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m0NESY | 
Germany meljan 
Allu is a tactical genius. He is best known for his signature tactic "going B, but then benching AleksiB". He also has a second little known tactic of "going A, but then going home without any wins". What an absolute legend. Top 3 IGL for sure.. Kappa
2020-10-21 19:15
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nice copypasta mens
2020-10-21 19:17
North America LizaSimpson
Aleksib bench was one of the weirdest org move of csgo scene.
2020-10-21 19:18
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-aleksiB was the worst, weirdest was innocent to mad lions
2020-10-21 19:22
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-Zeus was the worst one
2020-10-22 06:52
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EliGE | 
North America Beecs
I disagree, there was a LOT of uncontrollable misfortune that hit navi after kicking zeus Like coaching ban which really hurt tactics since starix was basically igling as a coach Also seized sorta forgot how to play cs But navi won their first 250k t1 event after kicking him And gambit werent even a top 10 team till krakow fluke And when zeus rejoined navi they were still shit for a few months until getting elec to pair with s1mple It wasnt a good move but far from the worst imo
2020-10-22 08:24
United States kami917
Worst move in the utility era, I imagine OG got him for cheap
2020-10-21 19:55
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og wait until his contract ended in ence and its good that its all worth the wait
2020-10-22 08:29
they were so jealous about how good hairstyle aleksib has
2020-10-22 06:24
Nothing new in finnish scene, we are known about playing with friends not best players
2020-10-22 08:03
Argentina V4len
allu trash igl
2020-10-21 19:20
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That's why sunny is igl now!
2020-10-21 19:22
nice new copypasta ENCE got what they deserved lmao mibr 2.0 but the org hasn't made any moves because they want to prove that removing aleksiB was the right move
2020-10-21 19:22
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Finland Khroni
Think it's a bit too late for that given that aleksi has proven he has genuine top tier igl skills now while ence finishes mid-bottom all events
2020-10-21 19:42
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For sure it's too late for that, but at least ENCE are "having fun" bottoming out of all the t2 events they play and at the end of the day, competing in esports is all about having fun... right?
2020-10-22 05:37
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Finland tyk4ra
And because they also lost their coach there isn't any tactical skills in this lineup anymore. It is painful to cheer for them when they cant do anything properly
2020-10-22 15:14
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I mean dude, there's barely any skills in the entire lineup now, their main strats are "Allu gets an opening pick or we lose the round"
2020-10-22 16:29
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Finland tyk4ra
Youre right, if allu doesn't show up then ENCE loses for sure. Last year when they had some kind of structure they were able to compete even when allu had a bad game. Look sergej for example. He was HLTV #13 last year because playing wit aleksib and now his rating has dropped to 0.91. He should just leave ENCE and try to play with a real team since he has the potential
2020-10-22 16:40
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He's not even putting in a decent amount of hours into cs (25 a week currently). The guy is washed and stealing paycheques aged 18, don't think a different team will change that...
2020-10-22 16:42
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Finland tyk4ra
I didnt know that he doesnt even play more. Maybe he has lost his motivation or smth like that but thats definitely not enough for a pro player :D
2020-10-22 16:47
2020-10-21 19:22
Nepal Naughty_O
Watching Jamppi stream yesterday when he was playing with allu and sunny made me think how fucking awful is to play with those amebas. Like allu is talking really much with his depressing tune and repeating his infos like 40 seconds. Aleksib can communicate so much more clearly, lots of slang and freshness. ENCE is a team full of good players but the biggest problem MUST be communication.
2020-10-21 20:03
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NiKo | 
Finland Eestu
True, and I think that was one thing that they were struggling with even when Aleksib was still playing in ENCE.
2020-10-21 19:54
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Finland KieZuZ
AleksiB for president
2020-10-22 06:34
Finland JarmoPS
I think that allu and sunny are both good players as their own right. Allu as awper and sunny as free rifler. And they both can call. But ence needs primary leader and good lock.
2020-10-22 06:17
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France LorisDF
I feel like they should get rid of allu and put Jamppi on the primary AWP cuz honestly he's a meh rifler at best and he has potential to be way better than allu on the AWP.
2020-10-22 06:43
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How is allu a problem? Because he kicked Aleksib and you don't like him? He is easily the best player in the team right now and you can see his experience when he plays. He is not stupid.. he is great 2nd caller and AWPer, not leader For This Team.
2020-10-22 07:32
4 replies
France LorisDF
I think he's a solid player but Jamppi has more potential as an AWPer and both of in 1 team won't work.
2020-10-22 14:54
3 replies
Jamppi could take over as main AWPer when allu retires. Why both in same team won't work? Jamppi is a great rifler. If someone has to go, then it is Aerial
2020-10-22 15:02
2 replies
France LorisDF
Jamppi isn't a great rifler, he's ok at best.
2020-10-22 15:51
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He is good enough for tier1 team
2020-10-22 17:51
Switzerland Jeded
Ence have talented players, they just lack something that makes the machine work, maybe it's an igl maybe it's motivation, we don't know
2020-10-22 07:07
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Yea it's hard to say, it's probably many things compined but I feel like main thing is lack of confidence. They got a lot of shit and we can't understand how it feels/affects. You can see how they played better when they got Jamppi. Ofcourse Jamppi has more firepower compared to xseveN but they played way better as a team when they got him hyping them up.
2020-10-22 07:37
Netherlands RiberiA
They have jamppii for good lock wtf?
2020-10-22 08:38
Finland KieZuZ
2020-10-22 06:31
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Netherlands RiberiA
-firepower +xartEGOD
2020-10-22 08:37
Fors | 
Brazil ricca
No, i don't think so
2020-10-22 06:51
nice copypasta
2020-10-22 08:07
Allu Akbar 👳🏽‍♂️
2020-10-22 08:19
Netherlands RiberiA
I like this version!
2020-10-22 08:37
2020-10-22 14:55
0/8 probably a big (aka onliners) fan... what else would u expect
2020-10-22 15:06
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