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Diabotical players come here
United States Fulmini 
how i get better in that game? i played 3 ranked matches and i got de_stroyed, i did only 1 round in 3 matches WTF, that game is hard i played a game called "warfork" some days ago and seens to be more harder than diabotical, because people move so fast t
2020-11-26 10:56
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Practice on the purge day.
2020-11-26 10:57
Germany Effizienz
Play 12 hours a day
2020-11-26 11:43
A game like DBT covers a wide range of aiming styles and expects you to have solid fundamentals in those. If you mainly played CS or games like CS then it's totally understandable that you're not doing well... Quick tip would be to raise your sens. Typical range would be 1.65 - 2.35 at 800 DPI. And yes, that's double the sens CS players usually use. Your tracking aim is most certainly dog, so you would have to work on that. I would assume that your tracking isn't smooth and you can't deal with fast strafing targets and such... You should be aware that playing on lower sens in CS doesn't improve your actual raw aiming skills and being smooth and good is actually a skill that you have to grind and acquire. If you really want to dive in, grinding your aim in an aim trainer like Kovaaks (and doing the Sparky routines maybe*) might help, but imo time spent in the actual game you wont to focus on is more valuable. Other than aim you also need the brains if you play ranked stuff. Those Quake or Arena FPS people are really good (FPS) gamers tbh *Aim training routines for Kovaaks:
2020-11-26 12:07
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