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United Arab Emirates Predic123 
looking promising with 1 first already maybe better than astralis
2020-10-29 19:29
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2020-10-29 19:31
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2020-10-29 19:54
2020-10-29 19:31
All good until "maybe better than Astralis" calm down, they time to become that good
2020-10-29 19:32
15 replies
not calm down look at RUSH 16-5 vs zywoo
2020-10-29 19:33
14 replies
They are good and had potencial to become insanely good if they find consistency, but rn, its too early to say something like "better than Astralis"
2020-10-29 19:41
9 replies
col need time to become gods but already promising with 1 game ever played with jks
2020-10-29 19:42
8 replies
imagine get hyped that much with 1 game, surely an Hype team but bruh.. its 1 game, calm down, if they loose next game you would say they should disband isn't? lol
2020-10-29 19:43
6 replies
they are destroying team who was in final 1 week ago nt
2020-10-29 19:43
5 replies
Still they very first game, dosnt proof nothing, even more being ONLINE
2020-10-29 19:44
4 replies
online already all year not excuse anymore
2020-10-29 19:45
3 replies
Still 1 game dosnt proof nothing, but at least ON LAN would has more credibility.
2020-10-29 19:49
2 replies
we never know when LAN will be played. so online here we go
2020-10-29 19:49
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Yes, unfortunally but on my book, 1 game still dosnt proof the team as an contender top 1. Maybe if they win the tournament we can arg in terms of current time.
2020-10-29 19:51
honeymoon period
2020-10-30 09:42
16-5 wow 👏
2020-10-29 19:52
I told you, calm down Lol
2020-10-29 20:15
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but i bet vitality
2020-10-29 20:15
Finland DTeeVee
still lost axaxxaxaxaxxaax
2020-10-30 09:34
oBo | 
United States fl4sh76
2020-10-29 19:43
will never look better than astralis with a baiter as igl
2020-10-29 20:16
with obo they were looking better actually but let's give time to jks
2020-10-29 20:20
3 replies
jks is much more better then oBo
2020-10-29 20:33
2 replies
Not to mention, he is far more experienced in competitive scene
2020-10-30 09:46
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Yes man
2020-10-30 22:58
They look amazing even now with jks just starting, I've been a fan for a long time they're always fun to watch, but let's cool it with "better than Astralis" they have a long road ahead of them.
2020-10-30 23:06
give them some time, could eventually be better than astralis. kudos to jason lake, hes actually done very well in building a very good team. lots of people were making fun of him with the juggernaut tweet, but i honestly think hes done an excellent job. dont think i have ever seen an org owner as invested in their team as he is. hes always watching the matches, always active about them on social media. i have a lot of respect for him.
2020-10-30 23:14
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