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Navi stop choke
CIS Reconstructor 
Cmon navi stop choke Its the second time u can loose final from 2-0
2020-11-22 20:36
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Imo boombI4 is the hugest problem sometimes. He cannot read opponents. Also b side of every map is a problem
2020-11-22 20:37
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Australia lo0u
Blame Blade as well. What the fuck is the point of their timeouts anyway, if your coach can't read shit? Boombl4 gets a lot of information on the maps they're good at. But then you have that dumbass coach picking Overpass, instead of another map they're actually good at. I understand wanting to improve on that map, but you can't read shit. It's like their plan doesn't work, so they keep trying it until it works, but the oponent has already read you. It's so frustrating to watch.
2020-11-22 20:43
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They had to pick Mirage as 2nd pick but they went with their shit overpass, now probably lost
2020-11-22 20:44
its in their DNA
2020-11-22 20:38
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in flamies dna 4sure
2020-11-22 20:39
they will take mirage, mark my words
2020-11-22 20:38
tonight on "Where is my liquor ?"
2020-11-22 20:38
they cant, they have s0mple he already raged at his teammates, everyone is tilted ez for XI WU
2020-11-22 20:39
Sweden shonk
Another retard who thinks that winning first map/maps means that u have already won
2020-11-22 20:40
I can’t see them winning now. The mindset must be at the lowest after losing from 2-0, and vitality on the hand has the momentum.
2020-11-22 20:41
India somecunt
Hello Navi CEO here your request is on hold
2020-11-22 20:43
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