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Netherlands Nivera_Top1_2021 
Group A (groups are randomly generated) 1.Heroic 2.Navi -------------- 3.Furia 4.EG Group B 1.Vitality 2.Astralis --------------- 3.CoL 4.Chaos Playoffs Astralis 2-1 NaVi Vitality 2-1 Heroic Grand final Astralis delete Mirage Vitality delete Train Astralis choose nuke (misutaaa rpk zywoo shox apex) ->Astralis 16-9 Vitality choose Dust2 (-misutaaa +Nivera) ->Vitality 16-9 Astralis choose Inferno (-shox +Misutaaa) ->Vitality 16-11 Vitality choose Vertigo (-Nivera +shox) ->Vitality 16-8 Overpass decider MVP shox
2020-11-29 13:01
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what about no
2020-11-29 13:02
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Why not
2020-11-29 13:03
5 replies
NA >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> EU noobies
2020-11-29 13:03
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2020-11-29 13:04
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2020-11-29 13:05
2020-11-29 13:23
+1111111111111 Chaos won't be able to come and Liquid will take their spot and proceed to rek everyone
2020-11-29 13:24
chaos surprisingly win group col second place vita/ast go home then col surprisingly win the entire thing history repeats itself))
2020-11-29 13:03
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0/8 Maybe 0/8 0/8
2020-11-29 13:04
Chaos don't even have an org and they are NA, that's 0% chance of winning
2020-11-29 13:33
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they still have an org
2020-11-29 14:11
coL most likely to win only 1 match, chaos can upset their regional rivals (EG) but I doubt it.
2020-11-29 14:13
Poland PawelsSSS
flag checks out/ name checks out
2020-11-29 13:05
Well, Navi won't lose to Astralis if it's not a grand-final :D. Navi vs Astralis 4 grand-finals: Astralis won 4 out 4. Navi vs Astralis 4 non-grandFinals this year: Navi won 4 out of 4 :D Only 1 match Astralis won against Navi, was a grand-final and it was not even this roster.
2020-11-29 13:10
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Navi too inconsistent
2020-11-29 13:12
5 replies
I agree. Not just inconsistent in a tournament, but also in the same match :D The last bo5 was a nice example.
2020-11-29 13:13
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I think that the problem is their map pool... ITS VERY BAD
2020-11-29 13:26
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Yeah. In bo3, they can make up for it by winning 2-1. It kinda sucks in bo5, unless they pull off a clean sweep like in Katowice.
2020-11-29 13:42
Nope !!!! Its just their mental state. They start doubting themselves. Playing too passive wont take 50/50 peeks and they lose cause of it. As we saw there NUKE is really top class ( they beat coL and Vitality on it) , D2 they were one of the best teams at start of the year, TRAIN ( only big lose was vs ASTRALIS ( that too in 2nd overtime, else they beat alot of good teams on it), INFERNO they beat astralis and their T side is good but CT is kinda meh alot of mistakes) , OVERPASS unlucky vs VItality but they improved ( as flamie said) . Mirage not the best map for them . Vertigo perma ban. But yeah most of the part is their mental state. If they play with 100% confidence, they are really good team. The only player which can be upgraded is flamie but I think he has alot of experience and idk maybe just he plays with too much pressure.
2020-11-29 14:10
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Yes I agree, and too add up its online. If it was Lan i think it would be different but who knows. I just want LAN back D:
2020-11-29 17:33
They May even win that if they update their map pool to 3 maps as they didnt lose only from mentality
2020-11-29 13:26
everything except astralis win vs Vitality in finals
2020-11-29 13:12
3 replies
Astralis are not good on vertigo and d2 while vitality are amazing on overpass and inferno
2020-11-29 13:13
2 replies
if astralis are having a good day they shoudl win Inferno, should be a 50/50 imo
2020-11-29 13:30
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Even if they win inferno i dont think they could win dust2 vertigo and ovp
2020-11-29 13:50
Latvia YungPan666
name checks out Astralis will get 1-2 in group stage
2020-11-29 13:16
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2020-11-29 13:20
I mean they play vs FURIA so maybe
2020-11-29 14:11
Who cars about IEM 🤡nline Challenge
2020-11-29 13:17
9 replies
Its one of the bigger tournaments this year
2020-11-29 13:19
1 reply
Even Dreamhack Open Leipzig 2020 is bigger than IEM 🤡nline challenge
2020-11-29 13:23
Vitality, Heroic, Natus Vincere, Astralis, FURIA, Complexity, Evil Geniuses, Chaos care
2020-11-29 13:20
mad because Faze didnt manage to qualify at this event
2020-11-29 13:25
5 replies
Mad cuz stupid Germany made lockdown because of most overrated virus,and because of that IEM Global Challenge became IEM 🤡nline challenge
2020-11-29 13:26
2 replies
there is no "lockdown" in Germany
2020-11-29 13:34
1 reply
Yes of course No lockdown but all events are closed,yes
2020-11-29 13:35
who is faze?
2020-11-29 14:28
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2020-11-29 17:51
shox mvp? did you wake after a long sleep on a capsule since 2014?
2020-11-29 13:50
2 replies
Shox is god recently
2020-11-29 13:58
1 reply
is good recently''
2020-11-29 14:29
IEM ONLINE Challenge
2020-11-29 13:51
♿ nline challenge
2020-11-29 13:53
NAVI vs EG = NAVI wins HEROIC vs CHAOS = heroic wins NAVI vs HEROIC = NAVI wins CHAOS vs EG = EG wins HEROIC vs EG = HEROIC wins VITALITY vs FURIA = VITALITY win ( will be 2-1) ASTRALIS vs coL = idk close game 50/50 ( but astralis got this) VITALITY vs ASTRALIS = Vitality win coL vs FURIA = FURIA wins ?!?!?! FURIA vs ASTRALIS = Astralis win Playsoffs : Vitality vs Heroic = VItality Navi vs Astralis = Navi FINALS : Navi vs Vitality = b05? Idk who wins. Have to wait for Blast to see who NAVI plays. Maybe I got brackets wrong idk.
2020-11-29 14:04
Grand Finals will be Natus Vincere vs Astralis The rest are excluded.
2020-11-29 14:20
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2020-11-29 14:30
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2020-11-29 14:45
United States xcalibot
>Astralis 2-1 Na'Vi
2020-11-29 14:23
errr no
2020-11-29 14:47
I doubt Astralis will beat Navi especially in this current iteration. Astralis haven't nailed their tactics and don't have it at the level it was before. Navi just have too much individual skill and s1mple/electronic will win too many rounds single-handedly. Depends on the level of Astralis that is shown, if they've refined their tactics and synergy maybe.
2020-11-29 14:54
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