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how do i block twitch ads again? ublock not working.
2020-10-31 01:28
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United States Jaksin
Email Twitch CEO saying you don't want to see ads anymore and he will delete your account Problem solved
2020-10-31 01:31
Canada JC_123
someone has been making workarounds for uBlock to work again but Twitch has been making them obselete every day((((((((
2020-10-31 01:31
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2020-10-31 01:35
It's annoying af everytime i join a stream i keep getting ads at the beginning
2020-10-31 01:37
just deal with it, you'll waste your time trying to find a fix then when you eventually do it'll become the same as ublock after a day
2020-10-31 01:37
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Canada JC_123
+1 nothing works to my knowledge except umatrix set up to block it
2020-10-31 01:38
i cant deal with it, my twitch stops frequently and it stutters, so if i refresh i get an ad break every time.
2020-10-31 01:57
+1 just close your eyes
2020-10-31 02:26
u cant
2020-10-31 01:41
I ended up subbing to twitch turbo because of this stupid shit. One workaround that works before hand was alternate player for, but it doesn't anymore. Used ublock, adblock, adblock plus ALL 3 of them, and it kept bypassing since last week. It really depends on the channel, frequency of the ads and etc. But you will always get 1 in the start, and midrolls every 2-3 hours, and if the channel decided to play ads, you'll get how much they set it up for, from 30 sec to 3 min. At the moment, i think it's impossible to watch twitch without ads at all unless you're subbing to the channel that you're most frequently watching.
2020-10-31 01:41
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I agree, I dont watch tv or listen to the radio much because of ads. I hate them so much. I sub and donate to the people I follow on twitch, but I'm not subbing to every twitch channel that streams games lol
2020-10-31 01:56
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You have to realize that ads are reasons a lot of the stuff you listen to even exists, they suck but they have a purpose outside of being annoying. So if you don't want to listen to them that's fine, but they're not always avoidable.
2020-10-31 02:39
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I'd rather just donate and sub to channels or buy merch. They get much more from it than the mental cancer causing ads give them anyway.
2020-10-31 02:48
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I mean what do you think matters more? Multi million dollar contracts to advertise products to 10000's of people or a few 5$ subs that twitch takes 50% of
2020-10-31 03:48
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i dont care what or who is involved in advertisements, i will not allow my alpha male brain to consume any such filth.
2020-10-31 03:51
Denmark nrth_LUL
There is one thing that wont be patched but it takes a lot of effort for the user to setup. The embedded player has no ads so if you watch twitch on another website like hltv you get no ads. Theoretically someone could make a website where you choose a stream and it loads an embedded player with that stream and no ads will appear.
2020-10-31 02:04
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To be honest i'm just too lazy to do that multiple steps in order not to get ads lol. One of the main reasons i sub to twitch turbo is because i watch a lot of twitch before i go to sleep , and in mobile, that's one of the worst experiences ever. The ads are more often than in PC. You can use google chrome on Ipad, but it always directs you to the mobile app because the web app is very different (you can't login to your account, view followed channles, etc). I agree that twitch need more ads than before, but not into this extent.... This is just horrible. Especially if you watch some ESL, Dreamhack, csgo, dota2 matches. That's legit 5 min ads before even watching lol Thanks for the heads up tho, appreciate it.
2020-10-31 02:22 this worked for me, but its apparently not working for everyone
2020-10-31 01:43
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thanks that worked so far
2020-10-31 01:55
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just know it's likely to stop working pretty quickly, i mean this post is from this morning afterall, so yeah. It comes and goes
2020-10-31 02:03
Germany Flachzange
Using twitch in 2020 omegalul
2020-10-31 01:57
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2020-10-31 03:53
i use google chrome + adblock (the 1st one on the list in chrome extension i think). works for me, at least on esl & dreamhack
2020-10-31 02:43
impossible now, keep getting the error msg now. fk twitch
2020-11-04 09:48
By not using twitch. Thats how you make these greedy cunts stop trying to forcefeed you with cancer ads
2020-11-04 09:56
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Some games are only on twtch bro not all are youtube😢😢
2020-11-04 10:34
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"Vote with your wallet"
2020-11-04 10:37
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