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dreamhack wat doink
twist | 
Sweden Lun3_bruh 
WHY THE FUCK IS DREAMHACK ALLOWING KNOWN CHEATERS TO PLAY if you check hltv dottie is playing under the name "magi" in the dreamhack
2020-11-26 14:50
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hes also banned on faceit for cheating
2020-11-26 14:51
1 reply
he is unbanned so your point is invalid
2020-11-26 14:58
who cars flusha cheated for 5 years he still playing
2020-11-26 14:51
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at least he isnt banned on faceit
2020-11-26 14:52
6 replies
I actually believe flusha cheats. half of his clips are him trolling but less known ones are hella weird. He sure cheated back on some qualifiers online. I believe this now more than ever because we saw the tax fraud thing. Flusha cheats irl he of course cheats in game
2020-11-26 14:53
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😐 content
2020-11-26 14:54
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my reasoning is that ur behavior IG corresponds to ur behavior in CS. My dad left my mom when I was born he also doesn't play CS. See ? straight logic here
2020-11-26 14:55
not sure if bait, but the original clips with flusha were OBVIOUSLY not legit. Anyone with a decent amount of hours and skill could tell. Doubt he has cheated since then tbh but 100% confirmed some of his old clips involve cheating.
2020-11-26 14:56
REZ | 
Mexico PS4
i also think the same, its like when someone steals a car or something, if he does stuff like that he probably does other similar ilegal acts
2020-11-26 14:59
i have to ask, as a swede, are you accepting that the old "aimlock" clips from flusha are not legit? I have only seen swedes who still defend these.
2020-11-26 15:01
Flusha takes out the special mouse other team get to 15, I see no evidence of cheats???
2020-11-26 14:52
United States l_car
I car and flusha is clean
2020-11-26 15:13
Denmark potshotn
Only noobs can thing flusha cheat.You have no idea how to play this game...noobs
2020-11-26 15:14
1 reply
Shox and other pros who claimed at the time that he wasn't clean are noobs too, obviously. :p
2020-11-26 16:19
Russia nobody_cars
0:42 axaxaxaxax
2020-11-26 14:53
lol just knows the timings i guess????
2020-11-26 14:55
Germany Booya
2020-11-26 14:56
doesn't matter. Spirit still beat these cheater guy.
2020-11-26 14:56
Turkey M1sss
i wish i would be that lucky too.
2020-11-26 14:57
Germany Booya
what a piece of Shat!
2020-11-26 14:59
você não acha que se eu tivesse cheatado serlakdlsaldmsaaldsxa mirar do outro lado?ia ou não ia? you don't think that if i would be cheating msdldawjadslkndaslkd i would aim on the other side?i would or not? legendary aspx got caught walling in lan lmfao btw he's a streamer now
2020-11-26 15:03
7 replies
? huh?
2020-11-26 15:11
1 reply
its a meme in brazil lol the guy got banned on 1.6 for walling in lan smh look at the first video clips
2020-11-26 15:12
o que é que o Aspx tem haver com isto lmao?
2020-11-26 15:26
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2020-11-26 15:27
3 replies
mpt cheaters são muitos infelizmente. por acaso eu falei com o Aspx numa live dos sAw há um tempinho.
2020-11-26 15:29
2 replies
aqui nem a gamers club tá dando conta de tantos cheaters,é uma loucura não acompanho ele,ele usa cheat em live? btw mutiris e stadodo são muito bons
2020-11-26 15:54
1 reply
que eu saiba não mas ele ainda nega que usou lol . ty mpt, a nova mibr ta msm a partir tudo
2020-11-26 16:09
who cares about what fpl is doing?
2020-11-26 15:03
2 replies
Germany Booya
everyone should care who the fucks are hacking because hacker should be life long banned on the whole fkn planet and in the video alone are 5000 point blank smoke shots alone ... kill it with fire.
2020-11-26 15:22
1 reply
fpl is run by a tiny little man, do you think he should have the power to ban anyone from competitive CS?
2020-11-26 16:17
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