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HLTV wtf
EliGE | 
Estonia realmens 
Like I have just seen 4-5 threads saying +adren as coach wtf lmao, few months ago everyone was writing -adren He's washed up for sure, but liquid are missing the biggest 2 pieces in a team 1- IGL 2- Awper Even if they -moses +NiKo the team won't improve. The coach is the least of their problems -Bot2K please
2020-11-26 20:04
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wait im confused, how would they add niko but remove moses
2020-11-26 20:05
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2020-11-26 20:06
24 replies
they would easily become #1 like vitality
2020-11-26 20:06
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unfair advantage
2020-11-26 20:07
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It's only advantage on paper in BO5 but BO5 is shit and should be removed
2020-11-26 20:09
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I think there should be more bo5's in finals. It shows teams capability of playing different maps
2020-11-26 20:11
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It's about the fatigue bro Like for example the 5th map is like completely random (both teams not so comfortable, both teams surely tired) Breaking the BO5 over 2 days is good A nice idea would be play until both teams have a map so till 3-0,2-1,1-1 and play the rest over the next day
2020-11-26 20:18
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I dont agree dude. That's their job to play and perform in all 5 maps because it is final series. They have to give everything they have. Having a 6th player for bo5 is a huge advantage and bullshit. But I am happy that Vitality finally won sth. this year especially against NAVI
2020-11-26 20:22
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Everyone is free to do the same)) Get your 6th mens It's just funny how people got biased after the only single experiment in entirety of csgo (astralis one was bullshit substitutions) If vitality failed people would be like (6th man kkkk, 6th man bullshit... you know it) But now everyone is viewing it as an advantage, and completely ignoring how hard is it to implement a 6th man. Vitality could do it because they have a good system and a good coach. If it's so ez why not everyone doing the same
2020-11-26 20:32
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not only hard but expensive too.
2020-11-26 21:12
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I don't think it's expensive because you are most likely signing a young talent, I don't think you could get a star and tell him you will be our 6th man, unless you are signing a star to switch one of your players to be 6th
2020-11-26 22:48
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I mean, it is much more expensive than having a 5 men roster. Even if you sign a young gun the salaries are the biggest costs an org tends to have.
2020-11-27 10:18
yea sad that vitality literally has to play 6v5 just to win a tournament. they should just surrender like the rest of france
2020-11-26 20:08
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2020-11-26 20:11
respect the country who gave you independence peasant
2020-11-26 20:14
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they didnt, britain did
2020-11-26 20:14
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actually france helped you against britain bro
2020-11-26 20:16
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yes they did, but they didnt give us independence, britain did
2020-11-26 20:17
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that s just a technicality but it is still fun france white flag LUL
2020-11-26 20:19
They did thanks to:
2020-11-26 20:17
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you need to work on your reading comprehension. Britain is the one who GAVE America independence. It's not a matter of who helped America WIN independence.
2020-11-26 20:20
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Ah okay you want to be picky with the words, alright then, respect the country who made your independence possible peasant :) better?
2020-11-26 20:21
4 replies
lmfao im not being picky, you just can't word your sentences properly
2020-11-26 20:22
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dont change the subject all the time just take it as it is, it doesnt hurt to swallow your "american pride" once in a while
2020-11-26 21:05
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im not even nationalist
2020-11-26 21:18
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thats what they all say
2020-11-27 00:47
Because no team is good, NiKo will stop playing and become a coach
2020-11-26 20:06
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🤔 content
2020-11-26 20:07
they won
2020-11-26 20:06
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yeah imagine winning over mad lions like this to be an accomplishment
2020-11-26 20:07
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It is an accomplishment actually: 1) Mad Lions is actually 3rd best danish team and they were playing very good recently in the latest tournaments 2) Liquid was very bad in last 3 months and couldnt actually manage anything so a win over a EU team is an accomplishment. 3) comeback from a 12-1 score is actually very hard and they showed that they can be calm and precise if tournament is on the line
2020-11-26 20:10
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It feels good to win over them convincingly They didn't If they replay liquid vs mad lions 3 times over the rest of the week I would never bet a single dollar on them
2020-11-26 20:12
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I didn't say they won convincingly and they weren't so lucky too. They just played better than Mad Lions. If they play 3 more times this week I am pretty sure that TL would win at least 2 of those matches
2020-11-26 20:15
Canada JC_123
they just did -paycheque thief adren and +paycheque thief moses
2020-11-26 20:08
Switzerland NotJuan
with adren liquid dominated eu
2020-11-26 21:06
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bruh briefly during the summer and best 2 teams back then were ence and zywoo carried vitality then they had almost 1 year and they were shit consistently
2020-11-26 22:49
-stewie +jdm
2020-11-26 21:26
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