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Russia idisbalance_did_not_wrong 
Maybe just a bug or false positive)
2020-11-28 13:12
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It would be really fun (imo) if he really did it. I love drama. my flair checks out
2020-11-28 13:25
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It would definently be "interesting" for the CS:GO community and eSports scene.
2020-11-28 13:30
nex | 
Germany m1soooo
Valve won't allow that to happen tho. Ofcourse it's clear that he really cheated but valve will still 100% unban him.
2020-11-28 13:59
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Where is it clear that he cheated? :P EDIT: What im trying to say is, is the VAC even for CS:GO? We dont know if it was a bug or cheat. False positives are more common nowadays than before.
2020-11-28 14:08
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nex | 
Germany m1soooo
Oh you understand me wrong. It's clear that he cheated, not because of the VAC, but because of his clips. Even before the ban I was 100% sure he cheated.
2020-11-28 14:09
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eh, unless theres a clip of him doing something unhuman like spinbot, theres no evidence from clips.
2020-11-28 14:10
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nex | 
Germany m1soooo
Now that's where you're wrong! Experienced players can spot an aimbot, ofcourse he won't spinbot wtf.
2020-11-28 14:13
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you are a trash player, not an experienced one.
2020-11-28 14:28
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nex | 
Germany m1soooo
You don't know that.
2020-11-28 14:47
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yes I do. good players don't get carried at level 7 in 2020 when the skill level is at an all time low
2020-11-28 14:53
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nex | 
Germany m1soooo
Lol that's your point? Picking one bad map of mine that's like a month ago? Nice one
2020-11-28 15:01
2020-11-28 14:45
Theres not a big difference between a smooth aimbot and a legit good aim. And thats why its not fair to claim someones a cheaters based on clips.
2020-11-28 15:46
I'm 100% sure that atleast 25% of t1-3 scene is cheating or used cheats at least once in official matches, and stop defending them saying: "you are just noob xaxa go cry noob" cuz it's old as fuck and pls give me real arguments that prove they can't cheat or even if they could they aren't because something
2020-11-28 13:38
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I don't need to. Innocent until proven guilty
2020-11-28 13:56
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2020-11-28 13:57
that's why they shouldn't get banned
2020-11-28 14:38
nex | 
Germany m1soooo
No man you are absolutely right. I also know this since like 2016 and I'm really surprised that people aren't aware off that yet. I mean it was right under their nose all the team, every player with a decent understanding of the game should have known that those clips back in day are impossible to be legit, we talking about 100% clear cheats here. But sadly people are dumb, they don't think themselves but follow stupid rules like "innocent until proven guilty" when there are thousands of hours of prove lying infront of their eyes. Plus their "prove" will never come because valve(who knows that pros cheated) would never risk losing all the esports money. The cheating problem has become less, I admit. Back in the sk era you could find like 5 clear clips every game, now it's almost none. But I think, and that's not the 100% I've talken about earlier, that they are still cheating but only with better cheats who can't be spotted THAT easily.
2020-11-28 14:07
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Yeah #unbanforsaken #freeforsaken
2020-11-28 14:09
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nex | 
Germany m1soooo
What why? Edit: He still cheated, doesn't change anything that the others use a similar cheat.
2020-11-28 14:12
"Can't be spotted THAT easily" your argument doesn't make sense. What's even a cheat that's not noticeable? Cheats are designed to give you an advantage and for that they have to do something hacky. No amount of cheat can give you a natural smooth aim that top pros have. You will only understand this if you actually play the game of course
2020-11-28 14:14
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nex | 
Germany m1soooo
You're not enough in the materia. The top pros are all absolute beasts even without cheats. There has just been so much money in line that they would use so called aimlocks, who show them where the enemy is located at.
2020-11-28 14:19
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You don't understand. What I am saying is that a cheat has simple lines of codes. It can never emulate the human-like precision that a top aimer has (if it tried to then it would likely get detected for being too resource heavy). Sure pros might have match fixed, used hardware bugs to see through smokes or whatever but the possibility of an aim hack is technically not possible.
2020-11-28 14:33
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yeah and this is normal: only from 6:20
2020-11-28 14:48
nex | 
Germany m1soooo
No I totally understood that. Okey let me explain it another way. I absolutely don't think that when they flick that it's cheated. That's natural mouse movement I agree with you. The thing is aimlocks are not used to really aim better but to have a sense where the enemy is. If the player holds his aim key the crosshair moves slightly to the closest player. That's the same cheat others already got banned for and when you compare their clips to clips of like a flusha or a krimz, they are similar.
2020-11-28 14:52
+1 finally person that understand
2020-11-28 14:44
Yeah for sure they cheat all sports are filled with cheaters trying to get every advantage, so why wouldn't e-sports be that. Just lol at people who thinks you can't cheat in high tier tournament
2020-11-28 14:25
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nex | 
Germany m1soooo
+1 they are not using their brains somehow
2020-11-28 14:53
Give a real argument on how they cheat
2020-11-28 14:30
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it' simple, they can get easy money, they wouldn't go to jail, no responsibility in rl, also there are many sus clips while they can have cheats in hardware on lans, and on online... i don't need to explain
2020-11-28 14:55
Czech Republic Rewask
honestly after the drama with coaches abusing a bug i wouldnt be surprised
2020-11-28 13:42
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nex | 
Germany m1soooo
I waited for this to happen for over 4 years now man. Valve will still unban him.
2020-11-28 14:15
frozen will be next
2020-11-28 13:58
3 replies
why frozen?
2020-11-28 14:09
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He usually makes sus lucky plays, for example the clutch on mirage where he awps the last guy trough triple with like 2 secs left. He has a lot of wallbang and smokebang clutches and plays
2020-11-28 14:35
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can you link the mirage play? Im curious and hes a player i never watch honestly
2020-11-28 15:47
maybe s1mple will be next
2020-11-28 14:31
Canada JC_123
2020-11-28 15:51
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