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Please let it stay this way. And maybe Olof can play in place of Kjaerbye or Coldzera (let them take rest for a while)
2020-10-26 17:45
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Why? Finally soon FaZe will be cured.
2020-10-26 17:46
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cured from bad strats and poor igling. But doomed to becoming tier 3 team. Cold and rain are not as good as they were... broky cant play alone...olof and kjaerbye are washed up...
2020-10-26 18:06
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Tier3 can be saved. Very doubt about it in tier10 G2. NiKo's tactics gonna strike again for that goal.
2020-10-26 18:12
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2020-10-26 19:20
United States kami917
3 major mvps and two #1 players, one of the best entries, and a current top 8 awper. Sorry what part of this team is t3? I know the IGL was but that guy is leaving so... Really hard to judge the state of players skill under such bad leadership.
2020-10-26 19:31
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dont live in the past man.. he didnt do shit in faze.. Shit rating and no impact at all
2020-10-26 22:57
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United States kami917
He was under a shit igl I’m not surprised he hasn’t been playing like a top 20 player.
2020-10-27 02:26
2020-10-26 19:32
they need to shift to 6 or 7 man team but they are going through financial crunch as well
2020-10-26 17:48
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5+ man teams are a joke.
2020-10-26 17:48
rain | 
India bug2017
Niko is doing this Because of his relation with coldzera is spoiled ....cold is baiting the team too much and faze are not going to major so niko could play with his brother to play in major as G2 is already qualified for the same, People who are calling him snake need to understand he has done so much for team ...noone wants to do the dirty work of IGL he stepped up but the result is there ...Niko never abandoned his team the fact that he is still top fragging is insane .. but i would love to see him in Faze ,,,,Faze without niKo and rain is no faze
2020-10-26 17:55
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exactly my thoughts
2020-10-26 18:07
Cold baiting? lmao u have not seen recent matches. in ovp cold was becoming bait for Niko and in other maps cold is playing support or sometimes lurker(last alive does not necessary means baiting ).. instead of blaming anyone , hope niko plays well in G2
2020-10-26 18:21
Blame everyone in the team but Niko, typical stupid Niko stan. Im glad this choker is finally leaving this team and taking his huge ego elsewhere, this stat padder been ruining faze since 2018 and never takes blame because his stupid fans can only look at stats. Hopefully faze can bring a good igl that allows cold to play his game, instead of being wasted under a brainless pug igl, If u can even consider him an igl
2020-10-26 18:01
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jks | 
Sweden FreddyLL
2020-10-26 18:02
Lmao, delusional fan of Faze org insulting NiKo with a dead brain thinking everything is Niko's fault lol. Even bymas showed that you are completely wrong
2020-10-26 18:09
Serbia Mansss97
Blame no one in the team but Niko, typical Niko hater.
2020-10-26 18:15
NiKo | 
United Kingdom Twrdzz
Its painful to say this as a long term faze fan (since old school mw2 and bo2 days) but niko and faze are better off apart
2020-10-26 18:04
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:( sad
2020-10-26 18:07
i arent think that
2020-10-26 18:06
you think niko won't able to perform in g2?
2020-10-26 18:07
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he will for sure but what will happen to Faze :3
2020-10-26 18:08
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faze is the richest org in e-sports. They can buy any player or even an entire roster. In niko's situation, I guess he does not want to play for faze anymore and wants to join his cousin in g2. I am excited for him to join
2020-10-26 18:10
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faze could have bought hunter too if Niko wants to play with his cousin so much :3
2020-10-26 18:10
faze for me without niko and rain is no faze
2020-10-26 19:33
NiKo leaving FaZe will be the best case for everyone imo. I understand that many NiKo fans are sad because they are FaZe fans at the same time, but he will fit nicely into G2, playing in a team with his countrymen. Also, if FaZe could get their hands on a real IGL like dexter or AZR, players like cold, Kjaerbye and rain could find to their own peak again with one less star player on the team.
2020-10-26 18:10
Please, stop saying -Kjaerbye. He was just added to the team. WTF makes you think he is going to be kicked within so little time. Faze just need a proper IGL. Btw, imo, any other option that is not Fallen would be awful and team might as well disband.
2020-10-26 18:21
Lithuania KingOfPing
Can't say anything bad about Niko, he does a lot for faze. Yes he have big ego and sometimes do bad decisions but still he does a lot for faze after all. He tries put other stars to team, try be IGL and lead team, try some young talents in team also, carry team for a long time. Now only what left is leave team, maybe this gonna be best for both sides. Faze can try rebuild whole team and find new face for team (what was Niko) or just add igl, maybe change one more player and try how it looks.
2020-10-26 18:21
Asia loveall
Now that you have said please, I'll look into it.
2020-10-26 19:34
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