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FURIA vs VP, Heroic vs mousesports best odds
South Africa LustedSilli - 
Another round of big matches are taking place today (27 Nov) at the BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Showdown. We will see FURIA go up against, and Heroic face off against mousesports to keep their dreams of a BLAST Premier Fall 2020 finals spot alive. Check out the best odds if for match winners if you plan on placing some bets today. FURIA (2.25) vs (1.73) Heroic (1.50) vs mousesports (2.75) Which bets are you placing today? Any over/under or other special bets? If you don't plan on betting, share your predictions!
2020-11-27 09:26
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zorte | 
Finland ye6ok
parlayed vp with sgpro and project x ez 15 odds
2020-11-27 09:28
If Furia let VP both pick train and leave overpass/vertigo as a decider, VP might win
2020-11-27 09:29
who cars about tier1 cs ?
2020-11-27 09:29
Brazil nt_bra71l
FURIA 16-11 Inferno VP 16-14 Mirage FURIA 16-13 Vertigo
2020-11-27 09:29
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Those predicts point toward a nice tight match :)
2020-11-27 09:54
nt Bra71l xD
2020-11-27 09:56
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Brazil nt_bra71l
share your predictions and let's see who guesses it better)))
2020-11-27 09:57
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they barely won isurus and vp feel comfortable to play against rush and kill teams like NaVi that rely on individualities and better mappool with higher winrate 2:1 for VP moreover Yekindar said that they do not consider that game starts as soon as possible and they lost Mirage to Team Spirit. it could be 2:0 for them tho
2020-11-27 10:03
I think furia will wake up ... but still 2-1 for VP, i would love to see them in Finals
2020-11-27 09:30
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VP is quite scary can just pop off on some days, so gonna be exciting to watch
2020-11-27 09:44
VP ml and mous +1,5
2020-11-27 09:38
device | 
Denmark JKTP
Heroic looks pretty good. 1.5 is pretty good
2020-11-27 09:42
VP 2-0 FURIA, Heroic 1-2 Mouz heroic are definitely not in the best form at the moment, I predict that mouz upset them today. Virtus.Pro is just the obvious choice here, FURIA is complete dogshit at the moment.
2020-11-27 09:44
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