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Canada Rulerofdoge coldzera said they are going to get an igl soon
2020-10-29 19:23
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Netherlands MadNelis
Not before 2021 he said.
2020-10-29 19:24
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it's better than doing what they've done for 2 years. they atleast are going to get one
2020-10-29 19:25
Korea GODNiKo
fallen inc, expected from coldzera
2020-10-29 19:25
Wouldnt it be amazing if this lineup actually clicks and they just roll with olof and start kicking ass? That would be cool.
2020-10-29 19:36
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i dont think this will hapen :D Olof came back for just 1 event and Cold said that they will play random in Blast so
2020-10-29 19:37
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Yeah, very unlikely, but hey one can dream :)
2020-10-29 19:38
2020-10-29 19:44
Portugal MrPato
Would love to see Olof back on the scene, but i highly doubt he will be back permanently... it seems like he didn't even wanted to? More of like FaZe lost NiKo and he accepted playing on Blast with them because he's still under contract.
2020-10-29 19:50
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If he gets over being burnt out it could happen, but yes I think he just came in to give a helping hand to his bros.
2020-10-29 19:53
Niko was the problem as said in the interview When I first joined the team, every player was playing for the team, but in the end, we were playing more for NiKo,” coldzera said. For the Brazilian star, NiKo was a good captain, but he didn’t know how to adapt to mid-round situations well.
2020-10-29 19:42
Turkey gozgoz43
if niko play igl g2 disband close
2020-10-29 19:43
very interesting read. I do think coldzera has the right mindset here and him saying the problems with nikos calling was refreshing. I do think with that in mind, coldzera can make better calls
2020-10-29 19:46
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