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FaZe is so fresh
I really enjoyed yesterday's game. Tbh, the team is more enjoyable without NiKo. His high ego was really the problem. It's nice to see the players having the freedom they deserved. Hope for the best in the future! #FaZeUP
2020-10-30 18:13
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wtf bro, that's not true
2020-10-30 18:13
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yes it is
2020-10-30 18:18
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+1 and hello bro, hope you have a lovely day/night. #fazeUP
2020-10-30 19:09
na take a look at faze complexity, they've got buffed out bro. no niko no win
2020-10-30 21:35
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Canada Covahh
Honestly Niko leaving actually made a big difference on cold. Maybe these 2 players are just not be meant to be in the same team.
2020-10-30 21:42
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2020-10-30 21:46
“ compromise “ That’s what you need to know
2020-10-30 21:49
tbf brother , its really hard to judge faze right now because they just lost their mfking IGL AND coach, with 2 days of practice and a player who has been inactive for 7 months. I personally think they could've won nuke if broky did not consistently miss his shots. rain also had a bad off-game on mirage so that did not aid in anyway. if faze can bring in an analyst/part-time coach to help cold in his duties for Beijing and faze can create a system where rain, cold, broky, kjearbye are able to be more free and consistent , I can see them definitely being a top 5 team , and when a IGL and Coach come in , they can challenge for tier-S titles and become stable top 3
2020-10-31 03:17
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olof was playing fpl everyday lol wdym
2020-10-31 15:23
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only the last few days i think he said
2020-10-31 16:30
people always say that, y must stop thinking just because an org hasn't had a lot of time to practice and all that stuff, needs it to prove something. Look at FaZe in 2017 when NiKo JOINED. Instant consistent top 3 in the word, INSTANT ! After karrigan and all the changing players, they were always saying "we need more time " bla bla bla, bla bla bla, that's all bullshit, as you can see niko left, as it was full bullshit. You get my point? I'm not saying FaZe is bad, or that they don't need time at all, but you can clearly see at the begining if things gonna work out well or not. In this case people were saying that without NiKo FaZe WAS playing better? wtf, how the fuck is that possible? it isn't true, soo, No NiKo, No WIN. FaZe was something this past 3 years, thanks to NiKo the real GOD TIER PLAYER CS GO WILL EVER SEE.
2020-11-01 15:39
that was just the olof effect
2020-10-30 18:14
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could be
2020-10-30 18:19
idk if it was because niko wasn't there or cause olof was back but everyone looked so happy and positive, excited to see how they look today!
2020-10-30 18:18
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yeah, that's what i'm sayin, they are happy, they enjoy to play togheter, even if they lost they were smiling
2020-10-30 18:19
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bcz he is just a stand in and they dont really care, when they will care and start losing by silly mistakes when there is coach and IGl you will see, hope not but...
2020-10-30 19:09
NiKo | 
Croatia mimi031
G2 was on fire after bot shox left and they looked fresh. shox was also an idiot and poor igl in G2, actually he ruined that team
2020-10-30 18:21
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yeah 😔
2020-10-30 19:07
yeah tbf tho I think being kicked humbled him. he looked like shit when he first joined vita but now he's playing really well
2020-10-31 03:15
"shox was also an idiot and poor igl in G2, actually he ruined that team" We can say the same about niko tho
2020-10-31 03:16
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losing boston ruined that team, nothing else, it wasnt nikos fault or anyones fault, the whole team lost faith in karrigan after choking that grand final then afterwards olof stepped away and shit started spiraling from there with some highs but no consistency
2020-10-31 04:32
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And all beacuse of that last round on inferno when faze were up 15-14. When karrigan choked in mid round and called rush B in last 10 sec of the round..
2020-10-31 16:25
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blaming the entire major on one round LMFAO, you can look at any choke clutch or push and say thats the reason they didnt get the 1 round they needed to win, so youd have rather them fought the multiple people on a site rather than the solo player on b? smart
2020-10-31 23:17
Yea ofc.. But nobody will remember that shox did the same thing cuz NiKo is a bigger name. Both did the same thing.
2020-10-31 16:28
olof had +ve effect on team i think.
2020-10-30 18:21
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i think thats it
2020-10-30 19:08
Luken | 
Sweden fxzo
Actually yes, yesterday all the team were on point, except kyjaerbye on last map, but it was really enjoyable
2020-10-30 18:22
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2020-10-30 19:08
2020-10-30 19:09
FaZe had a very positive vibe, even tho when they lost, they still had that positivity, glad that ChoKo left, finally FaZe Clan show up their real potential! #FaZeUP!
2020-10-30 19:10
Now, get rid of kjaershit and get AZR and I'll like this team
2020-10-30 19:12
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Chile esanchez47
in what world an org would put AZR instead of kjaerbye? Don't get me wrong, AZK is pretty good
2020-10-31 02:42
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azk he is the north american player but the titan he is the french stars
2020-10-31 03:12
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Chile esanchez47
Yeah my bad, i was talking about AZR, my head is shit today
2020-10-31 04:17
Only because there's no pressure, they playing just like another FPL game. But let's see what happens in the future. P.S.- Stop hating on NiKo man, he is the best player who ever played for Faze , put some respect on his name.
2020-10-30 19:17
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+1 Plus they have more space now that NiKo is gone, but they are not playing better or getting the kills or map control they should. I don't see why all this hype, specially when everyone was -botlof some months ago, when he wasn't that bad. With a good IGL they can get better for sure, but not as it's now.
2020-10-30 21:40
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+1 Couldn't agree more. If they get a good IGL and coach , they can do really better. And these kids need to respect olof, he just came after so long.
2020-10-31 03:02
Chile esanchez47
Yeah people has been really centered on bash him. Why do they care so much?
2020-10-31 02:43
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Every top player has haters. And most of them probably 12 yr old kids , too immature.
2020-10-31 13:56
Good for you to believe in only a ORG NAME XAXAXAXa
2020-10-30 19:18
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You should be happy that the biggest esport ORG is still giving attention to CSGO and keeping it alive.
2020-10-30 21:41
hope they win today, man. We always have a chat about win and they never did. We'll make it tonight my friend. faze for blast!
2020-10-30 19:18
They lost both matches but okay
2020-10-30 21:36
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They lost their IGL, they lost their coach, they got Kjaerbye a few months ago. Give them a little bit of time?
2020-10-30 21:37
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Ukraine Dert38
-broky and olofmeister is just slow
2020-10-30 21:39
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- broky 0/8 Hes actually their best player lmao
2020-10-30 21:49
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Ukraine Dert38
no. pay attention how he plays
2020-10-31 02:37
1 reply
#48. hes literally one of the best clutchers in the world statistically. Just stop.
2020-10-31 06:08
Not anymore he was playing like full bot today
2020-10-31 03:13
7 replies
1 day doesnt do shit and meanwhile Rain and Olof are -20 and Cold isnt playing like a star player at all. Who played better than him????
2020-10-31 06:09
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Ukraine Dert38
you watch only statistic not the game
2020-10-31 15:18
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Says the guy who judges him off of one game and ignores the entire rest of the year So who played better than him in blast? Hes literally been the only one performing on Faze for months. Also I actively see him clutch A TON. I dont need to use stats for that but they do back my statement up.
2020-10-31 21:58
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Ukraine Dert38
clutches not all, and nico wouldn't make him awper by a reason if you don't watch attentive enough
2020-11-01 00:17
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Hes an AWPer because hes the most suited for the team and the way hes used in the team is to clutch. Ill ask once again, who played better than broky in Blast?
2020-11-01 00:18
Start watching the game
2020-10-31 21:00
1 reply
You didnt answer my question. Who played better than him
2020-10-31 21:57
+1 in last half a year he is the only one who performed in faze
2020-10-31 16:28
But then don’t say they look fresh, cause they don’t. Sure, Olof came back and he is not fragging as much as NiKo so everyone steps up a bit, but that doesn’t mean they are better, they just have more space to play.
2020-10-30 21:44
United States mickdo
Fuck man it was so close. They should have beaten the trash germans
2020-10-31 02:43
Argentina Caitofaze
One detail that I noticed about the new faze is that it does not give away round after round to keep the weapon. This team is going to fight and if they die they have to risk and they all ... do it.
2020-10-31 03:08
Brazil dAn_kpta
perfect scenario for Faze: buy ropz and bench rain Cold Olof broky Kjaerbye Ropz gg bye astralis
2020-10-31 04:44
Brazil skazzi
coldzera Kjaerbye broky TACO FalleN or coldzera Kjaerbye broky ropz AZR
2020-10-31 04:57
3 replies
Brazil dAn_kpta
Olof > Rain > AZR > TACO dont see any reason to pick up azr or taco
2020-10-31 21:23
2 replies
Brazil skazzi
AZR is IGL(no buyout) TACO is underrated It could work very well, two experienced players, and the return of the tacold duo
2020-10-31 21:33
1 reply
Brazil dAn_kpta
I see ur point, but I still would rather have Olof and keep Cold as igl
2020-10-31 21:41
Germany Jermen
Yeah, a fresh pile of shit...
2020-10-31 04:57
they need a lot of time cus there are signs of baitzera coming back
2020-10-31 06:12
so,in between teamwork,skill,whatever you choose to be whatever
2020-10-31 06:14
True. Niko and the trash that is YNK leaving was the best thing to happen to faze since Karrigan joined the team. He is an ego driven narcissist who destroyed faze and kept them in mediocrity for years. Faze has a real chance to become a good team now.
2020-10-31 06:19
North America 1aurora
if they had gotten an igl, they'd have won a major already
2020-10-31 06:24
They definitely played with more freedom. I was happy to see coldzera enjoying the games . They need a decent igl , niko moving out of faze is a good thing .
2020-10-31 15:32
A message from primary sources that the new player of the FAZE clan will be Zeus, an early game for Navi. He will be the game leader. Also, Misha Kane will take the place of the coach. The amount of the transaction has not yet been announced
2020-10-31 21:22
ye faze is de_best csgo team right now in the 2020
2020-10-31 23:19
They have 4 igls now lmao
2020-11-01 00:20
Poland JKG
Total bullshit you wrote here Maybe you felt that way, cuz of olof (old times) but that's it. It's not fresh at all and will get much worse
2020-11-01 00:22
Info: You dont have to hate NiKo if you are still faze fan
2020-11-01 00:23
Brazil KSC_TOP1
A disband would be better for players
2020-11-01 15:41
France Lili___
Faze will disband soon, it's more profitable for them to sell clothes..
2020-11-01 15:43
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