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Steam points use?
Spain VeryCatholicGuy 
Anything apart from backgrounds and avatars? Ive never used them so i thought about making my profile a bit nicer if they have no other use.
2020-10-29 12:36
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Bump because i need help
2020-10-29 12:40
You can give awards on reviews and community posts with them and they guy who got them gets 100 points
2020-10-29 12:41
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So either spend em on profile decorations or give em to reviews? Ok thanks.
2020-10-29 12:46
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Austria SplasJ
u can give them to anything (screenshots guides....
2020-10-29 16:59
Steam emoji , animated stickers and room effects
2020-10-29 12:44
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Whats the difference between mini profile backgrounds and profile backgrounds
2020-10-29 14:12
I spent $200 + on steam this year and I got like 200ish points meanwhile my friend didn't buy a single game but was awarded 10000 points.... Nice
2020-10-29 12:46
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Idk i have 4300 points and never used em.
2020-10-29 12:46
Your friend have used a large amount on CSGO keys, xoxoxoxoxo 80 0000 points
2020-10-29 14:18
Finland dansqoo
Get car profile avatar 😎😎😎
2020-10-29 13:01
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😎😎😎 Ok
2020-10-29 13:02
RpK | 
France pol44r
+1 i car
2020-10-29 14:09
idk i have 160k points just keeping them for now
2020-10-29 13:03
Pakistan LoOuU2
You can gift them to me if you don't have a use for them. Apparently I wanna get that neon border which would be a perfect fit on my avatar but I am yet to have 2000 points for it, got somewhere around 700 so far
2020-10-29 13:04
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Link to neon border please?
2020-10-29 14:09
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Pakistan LoOuU2
i dont think you can link it , if you scroll down a bit on the Points Shop homepage a bit , its probably under the Popular Items with pink border
2020-10-29 14:16
I got the orange flame border and a background out of it. So just to fancy up your profile or award peoples reviews if you're feeling nice.
2020-10-29 14:12
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The avatar borders just add a border to your current image, right? Can you see how they fit before buying? Like a preview. Also Whats the difference between mini profile backgrounds and profile backgrounds?
2020-10-29 14:14
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Yer it's adds a little border around an image. I thought you could yes but I can't find it now :/
2020-10-29 14:17
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Ok you can try. Not sure any of em fit my picture tho. What about mini bck vs back? Edit: nvm
2020-10-29 14:19
The normal backgrounds are covering your whole profile. The mini ones is just for the top bit next to your image. If you go to your points shop, click on a mini or anything really it should show you an example of how it looks before you get it.
2020-10-29 14:18
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Thank you very much. Will probably spend 4k out of the 4600 i got. You want the other 600 for something?
2020-10-29 14:19
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No problem :) Ehh not sure for what haha :D I have over 2000 left but unsure what to do with it :)
2020-10-29 14:20
get some weeb shit to improve your aim
2020-10-29 14:13
North America ^name^
buy the black hole one, I have it and it's nice
2020-10-29 14:17
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