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biden won
Germany Jerman2k 
odds biden 1.5 trump 2.3 how bookmacher can be wrong ? they can't
2020-10-24 03:41
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easiest odds ever after this election i can retire in style
2020-10-24 03:43
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Safe bet because you bought the election (again)
2020-10-24 04:25
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pls no spoilers
2020-10-24 04:43
United States ShawnM
odds can't be wrong? what about 4 years ago
2020-10-24 03:45
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last election i went from poor to rich ez reinvest, now this one will set me up for life
2020-10-24 03:46
United States mickdo
2.3 on Trump where?? so EZZ
2020-10-24 03:46
link to bettor site plz
2020-10-24 03:57
Fors | 
Brazil ricca
send bet link
2020-10-24 04:01
Hungary Gulaash
ez for Trump
2020-10-24 04:09
Bymas | 
Kuwait roye
betting company is scamming you they put 1.5 on purpose so people think its sure winner and bet more money when in reality they know trump gonna be president.
2020-10-24 04:30
2.3 on trump ty for ez odds
2020-10-24 04:30
I don’t follow politics much but there has to be no way that Trump can lose, after watching the debates I don’t know how anyone cane vote for Biden. This guy talks nonsense and should be sent to retirement home. Trump at least makes sense and is smart, people just don’t agree with his views but Biden is on another level of stupidity.
2020-10-24 04:54
I would go all in on Trump's bitch ass challenging the election result
2020-10-24 05:02
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