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PIMP Neckbeard
Europe Scyla 
Does he thinks it looks good? Is this a danish thing?
2020-11-28 17:40
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danes look pretty weird look at all their top players lmao espeically niko, xyp, cadian
2020-11-28 17:42
3 replies
cadian, devve and blamef carrying danes in looks
2020-11-28 17:44
1 reply
mostly only devve, blamef just has the dbol looks.
2020-11-28 17:45
2020-11-28 21:30
Can the hate on pimp stop, he’s just trying to do his job. ffs he’s just off getting pansy 2016 levels of Hate
2020-11-28 17:43
11 replies
he's very arrogant, the guy literally has a huge poster of himself in his room, plus he's annoying af
2020-11-28 17:47
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so does every fucking twitch streamer ever, so does launders, richard lewis, any youtuber and every person that has ever had merchandise made of them. pimp isnt special you just like hating him. im not a fan but the hate hes getting is completely unreasonable
2020-11-28 19:02
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2020-11-28 19:02
United Kingdom galaxyv2
when he puts up opinions and analysis for public display what do you expect? him not to get contested?
2020-11-28 21:36
Canada Unravel
+1 I dont get all the hate towards him, I enjoy it when he's on the desk
2020-11-28 19:04
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just sounds annoying mate. also seems very self-centered from what i have seen of his stream
2020-11-28 19:05
2020-11-28 21:24
im not really hating him tho. I dont care about the hate he gets on analyst job im just talking about his neckbeard
2020-11-28 17:46
Finland Khroni
when he's replaced with Frankie everyone will suddenly miss him again
2020-11-28 17:46
1 reply
out cast frankie from gaming scene, shes a traitor
2020-11-28 21:33
fax, I like pimp tbh, idk why ppl get mad just because the guy has an actual personality
2020-11-28 21:31
be glad pimp is there and not some annoying women like pansy
2020-11-28 21:32
since when is it wrong to be confident and feel good in your skin? damn soyboys everywhere.
2020-11-28 21:42
Probaly a danish thing
2020-11-28 21:44
any photo?
2020-11-28 22:24
it's not a danish thing, most of us look good, myself included
2020-11-28 22:31
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