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Grosjean crash
Grim | 
Finland ilikecereal61 
Not to try and blame anyone, glad he's alive BUT It was his own fault. Changing line blindly without trying to give Kvyat time to react. Kvyat's only mistake was trying to fight the position (just to fuck it up completely with Stroll) Also, HALO should'vd been introduced when Bianchi was killed. Mistake from the FIA not doing so. Also the wall Grosjean hit had a far too big of an angle to not have a safe barrier such as tires or techpro. I thought he was dead. I literally thought he'd been burned and decapitated.
2020-11-29 17:27
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grosjean had debris in the right front
2020-11-29 17:39
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2020-11-29 17:43
11 replies just searched for greasjean debris
2020-11-29 17:55
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in the onboard it shows him making a steering input to the right though?
2020-11-29 18:36
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he's going about 170mph bro, a tiny steering input at that speed is a massive change in direction you need to remember that
2020-11-29 19:41
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i know, but it clearly shows him making that input. not blaming him about it tho, as i think both kvyat and him did things wrong
2020-11-29 19:56
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kvyat didn't do anything wrong there, he had zero time to react because he didn't expect grojean to cut across him on the straight, no driver would expect it. It's just a racing incident, these things happen, it's extremely hard to see out of these cars even with the mirrors, and unfortunately it ended in a horror crash
2020-11-29 20:28
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They showed on the sky pad thing that kvyat was in grosjeans blind spot, his mirrors wouldn’t have shown a car there, it’s just bad luck really.
2020-11-30 21:39
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I didn't actually see that on the skypad so I wasn't sure if this was the case or not so I didn't wanna say for sure but I had a pretty good feeling it was He's very lucky to be alive, the last time I saw a car split in half like that was anthoine huberts
2020-12-01 15:33
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yeah honestly watching it live i though it looked worse then Hubert's, im so glad that it wasn't. the Halo debate is 100% over now though, 3rd driver that the Halo has saved now, Leclerc at Spa in 2018, Tadasuke Makino in Span 2018 (in F2) when Nirei Fukuzumi got airborn and his tire hit Makino's Halo and now Grosjean
2020-12-01 17:02
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Don't think there ever was a debate tbh, I hated the look of it and still do but if there's ever a question between safety and aesthetics you always have to take safety which is why the FIA ignored everyone and added it despite every driver on the grid being against it
2020-12-01 20:13
could be a reflex
2020-11-29 19:48
Because otherwise he could've crashed into the front car. Drivers change the brake balance and since the next corner needs front brake bias and the debris was on his front he could not break in time with that speed .
2020-12-02 18:01
Glad he is ok
2020-11-29 17:57
Spain N0Love
Development of security technology in racing cars specially in F1 is amazing holy shit
2020-11-29 18:00
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Indeed. 20 years ago with same crash, he would be dead now. Glad he is alive and hopefully he get well too.
2020-11-29 18:03
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he would be 3 years ago without halo
2020-11-29 18:28
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I think he was just lucky, his car broke into two pieces The last time when Formula car broke into two pieces some young racer from F2 died 1 or mb 2 years ago.
2020-11-29 18:32
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The car is planned to do that in order to disperse energy in extreme accidents And yeah, without halo he'd have had 100+ g of force applied to his head, probably decapitating him.
2020-11-29 18:37
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the cars are designed to stay intact actually to prevent fires, the cars have a lot of energy dispersal systems that absorb the energy to ensure the car doesn't split, but you cant make a car indestructible and once the survival cell stopped suddenly in the barrier the back end of the car just had nowhere to go, what it does prove though is how well the survival cells are made because it was basically 100% intact.
2020-12-01 17:06
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you're wrong the car is designed to break into two pieces like that
2020-12-02 14:43
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if it was designed to break into two pieces like that fuel fires would be common and the drivers and engineers at the track also all said its not meant to break in half like that. even Toto wolf said they shouldn't break in half like that
2020-12-02 17:56
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they fuel tank is not ment to break but the back end of the car is if the impact is hard enough
2020-12-03 06:49
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not like it did in this accident
2020-12-03 11:34
Last year Antoine hubert in spa in late August
2020-11-29 18:47
Hungary Rollie
It was last year but that was a completely different impact. The impact came from another car and from the side which is a lot weaker. There it didn't break into 2 parts like here (this is the way how it meant to break) that's the reason why that was a deadly one and this wasn't. RIP Anthoine Hubert :'(
2020-11-29 19:38
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it wasn't because he took contact to the side, it was because the right side crash structure had already broken when Hubert hit the barrier (they are designed to break to dissipate energy) crash structures in Formula cars are designed really to take one hit, and each side crash structure aids the other side as well so because Huberts right side crash structure had already done its job the left side crash structure wasn't able to when Correa impacted him on the left side, and even if the left side crash structure still manages to do its job Hubert then hit the barrier again on the right side of the car for a second time meaning with no crash structure there to dissipate the energy that energy needs to go somewhere and unfortunately that's right into the chassis and driver. Grosjeans crash is different, the crash structures are there to do a few things firstly its to make sure the energy isnt going through the driver but its also to prevent the car from breaking in half, they aren't actually designed to break in half since the fuel cell is in the middle of the car right behind the survival cell and the PU is in the back of the car if they were designed to break in half every time they did there would be a fire just like in this accident, since Grosjean survived the crash it looks like the crash structure in the nose of the car did its job in taking the energy so that it didn't impact the driver but since the survival cell come to a sudden stop when it was wedged in the barrier the back end of the car had nowhere else to go and the energy from that had to go somewhere hence the split (there could be other factors but as far as i know this is one of the reasons why it could have split)
2020-12-01 17:25
how can he be so bad?
2020-11-29 18:26
6 replies
wtf is wrong with you? poor guy literally almost died and you are going to talk how "bad" he is? first of all, car in front of him was slowing down and he would have no chance to break so he instantly turned right to avoid crash and didn't see Daniil. Second, no driver in F1 can be bad, how can you call someone who has 10 podiums bad?? he lost his motivation to drive because of haas, that's all. I would like to see how would you react if you were in Romains situation :)
2020-11-29 18:51
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I can agree on with what you're saying but... "he lost his motivation to drive because of haas" That's not quite what's going on, the car is just pure trash. Grosjean is a great driver and he would've been at the front if he would've had a better car.
2020-11-29 20:27
sorry, i thought it was just more of one of your grotesque piloting mistakes, not a serious accident like this
2020-11-29 22:10
India magizhchi
did u watch the race? or are u thick in the head
2020-11-29 22:07
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just a retarded that want attention
2020-11-29 22:09
If he's so bad like you are saying, go into the F1 car and drive, noob.
2020-11-29 22:08
GOD Kvyat just rekt 2 noobs in 2 laps
2020-11-29 18:27
2 replies
like a torpeeedo
2020-11-29 19:45
2020-11-29 22:08
happy about grosjean, but he not deserves driver of the day, he's fault
2020-11-29 18:43
11 replies
unskilled driver, he could kill another drive
2020-11-29 18:44
10 replies
He's a pretty good driver tbh, "so he's not unskilled bruv" the problem is, he's driving in a shitty Haas car.
2020-11-29 20:29
9 replies
before haas used to have not a bad car and even before that grosjean had Lotus, but always was like Stroll, Kimi alone maked points for them.
2020-11-30 12:44
8 replies
Lotus was only had a decent car in 2012 and 2013. And grosjean actually did well if we would consider it as his first seasons in F1 if we don't count in the 2009 start he had with renault. So the 2012 season for grosjean was not really that good. But you can't say that his 2013 season was bad lmao. For being a 2nd driver that's exactly what you want as a team. He did it well.
2020-11-30 17:30
2020-11-30 18:19
hes got 10 podiums in F1, you need skill to achieve that if it was like one you could say yeah maybe there was luck involved but when its 10 its not luck.
2020-12-01 17:33
5 replies
albon has 2 podiums, stroll 2, bot tas 9 wins, hill champinoship.
2020-12-01 21:11
4 replies
if you are putting Hill in the same category as albon and stroll then your either baiting or know nothing of F1, Hill was a very good driver, he won 22 races and a world championship. also if you watched grosjean back when he was driving for lotus you would know he was very fast and a very talented driver.
2020-12-01 23:09
3 replies
maybe hill not like albon, but he unskilled and fluke race winner. lost a lot of championships on faster car.
2020-12-02 14:39
2 replies
there is no such thing as a fluke world drivers champion
2020-12-02 17:56
1 reply
when your team have has a car much faster than enemys, you not needed big skills. you didn't watch f1 in the 90s, if you're say so
2020-12-03 16:37
The halo had to be developed and tested and that takes time. It also wasn't the only idea being tested for better safety which would've extended the development time. The crash does appear to be his fault however debris is shown on the video footage coming straight at his tyre idk if that had any effect The last time I saw a race car split in half like that was at spa last year when anthoine hubert passed away, I thought he was dead for sure
2020-11-29 19:43
I don’t understand a word that you’re saying but ok.
2020-11-29 21:38
Kubica next week in romain's car letsgoooooo
2020-11-29 22:05
3 replies
sadly not, it's brazil time again
2020-11-30 12:48
1 reply
:(( sad
2020-11-30 21:32
lol Kubica wants to try out new cars , when he was crashing he had less protection
2020-12-01 19:29
Crashjean is known for his epic crashes, but looks this was almost one too many. Anyway I'm happy the dude is ok, he will provide us with a lot of entertainment for many years to come since F1 has otherwise become so boring lately.
2020-11-29 22:13
5 replies
i don't think he will be in f1 ever again
2020-11-30 12:52
3 replies
Still has 2 races. I guess he will just enjoy himself because he has nothing to prove. Btw he has more podiums than Perez, so show some respect.
2020-12-01 17:10
2 replies
he is still one of the most whiny f1 drives in recent years if not ever, and one more podium than perez isn't really something super special, that donsen't mean i don't respct him, im just saying he will never get a seat in f1 again after this season
2020-12-01 17:40
1 reply
No doubts he IS old and no more relevant to f1.
2020-12-01 19:16
This was propably his last season, don't expect to see Grosjean in an F1 race ever again
2020-11-30 12:56
Barrier failed massively, without halo Grosjean would be decapitated and even with halo because his car literally went through the barrier and was almost melted in it it could have blocked Grosjean from leaving the car, also the car failed massively, should never be able to catch fire like that, imagine if Grosjean was unconcious, propably burned to death... Also the people coming to save Grosjean, bless them, should have closed fire proof helmets so they can actually try and get him out if he is stuck, they could not go into the fire even if they dared because their helmets were open! Lot of mistakes that people can be held accountable for, its a miracle he survived but F1 should learn a lot from this crash there should be a lot of things to look into here!
2020-11-30 12:55
yea its so weird how the wall was just some metal
2020-11-30 12:56
Brazil tdsgg
<3 grosjean
2020-11-30 12:57
Finland 7ones
How the fuck did he climb out of the burning car just by himself. I though he got killed instantly by the initial hit to the wall and then there was the burning car after that. What a miracle.
2020-11-30 12:58
3 replies
The halo saved him from being literary decapitated
2020-11-30 21:41
2 replies
Finland 7ones
Good for him that they have been focusing on safety. That wall was just weirdly close and it looked quite solid.
2020-11-30 21:50
What’s halo? I mean the game is good, but how did it save the guy?
2020-12-03 08:54
Sick that it burned. The tank is made of kevlar and bulletproof.
2020-12-01 17:42
2 replies
It was the fuel pipes and shit, basically the fuel that was in the system and shit plus the oil, if the tank got set on fire he would be 6 feet under the ground now
2020-12-02 18:09
1 reply
only six feet?
2020-12-03 16:41
I watched this live, idk how he survived
2020-12-03 10:00
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