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Market cap = all auto industry combined Market share = 0.5% of cars sales Is tesla seriously going to dominate still when other brands like Mercedes, Ford, Toyota, Lexus, BMW, Volks, roll out their electric cars in a couple years. People really saying TSLA stock can x5 in 2 years. Wtf..?
2020-11-22 01:58
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Austria _h3ll
they will, first e-cars from premium brands are just always behind. just take a look at what they have brought up to the marked till now, and what they plan for the next 2-3 years. They are FAR behind in software and data for autonomous driving. they just caught up with battery tec (so they offer a decent range now) but if you take a look what they have planned for end 2021, electric bmw 3 series with 500-600km range wltp. by that time tesla wants to bring their plaid model with their own new cell with 840+ km (on their high performance car). So for the time beeing I dont see anyone that is even close to surpass tesla
2020-11-22 02:04
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Okay? But do you think to stock price is justifiable? Plus some brands are no as far away from tsla as u think
2020-11-22 02:08
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Austria _h3ll
for a car brand? never if you look at it as a tec company it has potential to which brands/cars do you refer to?
2020-11-22 02:15
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I would say porche and toyota is ahead, but not ahead of tsla Also yes, tsla is a tech company but it still has limitations because its still in the car industry I think tsla is a good company, BUT i think the stock is overvalued
2020-11-22 02:34
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Austria _h3ll
porsche taycan is an excellent car, but mainly because of their exp in this sports car segment, they have for sure the best chassis and handling, but do (for now) not really compete with tesla as a fully packed taycan turbo S is easy above 230k € (in austria) and for 100k the model S is the far better deal (in terms of range,software etc). why toyota? yes and no. they are in the car industry, but they also have their battery production, as well as their software and own chips ( But yes for the car marked the value is FAR overvalued.
2020-11-22 02:44
Doesn't musk himself say its over valued? Maybe consider nio or battery companies?
2020-11-22 03:18
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Battery’ company? Hmm interesting. You know any? Not energizer right? Haha
2020-11-22 04:42
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I have a bet on one but can't fully recommend it. As long as Tesla batteries are so much more advanced than everyone else's it's hard to know who whats going on with other batteries
2020-11-23 05:43
Although Tesla is making more money from cars right now, let's not forget that it also sells solar pannels and batteries. The value Tesla can add to the consumer is far more than any other company in the car industry. They have a far lead in EV technology, they have a proven IA for self-driving cars, they will soon be making insurances for their own cars as they are the best to precify it as they have so much data collected already. Stock prices are reflecting not what Tesla is right now but what it will become. And for sure this stock price will further rise.
2020-11-22 04:53
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Lol but the chance of it going 10x or 8x again is slim, if it rises maybe like 30-50% in the next 5 years
2020-11-23 00:23
2020-11-22 02:05
Netherlands NotJuan
not if i can stop it
2020-11-22 02:07
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you gonna intervene?
2020-11-22 02:37
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he's built different
2020-11-22 02:38
Brazil _Awper
Formula 1 > Formule E tho
2020-11-22 02:38
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2020-11-22 04:29
Canada Unravel
They look like they have a promising future, but I dont know how a PE ratio of 970 can be justified
2020-11-22 04:33
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Lol ye it would have to increase their revenue 200-300 times and double their price, and with the market cap greater than the entire auto industry, i feel like theres no room to grow stock wise
2020-11-22 04:35
Tesla has some competition, such as upcoming EV companies such as NIO, XPENG, and Li Auto. Tesla will be on top for a long time in the Energy industry but they will be faced with some competition from chinese companies.
2020-11-22 04:43
Electric cars are all well and good but what happens when the grid gets turned off or fails?
2020-11-22 04:53
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Germany Jermen
Get a gas powered generator 😎👍
2020-11-22 05:03
tesla market cap is justified by a potential utter dominance of the EV market in 10-20 years, due to their early start, brand recognition and existing (proprietary) supercharger network. there is also autopilot technology, but various other companies (waymo (google), uber, GM supercruise, Honda (claims it will have first L3 autonomous car in Japan next year), Mercedes (claims it will have first L3 autonomous car in Europe), etc.) are not far behind. basically investors are hoping that as all ICE cars are converted to electric, a majority of them will be Teslas. then the stock price is justified. furthermore, they also have plans for various subscription services (for FSD, probably various other things like heated seats LMAO). basically Tesla will either plummet as the other manufacturers get in the game or skyrocket if it achieves true EV dominance in an EV dominated market.
2020-11-22 04:55
Tesla is traded like an accessory more than it is actually traded as a stock. Nobody sane would take a geared bull position because it's literally a lottery ticket. There's no sustainable business plan behind. It's an amateur who should be in jail that's running the show. People literally have 0 idea about what they're buying in 99/100 cases. A P/E ratio of >250 should tell you all you need to know.
2020-11-22 05:02
TESLA the future
2020-11-22 05:08
Izako Boars
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