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Peru novo_199 
Can we get an option so we can choose what languages people speak. I don't speak Russian and I get that many Russian speakers don't speak English, so why put us in a match together. CS is all about communication and it is really frustrating when you have no idea what your teammates are saying. I'm sure it wouldn't affect queue times too much and I'd much rather wait a few minutes longer for a genuinely fun match.
2020-11-24 23:35
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yeah people who get angry at you for not understanding their language are the worst, i wish CIS had their own region on FaceIT
2020-11-24 23:41
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flag doesn't check out
2020-11-24 23:48
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i never get toxic cuz my mic doesnt work B)
2020-11-24 23:48
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lmao, that's even more annoying tbh hahaha but I meant it as in a lot of UK players get mad at you if you don't understand a complex sentence in English, say if you are from a country like Ukraine or something
2020-11-24 23:50
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when i did have a mic that worked i always tried to simplify my English cuz i know others troubles, i just feel annoyed when people expect you to know a language only spoken fluently but 15% of players
2020-11-25 00:54
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oh damn, I respect you then, that's also what I do lol, that's honestly a great thing to do knowing that you are gonna play with non-native English speakers most of the time yeah I get why you'd be annoyed, I usually am as well, but what can you do, adding a CIS region would be very reasonable tho, I could see that happening
2020-11-25 00:58
This is a fine ass idea..
2020-11-24 23:44
Brazil ghcnvbkn
this is not a bad idea tbh
2020-11-24 23:44
United States Zer03nergy
eu faceit sounds rough like NA is Shit, but atleast its almost all ppl who speak english
2020-11-24 23:47
yes i agree
2020-11-24 23:49
Ukraine Fluminatrix
go to ur region hubs
2020-11-24 23:50
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i am playing CIS hub and it's ok
2020-11-24 23:51
As long as they give info in english I don't care, even if they use the in-game voice chat to talk in their language when round ends/freeze time, and most people do that if you ask them to nicely.
2020-11-25 01:05
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I hate when people are getting frustrated over russian or any other language during freezetime, thanks for your existence!
2020-11-25 03:12
Faceit is bigest shit ever, there is fucking server pool for premium i cannot play in shit ūk and swed servers. So if some kids choose one off this shit im fuck game special making loose for hem. Elo and rank system is joke you can and all games with 0 kills and lvl up its not a skill elo is just shit points for kids. Now only one normal platform to play is esea. And if valve make 128 tic servers with knife round and overtimes faceit will die
2020-11-25 03:06
The part i dont understand is why dont they use discord? They play premade and talk russian nonstop in voicechat.
2020-11-25 03:30
United States BGS
People are so toxic towards South Americans in North America just due to their accents. They usually make all the basic calls in English and are chill people but once you hear the voice most people instantly rage. Is this the same for EU or do people usually strictly speak (and make calls) in their own languages? I just feel, and again this is from my experience in N/A, that the 'foreigners' aren't usually as big of an issue as people make them out to be.
2020-11-25 03:38
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