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Sangal scandal
woxic | 
Turkey sonbafrali I thougt it was a joke but It seems lt is a big scandal. Maj3r has shared a tweetlong which is titled as "I'm leaving" but It was a joke. A few hours later he shared a screenshot and wrote this tweet. His teammates paz and imorr is talking about the joke: paz: Majer has tweeted about his leaving. imorr: wtf paz: I become happy a little moment, I've started to look another player. They said it is fake later. imorr: I was happy too :) paz: I had to start to search another player. Requirements were easy. If he can use mouse and can speak Turkish, we can handle the rest I don't know who has leaked this private messages to Maj3r but it is too bad for team. Maj3r says that traitor paz should apologize. I'm sorry for the team. It seems It's end of the road. Whatever, these kind of things shouldn't be puclic.
2020-11-01 11:36
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Romania bluxtreme52
wtf thats kinda snakey
2020-11-01 11:38
Hungary Shiron212
FeelsBadMan :c
2020-11-01 11:38
End of turk scene, RIP :(
2020-11-01 11:38
Romania wavyyy
2020-11-01 11:38
2020-11-01 11:39
rip kebab
2020-11-01 11:40
how about they sort it out in private instead of tweeting it like an idiot?
2020-11-01 11:40
1 reply
Yeah they need to solve it inside but It is too late.
2020-11-01 11:42
2020-11-01 11:41
This is p u r e bait
2020-11-01 11:43
5 replies
I hope that but I don't think so
2020-11-01 11:45
4 replies
RpK | 
Turkey MrAycan
bro its a bait why they talk about majer leaving in a group with majer
2020-11-01 11:48
3 replies Are you sure? He says his hearth hurts so bad. He waits for an apologize. I've read comments too. It is not like a bait.
2020-11-01 11:53
1 reply
Turkey Armades
the other day at ngin's stream they were playing valorant with hardstyle instead of maj3r and they made the same joke
2020-11-01 13:36
Brunei Not_StriK
I think somebody leaked it to maj3r
2020-11-01 11:54
Expected from Turks. Also If he tweet he "leaves" then I would ask him why and not start to search another player LUL. The team is dead before it started.
2020-11-01 11:45
1 reply
Like a kid.”Expected from Turks”.
2020-11-01 13:40
turk telekom lul
2020-11-01 11:46
Brunei Not_StriK
Hope its just a bait. If not rip
2020-11-01 11:47
rip turkish cs era
2020-11-01 11:52
Wtf is this man
2020-11-01 11:53
1 reply
another drama for turkish scene...
2020-11-01 13:12
olm şakadır bu aşlsdkgfşlasdgkşl
2020-11-01 13:19
1 reply
Turkey CheafootGG
asnbdvasndvas birde inanmışlar
2020-11-04 16:30
Nice greeks comment. Domt belive this greek man. Ne anlatıyon amk
2020-11-01 13:21
I made a thread in which i needed help with translating sentences and some mad mod deleted it after 2 mins, explain? Does it mean reddit>hltv?
2020-11-01 13:22
Nice Greek Joke maj3r
2020-11-01 13:24
bro this all is just a joke
2020-11-04 13:25
Poland godBASR
fffuck, i feel so bad for him
2020-11-04 19:53
Its a joke!
2020-11-04 20:04
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