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s1mple vs zywoo
s1mple | 
Sweden chanchex 
it's like cr7 vs messi, not gonna last 13 years like the football one but still, it's great to see 2 top players pushing each other to the top and getting better and better results, it's a really nice thing to see. 2 years for now and it doesn't look like any other player is close to their level (maybe individually niko but not as consistant and not same results) so we are gonna see at least a couple more years of this beautiful "fight" :))
2020-11-28 20:02
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2020-11-28 20:19
+1 but hltv be like ZYWHO vs s0mple
2020-11-28 20:21
RpK | 
Turkey MrAycan
+1 but some people are delusional they are so boring
2020-11-28 20:24
+1 Hope so. Respect for respectful fans :)
2020-11-28 20:28
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Serbia LtN))
2020-11-28 23:14
s0mple awp abuser, zywoo chad rifler
2020-11-28 20:44
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s1mple uses the AWP more, because nobody on his team is good enough to do it well. He doesn't have a shox/Nivera who can AWP well. The only other option is flamie, and he is most inconsistent. Historically, Zywoo has used the AWP much much more than s1mple, as compared to rifle. s1mple started off as a rifler. s1mple: Zywoo:
2020-11-28 20:51
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and they compare a 2 good years player vs s1mple
2020-11-28 21:10
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2020-11-29 00:12
if they can reply this great year in 2021 in lan ok but for now is not even close to be a cr7 vs messi cs:go version
2020-11-28 20:54
Yea but S1mple is the more talented one. Zywoo keeps him going.
2020-11-28 21:39
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I personally disagree, I think zywoo is more talented since he doesn't play as much as s1mple and still gets similar results. s1mple is the player with the highest number of hours in the game, and IMO he is the best ever to touch it, zywoo doesn't even play DM and was no1 at 18, pretty impressive but idk i think both are very talented and good
2020-11-28 23:50
zywo all day :)))))))))))))))))))))))))0
2020-11-28 23:15
GodWoo > s0mple
2020-11-28 23:18
Zywoo and s1mple are like nadal and federer. When Nadal first started to get to the finals, Federer would outclass him everytime (except clay ofcourse). Later it became a norm of seeing a Federer vs Nadal in finals and after that it was Nadal who got the better of Federer everytime (except Wimbledon). I think Zywoo has a lot of potential to outgrow s1mple at some point. But the skill gap between s1mple and other players is just too insane at the moment.
2020-11-28 23:30
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+1 good comparision
2020-11-28 23:51
2020-11-29 00:09
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