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This guy is absolute awesome to watch, easily one of the best awpers but i like his style, he is much quicker than for example s1mple or JW (who happens to be pregnant btw) Agree? insane awper at least to say....
2020-10-26 23:13
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He is the best and flag doesn't check out
2020-10-26 23:14
FalleN best.
2020-10-26 23:14
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2020-10-26 23:16
2020-10-26 23:19
yes but nonono
2020-10-26 23:27
2020-10-26 23:34
mantuu and cerq 2 awpers that like to go for flashy plays. amazing to watch
2020-10-26 23:17
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mantuu and cerq 2 most underrated and consistent awpers that don’t need a team to play around them, would be a great fix to a team like G2 if they still struggle with NiKo
2020-10-26 23:34
NiKo | 
Croatia mimi031
yea 33 kills in 2 maps is awesome
2020-10-26 23:20
he is awesome, amazing speed and accuracy, but often finds himself overwhelmed when getting info
2020-10-26 23:19
doesnt matter when the 2 iq tarik is crouch walking long alone with a famas without info when they have no money in the bank and its in the end of the game. so many things wrong with that play it hurts the brain, what a fking imbecile
2020-10-26 23:20
imo snatchie is the fastest awper in the world but he is inconsistent af
2020-10-26 23:20
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true, snatchie is like the most underrated awper, he and dycha deserves better teams
2020-10-26 23:23
He should be in liquid
2020-10-26 23:21
2020-10-26 23:22
he looks like a very grown baby
2020-10-26 23:26
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true but still
2020-10-27 21:09
Germany I_car
He's cute 🥰
2020-10-27 21:13
his flicks are second to none.
2020-10-26 23:27
DD | 
United States breasts
cerq looks like a grown up baby lol
2020-10-26 23:30
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true but still
2020-10-27 02:20
i can't unsee that anymore very cutar
2020-10-27 21:16
Imagine cerq in faze or col man
2020-10-26 23:36
cerq is kinda the NA scenes saviour just as s1mple was supposed to be in lulquid but NA was always rude with him
2020-10-27 02:25
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