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CS pros overworked
United States nbazero - Heroic played 27 maps in total during this tournament for a measly 33k 1st place prize pool - They have another game tomorrow very early. CS pros are overworked and TO's don't give a shit. Leading to more and more players taking more and more breaks. Every time a tournament ends another one starts a day later its messed up. What do you guys think about this?
2020-10-25 23:58
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Libya jowwen
their orgs don’t need to take tournaments back to back
2020-10-26 00:04
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2020-10-26 03:02
2020-10-26 00:05
I think teams should skip some tourneys
2020-10-26 00:05
2020-10-26 03:05
Namibia doggc
CS is just becoming boring because of too many matches, they need to hype it out and lesser games with better quality production is way better. For example, 3-5 tier 1 bo3 in 1 day is stupid, just make it like 2 b03 max. And they need to ask the players to connect with the fans more, like after 1 b03 they need intermission where s1mple will sing karaoke before the next match begins.
2020-10-26 03:18
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yeah for sure
2020-10-26 03:21
I think the biggest problem with CS online scene is this: All teams are equally good. U can see this on odds too.
2020-10-26 03:41
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Namibia doggc
Yeah thats why it becomes boring when you see two the same team face each other in two b03 in 2 days.
2020-10-26 04:54
2020-10-26 04:46
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