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m_rawinput 1 + Enhance Pointer Precision
Does it matter ingame if my Enhance Pointer Precision was ENABLED in windows but m_rawinput 1 ingame? cuz i felt very inconsistent and didnt notice EPP is turned on
2020-11-14 16:11
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Europe jigglepeek
Raw Input bypasses the sensitivity setting in Windows and will depend on the setting on your mouse, which is good if you are using a different sensitivity setting in windows. Enhance pointer precision will "increase" your sensitivity but only when the cursor moves quickly. It's basically mouse acceleration.
2020-11-14 16:15
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so i shouldve it off ? because i feel rly inconsistent aimwise
2020-11-14 16:18
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Europe jigglepeek
overall to get a better feeling i would say yes.
2020-11-14 16:19
15 replies
ok ty
2020-11-14 18:01
anyone else using rawinput off like me?
2020-11-28 00:42
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Coldzera always used rawinput off, he was the best in the world twice in a row and won 2 major, with countless clutchs and plays remembered until today, it makes sense to use, but there are also countless players that use raw_imput 1, go with what you adapt best.
2020-11-28 00:46
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do you use raiwnput off brother?
2020-11-28 00:47
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if you are going to use ram_imput 0, you have to download a program called MouseFix, it fixes the acceleration of the mouse and leaves its pointer 1-1, which means that no matter the speed of movement it will always walk one pixel at a time, the aim is very consistent, if you use it off you have to download this program, if you don't have to use raw_imput 1.
2020-11-28 00:50
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oh shit do you have any twitter to help me out with this please?
2020-11-28 00:53
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I only have videos in Portuguese, but search on google how to install MouseFix, you will find it in English
2020-11-28 00:54
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btw do you use rawinput off also bro?
2020-11-28 00:59
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I use 1, but I think about changing all the time, the raw_imput sens 0 when you move the mouse sideways is fast
2020-11-28 01:01
Peru devbot
It was not so true it seems to me, because in the old coldzera config, he had raw_imput 1
2020-11-28 00:54
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I don't want to be rude man, but I know what I'm talking about
2020-11-28 00:56
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Peru devbot
Some time ago I downloaded the coldzera config and raw_imput was at 1.
2020-11-28 00:58
3 replies
after SK started losing, he changed raw_imput to 1 to test, but he always used 0
2020-11-28 00:59
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Peru devbot
I don't know, but I remember when he played in lg or sk, and he did stream, I downloaded his config and it was in raw imput 1. I also read that he used rawimput 0, but when I downloaded his config he had it in 1.
2020-11-28 01:04
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pro player is always somewhere man, every time I turned on the stream it was on a different computer, and always the chat people asking to send updated cfg, I remember several times downloading the Fallen cfg to play and not even the open button console in (") be cetted in the settings still in the game, this cfg that you took at the time with ram_input 1, must have uploaded a wrong computer that he started to configure to play recently
2020-11-28 01:08
its a placebo, there is no difference with rawinput enabled
2020-11-28 00:58
15 replies
placebo? HAHAHA use then
2020-11-28 00:59
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are you retarded? i said that enabled rawinput ignores windows settings, including sensitivity, acceleration, etc. when rawinput is enabled, the mouse sensitivity in the game will be the same regardless of the mouse settings in windows
2020-11-28 01:03
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you are wrong, put improve pointer accuracy on windows and play with raw_imput 1, csgo will not ignore, test it and then come back here
2020-11-28 01:04
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you are an idiot once again, it adds acceleration only in menu and overlays but doesn't affect mouse movements in the game, test it then come back here
2020-11-28 01:10
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I have 5,000 hours of gameplay, I have tested all possible configurations, and it affects the sens inside the game, play 2 hours of DM today, then switch to the windows menu and put the pointer to improve, it will change your sens
2020-11-28 01:14
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can you prove it with something other than subjective feelings? you probably do not fully understand how rawinput works. this is the low-level access of the application to the device (mouse in this case). windows does not participate in the processing of data transmitted by the device.
2020-11-28 01:21
#16 and #21 are completely different
2020-11-28 01:05
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because context is needed, I answered the person who thinks that when m_rawinput is on, the windows settings change sensitivity in the game
2020-11-28 01:09
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improve pointer accuracy changes
2020-11-28 01:15
6 replies
only in your subjective perception
2020-11-28 01:22
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changes, when you move your mouse with the precision of the activated pointer, you will notice that it looks like it has an invisible wall at the end of each movement that kind of locks it in the end that holds your sens, when it’s off it just walks normal
2020-11-28 01:25
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I have absolutely no difference
2020-11-28 01:33
it stays the same when you use -noforceparms -noforcespeed at startup
2020-11-28 01:26
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these commands make no sense since acceleration in the game is regulated by the m_customaccel command
2020-11-28 01:34
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I wanted to say that the effect is similar, but forget what I said, you will not change your mind and I'm tired of explaining too
2020-11-28 01:58
if on=it doesnt matter. if you are bad it's because you need to get better. you don't play against the same players so don't blame it on inconsistency. seek improvement, not excuses.
2020-11-28 01:48
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