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I still remember these girls
girL | 
Panama RussianGirls 
When I dropped my library card (unknowingly) and the pretty blonde girl ran over and picked it up for me. When I asked if I could do the project work on my own and the tutor smiled so majestically at me and said she said yes. When the Turkish helper with a nice body touched my shoulder a year ago when helping me. I haven't touched or spoken to a woman in a year (apart from family or "thank you" to food store clerks).
2020-11-25 00:42
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Switzerland NotJuan
very nice
2020-11-25 00:42
2020-11-25 00:43
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2020-11-25 01:14
2020-11-25 00:44
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2020-11-25 00:46
dont fail dude you have 6 days left
2020-11-25 01:20
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already did and got addicted over lockdown, but I am fighting it and on 4 days now. My prev record was 115 days and I will get back up there
2020-11-25 01:24
Then you wake up?
2020-11-25 01:21
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NO these are real stories
2020-11-25 01:26
“Turkish helper” Lmao?
2020-11-25 01:22
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2020-11-25 01:25
Russia VelsVivard
Just to clarify, I'm not taking the high ground or laughing from up above, but you're a loser fella.
2020-11-25 01:27
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says you jovik? also explain why then
2020-11-25 01:27
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Russia VelsVivard
Yes, that's what I said. You're clearly horny and lacking girls' company big time but you get your butt on the ground and steam it out at PC. That's not how you do it.
2020-11-25 01:29
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Not horny. No erections all day. Yes lack of intimacy getting to me. I vent it out on pseudo anon forum. Big deal. Don't click if you dont like it
2020-11-25 01:35
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Russia VelsVivard
Don't cover yourself with that husk, if I call you names it doesn't mean I don't like it. Try to keep it real, or this chain of self consolation will continue.
2020-11-25 01:37
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Denmark zEHOw~9~
+1. Why are you russians always this smart.
2020-11-25 02:05
flag checks out i wouldn't be surprised if it was the same with males
2020-11-25 01:33
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2020-11-25 01:34
2020-11-25 01:40
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I didn't simp for them at all
2020-11-25 01:45
Finland Autisthicc
2020-11-25 01:45
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what is this?
2020-11-25 01:53
United States flipfone
That sux bro
2020-11-25 02:01
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it does
2020-11-25 02:43
Wtf is a turkish helper ahahahahah
2020-11-25 03:57
isn't everyone there blondes? Never mind Take him to his home on the pretext of studying. Serve him a drink(water,coffee) but have a 'sex pill' then 30min you're not Virgin.
2020-11-25 04:08
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