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Medi-Shot in Competitive?
Brazil RmM_oo 
How about it? If it was like 2 k, only one per round, per team, and using the pistol slot. Still broken? At least this way some players won't have to hide their bating no more.
2020-10-27 16:37
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doubt it would be broken, could make some interesting plays but who knows. doubt the community would approve of it though.
2020-10-27 16:39
if Valve drops an Operation Update, this game mode could be added but otherwise, i don't think they'll add it.
2020-10-27 16:39
Finland fakinbitch
hide bating? masterbating? 🤣🤣🙄👍
2020-10-27 16:39
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Brazil RmM_oo
Imagine that, 4 players already play around s1mple. One carring an extra 50 hp could bring their major
2020-10-27 16:40
Brazil RmM_oo
Also, I forgot to mention that you could be able to inject in other players.
2020-10-27 16:39
teams that rely on 1 star player would get too much of a boost I think. Imagine zywoo and s1mple getting an extra 50 hp
2020-10-27 16:40
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doubt it, most kills happen really fast/instantly so it'd probably be rare to use (mostly after getting naded imo)
2020-10-27 16:42
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yeah so when zywoo very quickly kills another player, the 50 damage that the player did to him in that fight becomes irrelevant, and zywoo has full health again for his next engagement
2020-10-27 16:46
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yea thats a possibility. i just doubt it would occur often
2020-10-27 16:47
United States mickdo
You ever heard of a headshot? Or you just aim for center of mass like a hillbilly
2020-10-28 00:45
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your are rarted
2020-10-28 03:28
Slovakia itsab8
Would probably get quite a lot of backlash, but I would like to see it in Scrimmage for example, kind of a beta test if you will.
2020-10-27 16:45
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Brazil RmM_oo
Good idea.
2020-10-28 00:32
Germany sommares
2020-10-27 16:46
Finland Autisthicc
actually not against it
2020-10-27 16:48
Europe ROMAG
Would be nice with one condition - it can not give 100hp, maybe 50hp,maybe it could get two utility slots.
2020-10-27 16:51
Maybe put it on scrimmage matches. Otherwise, it ruins the "pure tactical shooter" mentality because no one girl gets healed by some bandages or a thing called "medi-shot"
2020-10-27 16:50
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This game already isn't realistic at all. Oh I got shot in the head twice but it went through a box better shoot back! lol
2020-10-27 16:55
it would undoubtedly spice the game up but get so much backlash for going against one of the biggest core mechanics of csgo
2020-10-28 00:38
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