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Yugoslavia JohnnotCena 
who is hyped of the fight and what do you think who will win? im for the Underdog Gaethje i hope i will hear the voice and new
2020-10-21 13:11
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Same broo, hyped for this fight 😎👍. Whoever wins i am sure it'll be a great showdown. I kinda know that khabib will rely on his groundgame but at the same time i wanna see some aggression from gaethje
2020-10-21 13:16
14 replies
what do you think who will win
2020-10-21 13:23
12 replies
khabib by submission in the third round
2020-10-21 13:39
8 replies
you mean second round?
2020-10-21 13:41
7 replies
you mean first round?
2020-10-21 16:24
6 replies
thats my man!!
2020-10-21 16:27
4 replies
you mean weigh-in?
2020-10-21 16:29
3 replies
ok, now its getting out of my nerve
2020-10-21 16:30
2 replies
you mean pre-birth?
2020-10-21 16:34
1 reply
no i didnt meant that!!
2020-10-21 17:02
Lithuania arres
You mean Gaethje wont even show up?
2020-10-21 16:29
It may be a submission for khabib by third round like many are saying, but i personally feel it'll go down to the judges scores.
2020-10-21 16:14
2 replies
it could go to the scorecards tbh but khabib still wins that way, gaethje needs a knockout
2020-10-21 16:16
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Agreed! If gaethje manages to keep khabib in the middle of the octagon, and shows good form regarding with his strikes, I'd say he has a real chance. But seeing as khabib already took down good strikers like connor and poirier, gaethje must produce something amazing to take this bout.
2020-10-21 17:36
It is always like this... When you are really hyped up for an event, it always disappoints. Kabib is gonna lay on Gaethje most of the rounds and g&p him, maybe finish with rear naked choke. In two years time you will be tired of UFC and think every fights is almost the same. I started following the sport when GSP became champ way back, and even though there has been many great fights, it just gets repetative and boring in the end. Dunno maybe just me getting old
2020-10-21 17:44
3 replies
habib chilling
2020-10-21 13:19
+1 thank you for this bro gonna use it later when i'm home alone
2020-10-21 13:33
:)))) didn't see it coming
2020-10-21 16:38
Who vs who? Logan Paul vs KSI wannabees
2020-10-21 13:17
Im hyped af
2020-10-21 13:20
Ez 4 you know who
2020-10-21 13:22
ZywOo | 
Canada pain^
2020-10-21 13:22
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Yugoslavia JohnnotCena
and NEW :D
2020-10-21 13:22
1 reply
Khabib will smesh Gaethje.
2020-10-21 13:26
who the fuck watches UFC, flags in this thread check out
2020-10-21 13:31
2 replies
fastest growing combat sport in the world btw
2020-10-21 16:18
Brazil chico12
i watch 😎👍
2020-10-21 16:28
when is the fight??
2020-10-21 13:37
1 reply
check the UFC homepage
2020-10-21 13:39
Im really excited. I hope Khabib can win because of his father
2020-10-21 13:45
Another easy matchup mismatch fight for Kebab, i hope justin knocks him out cold in the first, otherwise we'll be in for another snoozefest. I rather see actual bjj than this crotch sniffing dry humping russian for 25 minutes.
2020-10-21 16:21
21 replies
Even though I feel the same (kind of) let's be honest here.. he manages to inflict quite some damage on his opponents while humping them (while completely demoralizing his opponents, as you can literally see the desperation on their faces). After all it's a genius strategy, boring for viewers, but it completely drains his opponents of energy making them use it all on trying to get up and then go right back down. Aaaaand most importantly let's not forget that if it wasn't a sport in a ring he would literally be able to kill each and every one of his opponents.. just think of how it would have ended vs Conor if it was some underground till the death shit.. (I'm a huge Conor fan) l.e. When I said I feel the same I completely forgot you started by saying it's a another easy matchup mismatch for Khabib, which is beyond stupid.. Gathje is literally the only fighter out there that has a real chance against him.
2020-10-21 16:51
20 replies
this was my subjective opinion, i love groundfights, it's super interesting to see, but kebabs sambo is fucking cancer, it's just overwhelming your opponent by relentless pressure. "Gathje is literally the only fighter out there that has a real chance against him." that's what they say before every new fight, you see the promotion trying to make it look like this ain't a mismatch because justin wrestled in college lmao, the guy hasn't been on the ground in pro sports, he will get completely schooled just like poirier and conor. He has a punchers chance, and that's literally it. Get it done early or get mauled.
2020-10-21 17:00
17 replies
Well, you might be right.. but please trust me when I say I'm not basing what I said on promotion narrative. It is partly that I believe he has decent defensive wrestling but mostly I'm betting on Trevor Wittman to come up with something that's actually effective against him and his style. I also can see how good Gathje was and what a massive improvement Trevor Wittman brought by making him understand he needs to not just trade blow for blow. He literally went from 0 defensive and absorbing every single shot to setting traps, superb faints with flawless timing for his shots and it happened in like 4 months which is very impressive. p.s. I also hope the impressive clinic he put on Ferguson didn't cloud my judgement as I am aware Ferguson was training a very long time for a wrestler.. anyway I'm really hyped for the fight
2020-10-21 17:11
4 replies
Trevor Wittman is a striking coach, yea he might be the best one out there and i have huge respect for him and what he's done with justin and rose, but how is he supposed to have the key for beating khabib?
2020-10-21 17:13
3 replies
Well, I might be delusional, but I believe he is able to come with a good enough strategy, based on Gaethje's overall skills that would work well enough. Again, I am also basing this on Gaethje's wrestling skills combined with his great striking game. In theory there are things that should work against what Khabib does..
2020-10-21 17:28
2 replies
I highly doubt he has, lets just hope for a competitive fight, no matter the outcome.
2020-10-21 17:33
1 reply
Man.. after watching ep3 of Embedded series I got to say.. seeing Khabib so relaxed and confident I just vividly saw Gaethje on his butt with his back against the cage, switching between trying to get up and desperately trying to punch from that position. I still hope my initial prediction is possible though.. but for some reason I clearly see Justin with his legs wrapped looking like he's paralyzed from hips down...
2020-10-21 21:17
so you hate him for being the best in the division? What a fucking loser. You'll never achieve anything in your life with such a shitty mentality. He's effective and strong, imagine hugging somebody so well that they're stuck on the ground unable to get up for 25 minutes... that's more of a testament to his strength than it is his "boring gameplan". sad kids should stick to watching those Hollywood martial art films.
2020-10-21 17:38
9 replies
you're actually not worth a response but i'll just ask you one thing, where did i say that i hate him?
2020-10-21 17:50
8 replies
Who likes or is atleast impartial to someone they refer to as a "crotch sniffing dry humping russian"?? And who then goes on to create 4 follow up comments talking shit about said person and again trying to insult them? You clearly aren't a fan of him or the sport if you think his style is boring, go watch kickboxing if you want to see two people punch and kick each other. For one guy to only really be skilled in one part of the game be so dominant in the hardest combat sport which combines everything from punching to kicking to wrestling really shows how insane he is. If you aren't a fan of the sport then stop posting shit.
2020-10-21 18:06
7 replies
If you'd actually read my posts, you'd have seen that i love bjj, i just can't stand sambo wrestling. I am definitely not a fan of him, his record is cherry picked and him being in the goat discussion is an absolute joke with like a couple of title defenses only. But i do not hate him, there is a reason why almost every is a matchup mismatch for him, he is insane. All of this has absolutely nothing to do with not being a fan of the sport, if you can't accept that people dislike certain fighters/fighting styles, you're probably the one who should look out for a different sport.
2020-10-21 18:12
6 replies
Now you're just contradicting yourself... Not going to argue with someone like you, your hatred for him stems from what? his race? nationality?religion? Pretending like you're a fan of bjj but dislike sambo is laughable. Then talking about padded stats when aside from Tony he's beaten everyone else whose relevant in the division... Gone his whole MMA career unbeaten but according to some random HLTV nerd him being in the goat discussion is an abosule joke. You're an absolute joke. Why do you actually dislike him? No fighter is here to entertain you, they train hard every single day, sacrifice shit and take that much of a beating to win, and they do that while playing to their strengths. Gtfoh with that boring bullshit. You most likely don't even pay for the PPV so don't start with the "we pay for this" shit... pathetic.
2020-10-21 18:28
5 replies
"nerd" "absolute joke" "gtfho with that boring bullshit" making assumptions left and right, you're full of emotions, that's why it's compeletly useless to have a discussion with you. but the fact that you literally can't accept that someone dislikes a fighter regardless of why, is hilarious and worrying at the same time. i am not going around and ask football fans why they dislike a certain club or player, it's just natural and completely normal to favour some and dislike others. he only had a couple of title defenses and he's already talking about retirement, he fought like 6 ranked fighters in his entire ufc career, not a goat contender at all, lightweight goat i'll give him that. btw, if you can't differentiate between sambo and bjj you should probably stick to soccer. cya
2020-10-21 19:15
4 replies
Imagine insulting and calling someone names then accusing me of "being emotional". And you could ask any american football fan about another team and they wouldn't bitch about them as much as you. Go watch ballet or whatever shit you like.
2020-10-21 20:15
3 replies
imagine not realizing the difference between calling a fighter funny names or insulting a guy that i have a conversation with. typical teenager with lack of social skills, i don't blame you, just please stop replying to me.
2020-10-21 20:19
2 replies
Keyboard warrior talking about social skills.
2020-10-21 21:01
1 reply
I'm too lazy to go into it but I 100% see and understand both your point of views. You should ease up, as I feel you're overreacting quite a bit :) I also dislike Khabib's style, while at the same time being 100% aware of the fact that it's just lethal which we can clearly see time and time again. I just feel that the fake Joe_Rogan feels the exact same way :)
2020-10-21 21:28
"it's just overwhelming your opponent by relentless pressure" isn't it what fighters supposed to do ?
2020-10-23 18:49
1 reply
no, it's one way of fighting, and definitely my least favorite one. doesn't mean it's not good or not entertaining, it's simply not fun for me personally.
2020-10-23 18:50
Thing is you have to remember that there are rules in the ring, if this was underground fighting til the death then Khabib would get eye gouged, kicked in the balls, people holding onto the cage and plenty of illegal shots that would make it hard for him to simply wrestle the way he does. It’s why he is so successful, the rules favour his style.
2020-10-23 18:36
1 reply
Well yeah.. but he would also be able to do all those things while ofc adapting his style at the same time. Good luck trying to even do anything you listed while he's clamped on your back. Remember I'm not a Khabib fan and you might be sort of right.. I just feel that it would happen similarly to when Gracies dominated every other style of fighting (when there were almost no rules btw.. they were actually punching/kicking in the nuts, eye gouging and stuff like that) l.e. Oh and google Gerard Gordeau this mf...
2020-10-23 19:36
OK | 
United States Bioax
2020-10-21 16:22
Gaethje is not an underdog, guy's hands are like Jax's from Mortal Kombat...
2020-10-21 16:23
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Netherlands Lurox
He is the underdog lol
2020-10-21 16:25
3 replies
on paper he is, i hope khabib wins, but dont be stupid and say what the analysts say calling him an underdog, he's not, he only is cause khabib holds the belt, 0 loses etc, but this is the #1 danger for khabib that he ever faced, so on paper khabib is still supposed to win and ill be upset if he loses, but at the same time i will not be surprised if khabib gets knocked out, but hopefully not.
2020-10-21 16:31
2 replies
Imo you should be very surprised if Khabib gets knocked out, he got hit in the past really clean and didn't even flinched.. he clearly also has a granite chin. I really want Gaethje to win but I only see it going to distance, meaning chances are beyond huge in Khabib's favor..
2020-10-21 16:54
Netherlands Lurox
Yeah it is the toughest challenge for khabib, and gaethje is very good. but its not a 50/50 fight. So therefore he is the underdog. I hope Gaethtje wins but i think khabib will still out wrestle him.
2020-10-21 17:08
Yea, and Poirier put him to sleep...
2020-10-21 16:28
1 reply
Only because it was pre Trevor Wittman being his coach. He would destroy Poirier if they were to rematch now. When they fought Gathje was fresh in UFC and he had literally 0 defence, with the same mentality he had in WSOF, where lesser competition wasn't an issue for him to just trade punches and win every time.
2020-10-21 16:58
Paraguay imjustmau
I think that his takedown defense and grappling defense will have a bigger impact. Gaethje has never been taken down
2020-10-21 16:30
2 replies
as long as khabib doesnt get his face rekt prior putting gaitje to the ground then i think gaijy has no chance
2020-10-21 16:32
1 reply
Paraguay imjustmau
Maybe. He fought Barboza and McGregor and was able to show that he has a great chin but anything can happen now we don't know how well Khabib is mentally after losing his father
2020-10-21 16:36
2020-10-21 16:25
Netherlands Lurox
Brain: Khabib Heart: Gaethje
2020-10-21 16:25
Brazil chico12
ez 4 khabib
2020-10-21 16:27
Khabib "the goat"Numbergov
2020-10-21 16:30
Poland Thukan
Khabib: 28-0-0. I think its enough
2020-10-21 16:33
Unless Gaethje manages to sneak in a KO in the beginning he wont stand a chance imo, Khabib is such a beast.
2020-10-21 16:34
Kabip then hes gonna vacating his belt and leave mma as a goat od lightweight
2020-10-21 16:37
idc khabib fights boring to watch
2020-10-21 17:02
4 replies
Khabib vs Ferguson would be sick tho
2020-10-21 17:03
For casual they are, but competent ppl understand Khabib is one of the most enjoyable grappler to watch
2020-10-23 18:43
1 reply
I like standing fights more, i do appreciate locks and ground fighting too but thats all khabib does so not rly interested in his fights
2020-10-24 20:36
khabib has elite level wrestling how he breaks down every opponent on the ground is entertaining af
2020-10-23 18:58
khabib makes him tired in round 1 and will finish him second or third round
2020-10-21 17:06
Brazil KSC_TOP1
2020-10-21 17:09
Finland autism@exe
i belive if GAETHJE does not get on his back and khabib gets full controll. GAETHJE has the power to win.
2020-10-21 17:15
I support gaethje, but I don't believe that he will win
2020-10-21 17:27
kebab vs why are u GAE can't wait to see
2020-10-21 17:35
2020-10-21 18:13
2 replies
ufc fighter
2020-10-23 17:31
1 reply
2020-10-23 18:03
United States D0xx
gaethje will provide stiff competiton and will have to prove his wrestling backround and not get gassed like he has before. If Gaethje wins it will be between rounds 1-3 by TKO, if he can't get a strong start within the first 2 rounds khabib will use his cardio to beat down gaethje and win. I have khabib by unanamous decision.
2020-10-21 18:13
3 replies
I dont know where people see the strenghts of gaethje. Yes he has a wrestling background, but khabib is the best on the ground. Standup is the only chance for him and in standup he only shines by taking the punches like a punching bag. He was destroyed by poirer and johnson on standup and he even lost to alvarez. The only real dominant fight was against ferguson, but ferguson is probably the overrated fighter in the ufc. This matchup is perfect for khabib unfortunatly and i dont even see a close fight.
2020-10-23 18:46
2 replies
United States D0xx
Gaethje's ground game has never been really seen much less tested, I'm not saying that Gaethje will win bc he wont however I see it being closer than the Dustin fight was.
2020-10-23 18:57
1 reply
Gaethje is more of an allrounder not a specialist and thats perfect for a specialist fighter like khabib. He is a top5 wrestler fighting against a top30 wrestler. The worst matchup for khabib would be a standup specialist who knows how to defend takedowns (fighters like adesanya, jones or whittaker)
2020-10-23 19:19
Gaethje doesn’t stand a chance. He’s a nob anyway
2020-10-21 18:17
Serbia d1ckson
Pretty hype, hope Gaethje wins, but it's unlikely I guess.
2020-10-21 18:18
Wrestlers are boring AF in UFC.
2020-10-21 18:32
2 replies
they take you down and hump your for the next 5 minutes
2020-10-23 18:55
1 reply
Yea man. I wish the ref would stand guys up a lot quicker.
2020-10-24 00:47
Don't care, don't watch
2020-10-21 20:19
United States Phamous3k
Lol... I always vote against Russia... Yeh yeh i know... Flag checks out
2020-10-23 18:04
Denmark dyinbyran
Khabib gonna rap* gaethje
2020-10-23 18:05
I hope khabob gets completels destroyed, but i think this will be an easy fight for him :/
2020-10-23 18:40
United States big_brain
easy for Khabib
2020-10-23 18:50
khabib by decision
2020-10-23 18:56
Sweden Zolity
lets go Gaethje
2020-10-23 18:59
1 reply
Sweden sesar
why are you gae
2020-10-23 19:01
Russia _VaLT_
bibkha ez win
2020-10-23 19:30
Gg this was such a great map Tnx 29-0 Khabib The bestest p4p of all time
2020-10-25 12:08
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