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Pls help me Spanish speakers
f0rest | 
Romania CSm1n 
Hello Spanish speaking friends In many US movies or articles the name Jesus is commonly used for Spanish speakers (usually mexican since we're talking about US). I always wondered where this preference comes from. What does it mean to you? Is this name more common in LATAM than in Spain? Also why is this name used in Spain but not in the rest of Europe? I mean it is obvious that LATAM+Spain are more religious than the rest of Western+Central Europe, but for example Italy is a very religious country too, yet the name Gesu is a rare occurance there (or Google is failing me). Also this name is odd to me because while Romania is a very religious country (probably on par with LATAM), the name Iisus is not used at all and noone ever considers to name their children Jesus (it is kinda considered a sacred name). Yes, I know we're orthodox but still at the end we're all part of Christianity. Tbh I also find Muhammed to be an odd name for the same reasons, but I know close to nothing about islam so I can't comment on that. Btw others I asked say it is a catholic thing, but as I said before I don't think that's the reason because you don't find this name in Italy, France, Hungary etc.
2020-10-30 16:40
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Its a catholic thing.
2020-10-30 16:43
2020-10-30 16:44
it's because it's easily recognizable by non spanish speakers as something related to hispanic culture. Kinda like calling russians "Ivan/Boris", french "Pierre/Claude" and japanese "Honda/Matsumoto". These names are for the regular US viewers. They also use "José", "Maria", "Hector"... As for Muhammed, it's actually the most used name in the world edit: just found out that the chinese name "Li" actually passed Muhammed/Muhammad as the most common one.. love useless knowledge
2020-10-30 16:48
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Btw, have you ever stoped to think this "Son of God" thing, maybe happened cause Mary cheated on his husband, and made up the whole history. And for centuries people belived in a history made up by a cheater wife ?
2020-10-30 16:49
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Yes.. Some historians actually believe that the term "virgin" comes from her being pure hearted and not an actual virgin and that her son is actually from her husband (and this is mostly the reason why the husband is not really given too much attention to on the bible) the thing is that this part was not that well documented and translations over translations and church continuous incurrences made it impossible to really know what happened, besides what it says on the bible
2020-10-30 16:53
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That's kind of obvious, as for a marriage to be valid, it had to be consumed and so she couldn't be married to Joseph AND virgin. This being said, Christianity integrated many pagan belief and customs to be better accepted by the masses which were pagan back then. For exemple, the birthday celebration of Jesus was chosen as the winter solstice because it was the Sol Invictus celebration for pagans and the roman saturnalias. So it wouldn't be irrealistic they also burrowed the creation of Jesus as the union between god and a human, making him a demi god from the greek and roman religion made of plenty of such people.
2020-10-30 17:05
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yeah, either she was not a virgin or not actually married.. this is one of lots of non-enlightened holes on this story
2020-10-30 17:04
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I edited
2020-10-30 17:05
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all of this is listed on the 'nicaea first council' where they decided what would get in or out of the final story.. there's a History Channel documentary about it that explains everything in details
2020-10-30 17:10
Hey you stole my joke! "Chrisitianity is a religion based on a cheating wife".
2020-10-30 16:56
OK | 
Germany I_car
Or she got raped and her brain created an alternate story to overcome the trauma
2020-10-30 17:00
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there's this netflix brazilian show (that actually was banned several times, makes a huge fuzz whenever a new episode comes out) that is a 'christmans special' comedy sketch that portrays exactly that.. God is actually a total Chad, Maria is 'questionable' to say the very least and Joseph is a major simp Oh, and jesus is gay edit: here the chad god is awesome:
2020-10-30 17:08
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Does it have english subtitles?
2020-10-30 17:09
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yes, on torrent and some regions of netflix.. i've found it once on Stremio too i'm not on my home pc right now, if you don't find it i'll send it to you later. the correct name for you to look it up is "Porta dos fundos - A primeira tentação de Cristo" Porta dos Fundos = name of the comedy group A primeira tentação de Cristo = Christ first temptation
2020-10-30 17:13
Here, found it on Netflix: Subtitles German, English, English, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese
2020-10-30 17:16
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2020-10-30 17:51
Jesus in spanish is Jese Cristo, trust me im fluent in mexican
2020-10-30 16:54
OK | 
Germany I_car
It's not a common name in Spain but you see it sometimes
2020-10-30 16:58
I only know like 1 jesus. Tbh the name isn't that common compared to others like jose and juan.
2020-10-30 17:11
I thought all spanish people were called Paella.
2020-10-30 17:13
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wtf.. you're saying they're not?
2020-10-30 17:17
OK | 
Germany I_car
No, they are called sombrero
2020-10-30 18:04
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