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CS community should appriciate before its too late
Spain Sneakers 
Just saying. Too much hate towards CS itself and Valve for no good reasons. CS. Legend game thats going for 21 years + Valve. Not changing stuff that doesnt need the game, same mechanics as 20 years, and maps with best design in all FPS industry. Esports. Other than a few cheaters here and there, its a monster. Today i was watching the semi-finals of League Worlds, and around 400k viewers for the main Eng stream (over 1m cuz of asian viewership we dont count that here). I believe it was ESL Pro League were we reached around 500k+. CS:GO is a legend, and once u know it, they will port it into S2, and it will be renamed CS:GO 2. Then we will all see what we had before. Less hate, more help and constructive criticisim that Valve likes. If something is broken? try reporting it to them via email, in a well manared professional way, they might even pay u, (confidential all of it btw so u never hear about it). TL:DR. less hate more love.
2020-10-25 18:28
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Sweden botl0f
ded gaem
2020-10-25 18:29
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off course, top 1 on steam <3
2020-10-25 21:28
Argentina Berazategui
BASED onda vital.
2020-10-25 18:30
Netherlands NotJuan
nt valve rep
2020-10-25 18:30
I guess they will not put another cs, they will probably do like windows 10 and make csgo a beta forever, so they just update everything lol
2020-10-25 18:32
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U mean a "game as a service", not beta xD Which is also a perfect thing CS needs, not a new CS every year. :D
2020-10-25 19:11
Jordan Zereeni
+1 counter strike best game
2020-10-25 18:34
Turkey TheKaiser
Agreed but apparently, community loves complaining about things. Although Valve could approach this game in a better way, community isn't really helping at all. Even after some big updates, I remember people complaining about some minor stuff. I've heard many people saying "csgo is dead now" when they released Shattered Web, or Danger Zone. I guess that's what the community is like.
2020-10-25 18:35
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yeah i think community pressure did make them polish CS into what it is today. And thats a good thing, but many of the "dead game" are the loudest, so many times when someone says this it gets all the attention while the rest the silent majority is much bigger. And i agree, with communication they should be more active and tell us a bit of their plans, or future. Cuz we might get Source 2 and it will change it all, or not.. who knows whats happening.
2020-10-25 19:31
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Turkey TheKaiser
Yeah, I think community can be pretty good for the devs, it's really good when people are reporting bugs etc. I am just tired of that loudest part. It's not logical to me when people are posting bugs for ranting about how devs do not care about game or saying how dead it is instead of just informing them. I really like the productive and helpful part of the community.
2020-10-25 19:41
2020-10-25 18:36
Good point. Valve needs more love.
2020-10-25 18:39
valorant better so idk XDD csgo dead shit game
2020-10-25 18:40
meh I'm done asking for region locking, been asking since they broke the server blocker to be able to choose MM servers where I can actually speak the fucking same language and fathom the playstyle, yet any time I play MM I get stuck on singapore servers playing cunts from fucking bangladesh that dont speak a word of english, heaps of fun as an aussie.
2020-10-25 18:44
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Pakistan LoOuU2
Why the fuck are you getting queued to Singapore server all the way from down under
2020-10-25 19:13
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cause there is a cable between perth and singapore that gives me slightly less ping than to sydney, like 52ms to singapore vs 55 to sydney, its fucked
2020-10-25 19:16
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Pakistan LoOuU2
Well I personally hate region locking for various reasons relevant to me but I can see scenarios like this where it can actually be a great options for others.
2020-10-25 19:24
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I'd be happy if they would at least let us pick a preference for servers, like valorant did
2020-10-25 19:28
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Pakistan LoOuU2
That would be a great option for sure
2020-10-25 19:38
imo valve still shouldnt have updated panorama and some aps
2020-10-25 19:23
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It was so heavily pressured by the community it was insane. So they had to. It did improve the response of the game tho the panorama Same with source 2..once it happens I can tell people will want old CS back, but source 2 is and will be the future
2020-10-25 21:24
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noone asked for panorama tbh
2020-10-25 21:25
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