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jks right now
Magisk | 
Netherlands EpicLoOw 
You might think it's so bad for him right now, because he didn't get his roles, but if you think about it.. When was the last time he was bottom fragging and smashed FaZe 16-9 without doing as much as he did in 100T? Now he can count on his teammates
2020-10-30 20:27
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jks | 
Sweden FreddyLL
>Now he can count on his teammates So truuuue
2020-10-30 20:29
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just like all of us in mm. we are happy when someone else carries
2020-10-30 20:37
United States vikingswine
That is actually a great point.
2020-10-30 20:29
Imagine if FaZe actually went towards ramp more than once a half
2020-10-30 20:30
North America Haydog322
he had more frags vs Vil. They just never hit his position.
2020-10-30 20:33
TLDR : Now he can get carried.
2020-10-30 20:34
2 replies
TLDR : Now he doesnt have to carry 99% of the maps.
2020-10-30 20:36
1 reply
+1 This one.
2020-10-30 20:53
he actually got his same roles, blamef said that jks is main lurker now
2020-10-30 20:35
he escaped the hellhole that is 100Bots
2020-10-30 20:35
why would he feel bad? there is literally nothing for him to do on nuke 9/10 rounds
2020-10-30 20:35
1 reply
bored lmao
2020-10-30 20:56
All of his kills where big impact kills, he got like 0 eco kills and 0, low impact kills. he played amazing
2020-10-30 20:35
imagine thinking faze is in good condition right now, coL should be beating them
2020-10-30 20:38
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