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United States PP_Bizon 
There will never be a winner, Trump supporters say BIden was shit and vice versa, it's funny seeing everyone claiming there's a winner when every other person says someone else won.
2020-10-23 03:42
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DD | 
United States breasts
trump supporters and biden supporters should have a debate about who won
2020-10-23 03:43
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United States PP_Bizon
That's every comment section ever tbh
2020-10-23 03:45
North America Swboy1010
Precisely it’s literally only about who’s dick was bigger in the past and how many fucks the other did, then the other. Not about policies at all.
2020-10-23 04:19
there are only losers in this debate
2020-10-23 03:44
Joe is starting to malfunction. Get him the Teleprompter stat!
2020-10-23 03:45
Germany Germania
We have to look at it objectively: Trump is lying and making up excuses and stories. Biden easily won.
2020-10-23 03:50
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NAF | 
Canada Minami
+1, whining against ideas : no debate!! But I did love the last Trump defense about imigrant children separated from their parents and the fact they can't find their parents anymore, made me laugh.
2020-10-23 04:08
Denmark nrth_LUL
The only loser is the united states
2020-10-23 03:52
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2020-10-23 03:57
No one "wins" a debate. They watch the debate. They vote in the election. The one who wins becomes president.
2020-10-23 03:53
+1 clown election, clown country, clown world
2020-10-23 03:57
When you say health care must be a right, you're saying people MUST serve you just because you born. If the governement pays for it, YOU are the one paying for it. And not only that. When the government pays for it, it pays A LOT MORE, because they definitely can't have total control and people will abuse it A LOT. And that increases the prices of everything involved. And if the governement increases taxes on billionaries to pay the medical bills, like is being proposed – or any other thing –, billionaries will increase the price of their products to cover the costs. That's how it works. You just can't force people to be kind to you. The only way society can harmonically works is by mutual interest. And this works very well, when there are no intervetions. Governemnt is a huge intervetion in free will, which perpetuates almost all the problems we still have today as society, not the other way around.
2020-10-23 04:11
Whoever likes trump will think trump won Whoever likes Biden will think Biden won simple
2020-10-23 04:16
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