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NBK drowning in p*ssy
Finland lungi_cs 
2020-10-28 23:57
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2020-10-28 23:58
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2020-11-22 23:32
Gustav | 
Sweden günT
Worst thread of tge week
2020-10-28 23:58
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Finland lungi_cs
2020-10-28 23:59
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Gustav | 
Sweden günT
np mate
2020-10-29 00:00
2020-10-29 00:00
Switzerland NotJuan
nice thread!
2020-10-29 00:00
gotta admite i knew it was bait but still clicked to kill my curiosity 8/8 well done
2020-11-22 23:35
France Kaaai
2020-11-22 23:37
Okay u got me
2020-11-22 23:51
Semmler washed up so all he can do now is try and say shit like this for attention.
2020-11-22 23:54
30 replies
stop being a Brad (aka a male Karen)
2020-11-23 00:00
11 replies
Stating facts makes me a male Karen?
2020-11-23 00:54
10 replies
yes, all Karen think they are stating fact, but in fact are stating wrong law facts
2020-11-23 00:59
9 replies
Is that for a fact? Did you just think you stated a fact, hence making you a Karen? Nice -8 IQ lol Also I didn't state any "law facts"...some of yall kids here really need atleast a couple braincells to share amongst each other lmao
2020-11-23 02:11
8 replies
do you feel offended like a Karen? I just stated facts like a Karen about Karens and now you feel offended. Just means you consider yourself to be a Karen and u dont want to accept it
2020-11-23 10:26
7 replies
It explains that you're the only Karen here desperately trying to project your Karen-ness onto me, solely because you're so upset that I stated facts about your gay idol Semmler and hence hurt your Karen feelings :( Destroyed by facts and logic, try again low iq germanistan
2020-11-23 15:36
6 replies
It wasnt me defending Semmler, so you are obviously the one trying to let me look like a Karen even though I only commented on you being a brad. Since the other french-canadian guy agreed me with me we are 2 to 1 for U being the only Karen in the chat.
2020-11-24 00:05
5 replies
Nobody knows what a Brad is, nor does anyone says it. Only Karens are the ones made internet famous. The fact you are so familiar with this "Brad" term makes it obvious that you've been called that many times and are now trying to project it on me lmao. Busted #1. Also 2 Karens backing each other is also common, there are plenty of videos of retarded Karens in gangs making a scene. It doesn't help your case with the 2v1, that's exactly what Karens do to cashiers lool. BUT, how do you know that the rando "boombl4s-gurdle" is a french canadian specifically? You just busted yourself of using an alt account by saying "I only commented on you being a brad" but the actual comment was from your other account. You literally got caught being an insecure virgin, using an alt account to support your nonexistent argument loool. Busted #2 Ps. Screenshotted the fail.
2020-11-24 00:23
4 replies
LMAO you edited your comment, showing that you were insecure of your first reply. Thats shows some low IQ exactly like a Karen. Secondly you are obviously showing the victim complex of Karens. Like a Karen you see yourself a victon of a collective comspiracy. This very common for Karens, so nt. Just already burn your mask and try to convince me of flat earth Karen. I can see through you!
2020-11-24 00:46
3 replies
I literally edited a typo from "not" to "now" lmao, why are you repeating facts I've already established about you and directing them at me? Idk why you're getting so upset after getting busted for multiple accounts and not even trying to deny it lmao, poor virgin legit smashed his capslock key lool. You know I'm somewhat of a mathematician myself, I've come up with a general formula that paints a picture based on the # of accounts you have, especially on a site like this. Its something like this: Weight (lbs) = 125lbs + 50x, where x is the number of accounts you have. This is me being generous by the way, so I know for a fact you're atleast 225lbs, likely in the ball part of 5-5'6, and likely just replied to me with another alt, so you're hitting a ballpark of 275lbs. I would highly urge you to not be a projecting Karen, get a life, and lose some weight. You've already embarrassed yourself enough :)
2020-11-24 00:53
2 replies
ROFL, imagine using lbs in 2020. I have a formula for you aswell: Your penis size is the amount of lbs in your last comment times 1 cm. I concluded that your penis is 4 cm long. Not that must suck you dont know how long that is. You are a desperate Karen with a short dick...
2020-11-24 08:33
1 reply
lul you realize if you're gonna copy me, then the same formula applies to you. You basically accepted the fact you're obese and now using your own formula you self roasted by stating you have a microdick lmao. 2short of a dick eh? Try again virgin #33
2020-11-24 15:38
whatever you say karen
2020-11-24 00:29
17 replies
lul it's actually sad, I wish you knew how sorry I legitimately feel for you kids. That's some strong virginity you got there #24
2020-11-24 00:57
16 replies
ok karen
2020-11-24 00:58
11 replies
ok virgin #24
2020-11-24 01:01
10 replies
2020-11-24 01:04
9 replies
Reply needs to have actual content Please try again virgin #24
2020-11-24 01:07
8 replies
You have some real karen syndrome lol At least try to be creative ;) Edit: Also why you keep replying with #24 when he spits up facts. It doesnt make any sense at all. Its like you want to keep self roasting yourself. Just how delusional can you get? :D
2020-11-24 01:14
7 replies
Nt virgin, but projecting your Karen hasn't been working for you this whole time. You've only been making yourself look like a bigger embarrassment than you already are lmao. Also again, #24 self roast by a -8 IQ comment lmao
2020-11-24 01:17
6 replies
The only virgin here is you. It's not even an insult but you keep saying it anyways. At least everyone above who replied to you are saying the same thing as me and its true. Must be hard being a depressed Karen sitting at home and wasting your time trying to make some more cringe threads. nt -9 IQ comment lmao
2020-11-24 01:20
5 replies
>It's not even an insult but you keep saying it anyways Exactly what an obese virgin would say ahahahha Laddie you've already busted yourself on your alt accounts, but try replying to me with a new one lmao. Imagine being a depressed virgin sitting on HLTV since 2018, making alt accounts to keep himself company while self-roasting himself with -10 IQ comments. Like cmon bruh. The fact you took the time to screenshot and upload a picture of my threads, while completely failing to realize the irony of a bunch of them shows that you're legit dumber than a vegetable lmao
2020-11-24 01:24
4 replies
Yes mens) i logged to all my smurf account just to reply to you xaxaxaxaxa, how did you know? This shows just how delusional you are karen. nt -11 IQ lmao
2020-11-24 01:26
3 replies
Its ok buddy, I know it must hurt after being exposed for the complete virgin you are with multiple alts, and on top of it being on this site for more than 2 years, I understand if you feel angry and need to lash out. Spamming the Karen meme must be very exciting considering your very boring life, so you do you lassie :) Do try again though with the -♾ IQ lmao
2020-11-24 01:31
2 replies
ok karen
2020-11-24 01:31
1 reply
ok virgin #24 :)
2020-11-24 01:32
completely unrelated but damn, pretty rare ya see reply trees go far enough to get that small
2020-11-24 02:12
3 replies
wanna start a new one
2020-11-24 02:25
2 replies
no I have nothing to talk about lol
2020-11-24 02:30
1 reply
lol im kidding, i've only ever done it with hltv retards but the mods deleted the thread before it reached its potential max reply limit.
2020-11-24 02:50
could you use a less ambiguous word? Baiting is not allowed on hltv.
2020-11-22 23:58
i love semmler
2020-11-23 01:05
2020-11-24 00:59
I think it's going to be a cat. Will edit after clicking update: it's a cat
2020-11-24 01:06
it would have been a good bait if no one saw the game but everyone did so 3/8 🥴🥴🥴
2020-11-24 01:30
Hungary raffai
2020-11-24 01:39
it was good
2020-11-24 02:00
Korea XigNw0w
Alpha male.
2020-11-24 08:34
Germany Effizienz
Red cats > Black cats
2020-11-24 08:37
2020-11-24 15:40
he really looks like a guy who buy a cat...
2020-11-24 15:41
2020-11-24 15:41
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