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FalleN | 
Brazil VeryCuteBrazilian 
What would you do if you had all the resources available and could do your will exclusively, without giving satisfaction to anyone? Well, do not think that the first answers to that question are sincere and true, because in the first place they are consistent with everything that, today, oppresses you and that you want to set you free. In other words, your answers will not be true because they will not formulate a yearning for fulfillment, just a desire for freedom from your oppression, which is still a noble objective, however, an initial question would still resonate. What would you do if you had all the resources available, you should not be accountable to anyone and there was nothing to oppress and limit you? As long as you do not know what to consecrate your life to, you will continue to wander aimlessly between heaven and earth.
2020-10-26 22:22
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this is too much for hltv kids brain.
2020-10-26 22:23
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more like you're saying shit
2020-10-26 22:24
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Xyp9x | 
Portugal yur0
He just proved his point
2020-10-26 22:52
I guess
2020-10-26 22:23
I had a stroke reading this shit
2020-10-26 22:24
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A new year calls for new intentions. Then allow yourself to let the sensitivity come up so that you can connect with what you now need to live. It is time to feel in communion with your purposes.
2020-10-26 22:24
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its october.......
2020-10-26 22:29
you typed all of that without really saying anything
2020-10-26 22:24
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cause its too much for you brain, sorry to say.
2020-10-26 22:25
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2020-10-26 22:25
id ban u from hltv for trying to make sense
2020-10-26 22:26
go back to r/iamverysmart
2020-10-26 22:27
i'd probably become the new adam sandler and make my own 'hydrationverse', and get some tail while i'm at it
2020-10-26 22:27
Have to be careful with doing too much for others. Giving a gift as a pleasant surprise, a good gesture, that's fine. Making yourself into a wishgranter machine, that can do anything for anybody, that I assume would radically change everyone's attitude towards myself - certainly not in a good way. And regardless I don't want to put myself into position where I can't discern whenever those around me are my friends or exploiters. And most importantly, the best thing anybody can get is support from others to obtain what they want with their own hands. I don't know what I would do.
2020-10-26 22:31
0 iq post expected
2020-10-26 22:38
this is so stupid
2020-10-26 22:39
2020-10-26 22:43
United States ClickHole
I think this is the biggest load of baloney I've ever read in my entire life LMAO
2020-10-26 22:48
Europe Nuskel
I would get rid of all my stress and anxiety, as well as enough money to never need to work again, and live peacefully.
2020-10-26 22:57
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