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No hope for Liquid
EliGE | 
Indonesia kick_adreN_from_liquid 
they've lost their IEM global challenge spot since EG also lost to chaos but EG will still qualify for IEM Global Challenge since they're the 2nd best NA team based on ESL rankings. PepeHands
2020-11-22 04:42
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Good, Liquid is a joke.
2020-11-22 04:44
3 replies
as big of a joke they are but you must be lying if you think chaos/triumph gonna have a bigger chance on LAN in IEM Global Challenge than Liquid
2020-11-22 04:45
2 replies
IEM GC isn't a LAN anymore so that's the silver lining. They'll still get destroyed in EU tho.
2020-11-22 04:46
1 reply
wait it's not LAN anymore? damn
2020-11-22 04:46
United States Jaksin
nitr0 got out just in time
2020-11-22 04:44
4 replies
he's not doing great in valorant too, but atleast he's winning matches
2020-11-22 04:46
3 replies
wdym he's not doing good, they qualified for first strike over the two best teams in NA lol
2020-11-22 05:39
1 reply
actually true, i was thinking about his older matches when the team was still unstable
2020-11-22 05:55
Have me and you been watching the same tournaments??
2020-11-22 05:57
Liquid look like their worst since jdm in the roster. Calling MAD lions win 2-0 convincingly.
2020-11-22 04:45
1 reply
yeah, anything more than 32-10 would be a disappointment for Mad lions
2020-11-22 04:47
Liquid must be going through some sort of structural crisis, cause they look DOA even with one of the strongest "on-paper" rosters they've ever had. A real IGL needs to step in, maybe a six man roster is the way to go for them
2020-11-22 04:52
3 replies
i've been also thinking about a six man roster, maybe throw in vanity or shakezullah in there while stew can focus on being either entry or awper. Or maybe put twistzz on a break because it looks like he really needs it.
2020-11-22 04:57
2 replies
Yeah, twistzz was insane when he first stepped on the scene, and now he just looks tired
2020-11-22 05:31
1 reply
it hurts to see him on full tilt mode everytime they're losing because he knows he's not performing to his own standards.
2020-11-22 05:34
Should never had kicked nitr0, this team was the second best team during astralis era. But that's the typical NA way, once they feel a bit of hardships they start blaming and kicking the lowest stat players rather than grind back to form. I called it from the beginning after the nitr0 kick, they'll kick another player that wont work and they'll disband. Oh yeah on paper, Liquid basically have the highest firepower ceiling with nitr0 so kicking him for the sake of "more firepower" was pointless, unless nitr0 was an absolute cunt/didn't want to play
2020-11-22 05:03
3 replies
yeah i agree the nitr0 kick was a bit odd, i mean it's fine if they added vanity or another IGL but another rifler like Grim never sounds right for me.
2020-11-22 04:59
+1 just kick the bottom frag 4Head
2020-11-22 05:01
Imo kicking nitr0 wasn't the issue, it was not replacing his role correctly
2020-11-22 05:42
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