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Talk in public
keks | 
Bulgaria MoesiaThraceMacedonia 
How do I do it without getting too nervous?
2020-11-26 08:23
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You need to start, then you won't be, or if you can't, then don't start at all.
2020-11-26 08:24
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I can. I know what I should talk about. The problem is that my voice becomes a little bit different due to the nervousness.
2020-11-26 08:25
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It's okay, you are not the one with this issue, truss me. Would you blame someone for having that? I don't think so, keep that in mind when you talk. When you'll start you'll have nothing to lose already, just start.
2020-11-26 08:27
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Should I drink 50ml of spirits before that? Will it help?
2020-11-26 08:32
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Just go through your fear.
2020-11-26 08:34
smoke weed before, you will lose some iq, but its fine
2020-11-26 08:33
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+1 Easy asf
2020-11-26 08:55
beta blocker or just don't be nervous cuz why the fuck would u be nervous they should be nervous not yo
2020-11-26 08:35
Rapper | 
United States E_40
why should i talk to a stranger in public if i dont need to?
2020-11-26 08:34
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I need to, that's the problem
2020-11-26 08:35
talk like you are talking to a friend and be sincere about what you are is a fact that you do waaay better when you talk about something you are enthusiastic about. i had friends like this in english classes who normally wouldnt be able to make complex sentences due to the nervousness of making a mistake, make them talk about a video game though, they can talk about it for 3 hours in near perfect english
2020-11-26 08:40
what are you gonna talk about
2020-11-26 08:40
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A project
2020-11-26 08:41
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who is the audience? classmate, professor, or are u gonna show ur project in class? or public speaking?
2020-11-26 08:42
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2020-11-26 08:44
Australia illunate
Just start to talk to people. Cs literally tought me alot about how to talk to people lmao. once you get out of your comfort zone it becomes normal.
2020-11-26 08:42
Trust in lord and saviour Jesus
2020-11-26 08:42
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Amen. He will help me get through today.
2020-11-26 08:44
Just think noone's around you or go high outside , you won't know if anyone near you, talkcfreely.
2020-11-26 09:11
wtf? I bet you also use the word "cringe"
2020-11-26 09:15
hit the gym or do martial arts and u wont have these problems in the future source: i was also autistic at 14-18 and now im popular kid in school and town
2020-11-26 09:16
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I am not austistic wtf
2020-11-26 09:16
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if you get nervous for talking in public you are definitely autistic/social awkward
2020-11-26 09:23
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so football players that play for the first time in champions league are autistic? there are shitton of footballers that get nervous when playing in big leagues
2020-11-26 09:24
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wtf is that comparison Lmao football players can fail and lose their job, have up to million of viewers and are obviously stressed because they want to perform to look good to their trainer
2020-11-26 09:28
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-1 You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. It seems to me that you are the one autistic here.
2020-11-26 09:30
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dude you literally get nervous when talking in public you fucking loser beta male i got a good looking girlfriend for 4.5 years and shit ton of friends and im like the most popular guy in my class so take some paper and pen and write the shit down i tell you before calling me autistic again
2020-11-26 09:34
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I think you need to stop now because you are embarassing yourself.
2020-11-26 09:35
Russia SW@G_2
Most people don't pay attention so you don't have to care about them. The ones that do pay attention are probably interested in what you are saying so feel good that someone cares. Also, unless you start choking or do something incredibly bad, people won't remember you in a bad light.
2020-11-26 09:21
I love this thread. Friendly and sincere HLTV Forums?! Christmas is coming xoxo
2020-11-26 09:26
just dont get nervous
2020-11-26 09:31
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