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United States TrumpPrison2020 
2020-10-30 23:58
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2020-10-30 23:58
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wait you don't?
2020-10-31 00:01
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no wtf
2020-10-31 00:03
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why wouldn't you have paid deserved vacation days? how can you call it vacation if you don't get paid,those are just days off
2020-10-31 00:18
where do you work? because I do and I dont even make that much
2020-10-31 01:33
That's because you live in a 3rd world country
2020-10-31 02:06
wtffff mens
2020-11-05 00:32
dude my bros gf is pregnant and my bro gets 2 paid weeks off
2020-10-31 01:10
8 replies
Lol wtf
2020-10-31 01:32
In Norway i believe the father can get between 15 to 33 weeks off with 100% pay. You sure he only gets 2 weeks?
2020-10-31 02:09
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that cant be true its just to much for the mom maybe but the dad its just to much
2020-10-31 02:18
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Canada YankeeM
in Norway, they treat both parents the same.
2020-10-31 02:28
Belarus lil_vodka
xaxaxaxaxaxaxaxxa im moving to norway make 6 kids ez life)))
2020-10-31 02:19
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make infinite kid, you get paid for it, so you use that money to buy more and more hos, so you get infinite paid leave
2020-10-31 05:30
I believe he means that you have the right to take 2 weeks (10 days in sweden) off instantly and no matter what when your gf gives birth and the child is born. After that you have 365 days or smthing that you can split 15-33 weeks that's correct. And the diffrence between those 10 days and 15-33 weeks is that your boss can't "force" or tell you that you gotta come the 8th or 9th day, while those 15-33 weeks you gotta atleast be on good terms with your employer
2020-10-31 05:26
in spain it is the same actualy its some femist shit they invented because a pregnant woman need to be taken good care off 3 weeks if i remember corectly
2020-10-31 02:17
Rob4 | 
Serbia e_loK
Hahahahahahahahaha wow
2020-10-30 23:59
yeah we do.
2020-10-30 23:59
1 reply
they also get taxed up the anus.
2020-10-31 05:47
RpK | 
United Kingdom justdam
2020-10-30 23:59
yeah UMAD meriiicaaaa
2020-10-30 23:59
ofc. ez life
2020-10-31 00:00
Mongolia günT
yes 5 weeks in sweden
2020-10-31 00:00
1 reply
5 weeks in most western eu right?
2020-10-31 05:23
Sweden mrarrogant
ya but entry level salary for a software engineer is like $100k in US, while it's $30k best case in EU
2020-10-31 00:01
11 replies
how drunk are you? edit: you must be polish not swedish i guess in denmark entry software engineers get 100k+
2020-10-31 01:12
9 replies
??????? in france its like max 40k/y even if you have 5 years of exp
2020-10-31 01:14
Sweden mrarrogant
lmao i know several recent graduates from 5year CS programs from swedish target school. GOOD salary in stockholm is maybe $45k (average less), and stockholm probably top10-15 in EU regarding software engineer salaries. highly doubt it's 100k in denmark and we're discussing pretax btw, didnt even mention the lower taxes
2020-10-31 01:27
4 replies
i have a bachelors in software engineering and went on to do a masters but we were told at uni that avg starting salary is 50k dkk/mo (90k usd/y) which is what my buddies make around.
2020-10-31 01:54
dude I'm from Portugal and I'm making 30k a month I'm a DJ
2020-10-31 02:07
2 replies
wtf me too
2020-10-31 02:34
only 30k? i get 32k/month
2020-10-31 05:32
Some, but not all. No reason to pile on - we all get a good deal but not that good.
2020-10-31 02:19
Denmark Jeffersond
Lol no
2020-10-31 05:13
1 reply thats just with a bachelors edit: 45k dkk/mo with a bachelors
2020-10-31 05:18
not $100k in all places. where u are talking about is mostly SF, and COL in SF is so high that $100k will not even get you far after taxes/rent.
2020-10-31 02:13
Germany I_car
2020-10-31 00:01
2020-10-31 00:08
No, you got trolled
2020-10-31 00:08
ofc no, europoors
2020-10-31 00:16
6 replies
We have 4-5 weeks in Sweden, wtf are you talking about? Also >poor >brazil
2020-10-31 00:17
5 replies
he cheers for the best player in the world so u can't insult him
2020-10-31 00:19
3 replies
he got baited so ez, euroschools
2020-10-31 01:00
2 replies
To count as a bait it needs to be more than just stupid. Clearly people expect you to be stupid, so you need to put in an effort in order to claim you were baiting and not just your own natural self.
2020-10-31 02:17
1 reply
2020-10-31 02:51
Hey how many times do we need to tell you that it's not cool saying true facts on the internet?
2020-10-31 02:10
Australia has it as well
2020-10-31 01:01
yes, wtf? I have 30 days a year that i can take whenever i want. Going forward from 2022, im going to have 35 days.
2020-10-31 01:08
2020-10-31 01:10
Europe >> murica
2020-10-31 01:12
lol na malding
2020-10-31 01:32
Shit murica
2020-10-31 01:50
Europe Pts
yea ofc :D
2020-10-31 01:53
uncle sam mad
2020-10-31 01:55
2020-10-31 02:09
2020-10-31 02:10
ropz | 
Germany MTD3
30 days/year
2020-10-31 02:11
Yes, of course we do. Part of why is because organized labor is a thing here, so labor unions have real power meaning workers have power. Here is some of what we have. - 5 weeks paid vacation by law, with three of those weeks required to be in consecutive weeks in the summer time. And lots of people have another week on top. - Paid sick days. - Paid children's first sick day. - Parent gets two weeks extra days of leave per child per year. - 1 year share maternity leave for parents - with pay. - 37 hour work weeks, many have those include 2½hour lunch time. - On average 12 bank holidays per year. For many those come with full pay, some even have like something extra on top. - After just some months one is entitled to three months notice, this grows with like another month per three years working the same job. If leavings one job one never have to give more than one months notice. - Working extra hours often comes with extra pay. Like for example if I work in a weekend I get 100% extra pay, as in double pay for each working hour. - One is always entitled to at least 11 hours off between work sessions, so fx. if you work till midnight you can not be asked to work again until 11 am. - Right to paid training to keep your skills current. ... and there is lots more. Like gender equality, job protection for pregnant women, extra job protection for those that are union representatives or work safety officers. Also pay is good for even McJobs. No one need to work more than one job to make a living.
2020-10-31 02:14
Belarus lil_vodka
2020-10-31 02:22
ye but america is best country in world mens)) xaxax
2020-10-31 02:23
Im confused.. You make it sound like some US businesses don't offer this. I mean the maternity leave isn't as good as the EU. But it ultimately depends on what company you work for.
2020-10-31 02:32
China SwooksarV2
??? You literally do as well. (Don't think it's legally required though). What type of sketchy company did you join? My father offers paid sick leave and paid vacation to his American employees. I would say most medium sized companies offer this.
2020-10-31 02:37
3 replies
expected from first world chinese to think everyone gives that :D
2020-10-31 04:10
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China SwooksarV2
The sick leave and vacation pay laws in China are pretty bad though. I just assumed that America would have better laws and regulations regarding this though.
2020-10-31 04:58
1 reply
You Just dont get sick in china ma frendo
2020-11-04 23:54
At least you have guns Kappa
2020-10-31 05:51
Finland KieZuZ
Did I forget to say that schools are free? Schools are FREEEEEEEEEE Roads are freee Yeah and public healthcare is btw is like 40e per doctor visit. But most employers give you free private hospital services that are related to work (you get sick or hurt yourself while working its all free). But taxes are bad right?
2020-10-31 05:52
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Slovakia 4NTEP
so healthcare in finland isn't free?
2020-11-05 00:30
Lebanon Dogman69
how is it free if you pay for it in taxes?
2020-11-05 00:35
1 reply
Finland KieZuZ
Nobody is forcing anyone to live in Finland if taxes are a problem.
2020-11-05 17:43
That’s why Europe is ahead of USA.
2020-11-05 00:52
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