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Bosnia and Herzegovina hercegoVAC_ 
On Relog Esports and Arena Esports (Serbian Esports media/broadcasters) Instagram, huNter recorded video in which he notifies about tonights match between G2 and FaZe. This is what he said (Translated from Bosnian/Serbian) "Hello everyone, tonight at 8 PM we play against FaZe Clan, maybe (even) last matchup (clash) between me and Nikola (NiKo), you can watch it live on Relog Media Twitch channel or Arena Esport". So confirmed????? Source:
2020-10-22 14:32
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Typo in title xD
2020-10-22 14:33
I don't think we need a confirmation from the players or the org. It's obvious that he's gonna join g2
2020-10-22 14:34
its just so cringe at this point, just sign the guy already yikes
2020-10-22 14:34
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Prob a lot of negotiations between faze and g2, or they waited to finish RMR tournament so they dont go with fresh teams in this important tournament and lose points Also last year if you remember G2 announced nexa and hNt joining month after it was leaked so..
2020-10-22 14:36
huNter- going to FaZe confirmed. Now him, YNk, cold and NiKo can all go partying together.
2020-10-22 14:36
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2020-10-22 14:48
Turkey KhT
If he goes to g2 faze would lose points?They are not in the great position so I hope they not
2020-10-22 14:36
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G2 also would lose points I think
2020-10-22 14:37
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yes, the player does not carry the points he obtained into another team
2020-10-22 14:48
Cant wait for the transfer. Hyped af.
2020-10-22 14:45
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2020-10-22 15:09
Ukraine ksay
hunter leaving G2 confirmed
2020-10-22 14:46 nexa and hunter cant wait for niko to join G2
2020-10-22 14:48
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Yeah, very cool. Synergy in the team will be really good.
2020-10-22 14:51
imagine g2 getting stomped.. the amount of jokes 'lost on purpose just so they don't sign niko' will be off the charts
2020-10-22 15:06
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2:1 for G2 top 3 fraggers niko hunter nexa
2020-10-22 15:13
Finally, FaZe FalleN! edit: i love NiKo btw, hope he stay's on FaZe
2020-10-22 15:00
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They have broky already.. Unless broky goes to coL for example , and auti back on riflers
2020-10-22 15:15
FalleN hasn't shown that he's a good IGL ever since he lost cold. They were dominant when Coldzera was #1 in the world. I doubt FalleN's a good IGL anymore lmao
2020-10-22 15:20
Good for FaZe
2020-10-22 15:05
-NiKo +AZR to FaZe then? :OOO
2020-10-22 15:12
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Brazil ZerongBr
at least now they got a proper igl after 2 years lmao
2020-10-22 15:18
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