)
2020-10-20 01:34
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United Kingdom DDoubleE
Lekr0 and Autimatic take Russian classes or what? I think Yekindar is the only person that speaks English pretty well, Jerrys English is meh and i think Jame speaks zero English, if i am not mistaken. I remember a Blast interview the whole Avangar squad did 1 or 1½ years ago and he was the only one that did not say a single word. He was just silent and the other 4 talked. But if we just look at firepower and all that your team is good :)
2020-10-20 01:43
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I didnt really think about their englishes tbh
2020-10-20 02:23
Sweden Lagge15
Jerry's English is amazing. Better than Yay, Infinite and some other Canadian they played with.
2020-10-21 14:44
Canada ROMAG
-jame +acor
2020-10-21 14:49
grenadr beliven who cares who cares who cares tier 1
2020-10-20 01:36
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Top 3 team for sure
2020-10-20 02:01
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top3 in albania maybe yeah
2020-10-20 02:34
I beliven this
2020-10-20 02:34
United Kingdom Multiplism
Sprout| Revitalized denis is a streamer for Sprout faveN-Entry acoR-AWPer sjuush-Rifler Spiidi-IGL dycha-Support
2020-10-20 01:48
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United Kingdom DDoubleE
Huh? Godsent is #19 mate. I said #20-#30
2020-10-20 01:44
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United Kingdom Multiplism
Sorry what do you think about the Sprout one tho.
2020-10-20 01:49
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United Kingdom DDoubleE
Not bad. But, why Dycha as support when Spidii can support?
2020-10-20 01:51
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United Kingdom Multiplism
Spiidi yeah,it was my mistake, but acoR is a beast and paired with sjuush they could make sprout top 10 no doubt.
2020-10-20 01:59
grux | 
Montenegro Kladiz
YEKINDAR flameZ autimatic leaf qikert
2020-10-20 01:53
b4rtin (Entry) CRUC1AL (AWP) snatchie (2nd Entry) Jerry (IGL/Support) autimatic (Lurker/2nd AWP)
2020-10-20 01:54
BnTeT (Rifler) Autimatic (Lurk/2nd Awp) Acor (Awp) Fl1t (Entry) Jerry (IGL/Support) Lekr0 (Coach)
2020-10-20 01:56
jame autimatic bntet acor lekro
2020-10-20 01:59
Jerry Flit Mir Degster/Shiro Axile
2020-10-20 02:17
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United Kingdom DDoubleE
Degster is not in a #20-#30 team, same with Mir, Shiro and Ax1Le "You can only use players from team #20 to team #30 in your lineup"
2020-10-20 02:31
Lekr0 (igl) acoR (awp) flameZ (entry) Aizy (2nd entry) Sjuush (support)
2020-10-20 02:27
United States Valerence
floppy woxic esetag mezzi alex
2020-10-20 02:37
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Technically, es3tag is still in Astralis. Your team will be eligible in a week or so
2020-10-20 05:13
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Australia Dredd_6
its the c9 team......
2020-10-20 05:20
5 replies
No shit sherlock
2020-10-20 05:36
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Australia Dredd_6
your the idiot that said "Your team will be eligible in a week or so" ... its not his team... thonk
2020-10-20 06:20
2 replies
Lmaooo, we can see who's the idiot here...According to this thread, he wrote the player names, so it's his team isn't it? And it's gonna be eligible to this thread in a week when es3tag leaves. I knew it was C9 so what, it's obvious isn't it? I was just telling this team would be eligible to this thread, I never said it wasn't C9. What did you think I meant by "your team"? He's obviously not gonna manage it or some shit lol
2020-10-20 07:19
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Australia Dredd_6
BUT. ITS. NOT . "HIS". TEAM. Everyone is picking players from different teams. This guys team are confirmed to be all on the same team, therefore, not his team..... 0 iq
2020-10-21 14:39
United States Valerence
nah no shit
2020-10-21 01:33
oSee (awp) flameZ (entry) MSL (igl) aizy (hasnt looked too good recently but i think he still has potential) koosta (i cant tell if it was fluke but he was consistently the best player on Gen.G)
2020-10-20 02:43
United States BrownD15
Ooh using Auti as a rifler- I think he’s a year past his prime with the rifle. That being said the dudes a banger with the awp. I’d take JT, Floppy and Auti as IGL, star player (stat collector) and Awp respectively. I also think it only takes a core of three, the IGL, AWP and Main Rifler to reach top 15– old C9/ATK reached 16 for instance with JT OSEE and Floppy) then I’d have my fourth be Snatchie as he’s a consistent fragger against any competition and would prob be the 3 guy who entries after Floppy (2) and JT(entry/bait) then utility/support guy would be Xeppaa.. he’s got solid aim, brains and can clutch if needed. TLDR IGL: JT AWP: Autimatic Primary carry: Floppy Secondary carry: Snatchie Sup/Closer:Xeppaa Using old C9/ATK (who peaked at rank 16) as the litmus test, I would say my team would beat that team.. but not by much. Anyways, there’s your top 15, maybe in a great month too 10 roster :)
2020-10-20 05:23
Hungary szia
Spiidi denis snatchie faveN dycha enkay J
2020-10-20 05:24
Bymas | 
Lithuania pmplt
MSL (IGL) AcoR (awp) Xeppa Autimatic Lekro
2020-10-20 05:33
woxic XANTARES tabsen ISSAA Valde
2020-10-20 05:34
Asia Blitzer
mix between north and mad lions
2020-10-20 05:35
Lekr0 acoR flameZ SANJI dycha Qikert FL1T xsepower YEKINDAR Jerry MSL aizy acoR main awp sjuush gade
2020-10-20 05:44
Pakistan LoOuU2
Dycha Bntet Acor Yekindar (speaks English) Lekro
2020-10-20 06:24
Chaos and Virtus pro could possibly be top 15 teams in the future without any player changes
2020-10-20 06:31
Lekr0, BnTeT, acoR, Autimatic, Buster
2020-10-21 01:39
YEKINDAR acoR sjuush Jerry BnTeT/FL1T
2020-10-21 14:42
2020-10-21 14:45
vsm | 
Brazil mafe^
pesadelo xeppaa lekr0 autimatic ben1337 (for the meme guys)
2020-10-21 14:48
2 replies
Sweden Lagge15
You should get Vanity if you want memes
2020-10-21 14:49
1 reply
vsm | 
Brazil mafe^
bens anime team
2020-10-21 14:51
Sweden Lagge15
Jerry igl/entry Bwills rifle (followup) Dycha lurk Acor Awp Aizy support The issue will just be 2nd awp.
2020-10-21 14:49
MSL (AWPer, IGL) YEKINDAR (rifler, 2nd AWP) Dycha (Rifler) Xeppaa (Rifler) BnTeT (Rifler) Elmapuddy (coach)
2020-10-21 15:01
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