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ropz | 
Estonia ropzisbestest 
what is the point of getting up in the mornings if I know my day is going to be fucking shit? I'm so tired of the stress and this depression I'm slowly falling into.
2020-10-26 01:55
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this is why depressed people sleep the most, but don't be sad pls, try to fix it asap :(
2020-10-26 01:56
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Other Zytoep
just don't be sad 4head
2020-10-26 02:00
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ik that's cliche but #5, #9 i was just preparing myself to give a proper reply
2020-10-26 02:05
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thank you so much BrazilianKawaii, this means a lot to me. It's been such a long time since anyone has cared this much about my well being.
2020-10-26 02:28
just don't get up ez
2020-10-26 01:57
Xeppaa | 
Germany w7tv
get in a quick routine, drink water as soon as you wake up and eat something for a week
2020-10-26 01:58
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thanks, will 100% try getting a routine like taking frequent morning runs and drinking water as you suggested.
2020-10-26 02:04
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Xeppaa | 
Germany w7tv
yes go for it, I was little bit kringe about that I saw in an app saying so much about frequently doing stuff to make your body feel better instead of just living in your mind, in a few days you notice the difference
2020-10-26 15:08
Finland Autisthicc
COME PLAY VERMINTIDE 2 WITH ME BRO. i only need to complete 2 more levels on legend difficulty then i get a sick outfit
2020-10-26 01:58 I beg you, watch the video entirely and take every single tip seriously, don't listen and discard everything he says like trash, nobody can obliterate this but you, at least try your best, don't let it ruin your life, yolo
2020-10-26 01:59
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thank you, will definitely give it a listen. thanks for caring.
2020-10-26 02:01
had the same issue too but there is no escape. You are forced to accept that life is shit
2020-10-26 01:59
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-1 I used to knife myself and break everything at home, now I'm 99% fine with my mood and I can 100% confirm this is something you can overcome, you just have to force yourself to accept taht it's possible, but if you say this is something impossible, you're also right, because you'll never do something about it since you accepted this is something impsosible to overcome, change your mentality first then work hard on it, it takes alot of brain effort but it worth it, yolo, death is coming for everybody anyways, and it's not only u guys that suffer with this.
2020-10-26 02:02
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you can only begin to overcome the adversities of life once you realize that they are inevitable. Once you realize life is shit and that there is nothing you can do about it, you can work to change yourself, endeavoring to live life without worrying that you will be put down If I am giving a presentation the next day, it is better to think that the presentation has no meaning than to fear public perception and overly prepare because in the end you will always perform better if you are trying not to prove something to your surrounding life
2020-10-26 02:09
just get up and do shit. you will feel 10x better in the end
2020-10-26 02:03
Worship and dedicate your soul to Xizt and it will bring happiness and fulfillment to your life
2020-10-26 02:05
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thanks for the chuckle hahaha
2020-10-26 02:08
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That chuckle was gifted to you by Xizt, and further dedicating yourself to him will bring more rays of happiness upon you, until eventually you will become the best possible version of yourself, you will be hardworking, honest, dependable, and happy.
2020-10-26 02:13
2020-10-26 02:25
I've had days like that. Even if you aren't that severely troubled, it might be worth taking a few sessions with a therapist. They can help you understand why you are feeling certain things. It's not like they can remove those mornings but they give a holistic perspective which makes it a lot easier to deal with. Hope you get better! Try to hang out with some friends/family if you can. Isolation does crazy shit.
2020-10-26 02:38
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I was thinking of going to a therapist, it’s getting harder and harder everyday. I’ll hopefully be able to book a few sessions if I have the chance this week and the next. thanks for the advice.
2020-10-26 04:14
what's making you depressed?
2020-10-26 02:52
hey man, i'm glad you spoke about it somewhere. There are people who love you, and I can talk to you if you need
2020-10-26 04:17
i just dropped out of school and i feel happy again. feelsgoodman
2020-10-26 04:20
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