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IEM Beijing Playoffs
Wow. Another Rofl event, where winners will get 300 $ and 5 doritos. Let's revise the ones who have fallen. ( in PO) ( I am saying my opinion, If it hurt your fav team, then I am sorry.) Faze Clan Congratulations, you are certain to win dust 2, pick of G2 ! 14-7 -> 14-15. Close lose on OT. Then you lose your own pick. Well, at least you are relevant. I honestly expected you to be near bottom tier 1, but you can put up some fight. Enjoy the next big transfer in June 2021 Astralis Can I call it the end of an era ? Please ? Or will they pop up with another magic shit and they will win 4th major in a row ? Astralis are not the same anymore. They lost their "perfect" rounds. Or they were chilling and they will start new era for 2 years Complexity Due to oBo leaving, CoL did something that pleased Delusional_Jks_fan, got one of the most underrated cs players( my opinion ) . Even though jks just arrived, they are already showing great results. Adaptation will come through, CoL will be a top 5 team BIG All teams adapted to online. BiG lost their main advantage - they were like a fish in the water. Now , bigger fish started their hunting. One solid win against NiP, 0-2 vs COL Heroic Wah, wah, Nivera plays one map, and then performs like this, not fair. Cadian cried like a little bitch, after losing against vitality. When HUNDEN trained you, you were top 1. Confirmed, Hunden - top 1 coach Meme of the event - Cadian for crying
2020-11-22 07:08
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This is fuckking awesome
2020-11-22 07:11
Also, Opinion about the Finalists Navi Navi are evolving. They learned how to adapt. They are not as depended on s1mple as they were last year. One close loss, others- wins. I am happy, because they start to pick up the pace. Soon my inner sam2k might emerge. Please no Vitality I respect them, because they made an advantage of new rules. Nivera can be a fcking monster sometimes, Vitality are just consistent, from June to November. Prediction: Close game, will end in 4. Hard to say the winner tho
2020-11-22 07:17
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Asia SWARN151
Good point about Navi adapting to new meta. Except CIS tournaments, they have been in the grand finals of the last 2 (or 3 if you count Blast Regular season) Big tournaments, in a row. Vitality are the more consistent team right now, hands down.
2020-11-22 07:22
Don't be afraid. It's VITALITY in the GRAND FINAL against your favorite team way nvm you got NA`VI. It's prob gonna go 2-0 vitality to 2-2 NA`VI with the last map 15-14 but s0mple`s gonna knife and fail then Vitality will lose in Overtime.
2020-11-22 07:30
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Dude, I am not that confident. I can say that it will be a really close game
2020-11-22 08:34
s1mple | 
Portugal v3rt1
I'd really love to hear a good summary of Cloud9 in the online era
2020-11-22 07:21
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Didn't expect to much, but they definitely have potential to be top 20 team
2020-11-22 07:25
They wasted some potential of the team. Woxic -es3stag-alex is a great core, they completed it weird. Potential is there, but I am afraid that c9 management will throw it in the bin, not waiting for enough time
2020-11-22 08:31
yo someone link clip of Cadian crying pls
2020-11-22 08:34
1 reply I would like to see the camera, he was certainlly pissed
2020-11-22 08:38
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