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Trump using body double of Melania?
Canada BilboBagginses 
LMAO Must be sad that you have to get your wife's body double to keep up appearances of a normal marriage. Looks like Melania ditching Trump knowing he boutta lose and she needs to cash out of the divorce asap.
2020-10-25 02:26
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2020-10-25 02:27
2020-10-25 02:30
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2020-10-25 03:02
looks like the russian conspiracy wasnt enough, now we have this
2020-10-25 02:34
bruh she's just wearing sunglasses..
2020-10-25 02:36
This was already a conspiracy theory back in like 2017, be more original.
2020-10-25 02:36
no men, they are reptilians and the world is flat btw, and bill gates is putting microchip into our brains to controll the masses and the pyramids were build for aliens.
2020-10-25 02:37 lmao @ these people
2020-10-25 02:46
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Russia RogueDecay
2020-10-25 02:57
imagine caring about shit like this following this stuff on social media is the reason people are poor and unemployed
2020-10-25 02:51
expected she probably left the orange retard and went back to slovenia
2020-10-25 02:02
Russia RogueDecay
its exactly her, and I cannot lie she looks pretty as fuck
2020-10-25 02:58
DD | 
United States breasts
2020-10-25 02:58
Its a deflection from the porn of Hunter Biden released tonight with what seems possible underage girl AND sending his dead brother daughter dick pics , you cant make this shit up I swear , saw a little and wanted to puke .
2020-10-25 03:05
Finland RamboAAA
Yes, she is Melania /closed
2020-10-25 03:14
Canadians would do well having a man lead their country again.
2020-10-25 03:59
The only thing that characterize her is her eyes and nose. You can't see the shape of the nose from that angle and you can't see her eyes. Anyways, looks like her. Great smile :)
2020-10-25 04:03
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