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Is FalleN still getting salary from MIBR ?
France MbappeGOAT 
Surely not since he is not being benched by the org but rather doing a mutiny by refusing to play for them ? He should even get fined imo
2020-10-30 22:29
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United Kingdom galaxyv2
i didnt even know u could refuse to play without any sort of punishment
2020-10-30 22:31
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Well in any real sport you can't but since this is eSport this is a shit show and player do whatever they want cause they have so much power so I'm not sure
2020-10-30 22:31
cry | 
Brazil IsFree
Well I didnt know you could steal salaries and be an arrogant bot for two years without any sort of punishment either, but here we are
2020-10-30 22:32
Brazil fallenShere
he left the team along with taco and fer tho, he is not even benched anymore
2020-10-30 22:31
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They are still listed as "Inactive" players and not "former" players on Liquipedia Meanwhile dead is listed as "former" since he obviously announced his departure so I'm pretty sure the trio are still under contract, just wondering if they get paid, TACO and fer probably since the org benched them but FalleN is basically rebelling against the org and on strike
2020-10-30 22:34
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Brazil fallenShere
liqupedia is wrong bro, fer and taco are not listed as (stand-in) they are directly removed, and fallen "stepped down" from MIBR, so he is not benched
2020-10-30 22:34
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Ok you are right indeed
2020-10-30 22:34
Dont worry about another man and his money! 😎👍
2020-10-30 22:31
Brazil Fulmini
probably yes, but he is not happy with it, at least he doesn't appear to be on the streams when he talks about
2020-10-30 22:35
idk, you'd imagine there's some kind of a clause for that in their contract
2020-10-30 22:36
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