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snow outside!
s1mple | 
Bulgaria cuddleslut 
Snow has finally came here, did snow already came where you live? It came earlier in Bulgaria but not here in the city where i live.
2020-11-30 01:10
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Germany Germania
climate change removed all snow from germany
2020-11-30 01:13
17 replies
when was the last time it poured in Germany?
2020-11-30 01:14
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Germany Germania
every year in bavaria but where i live we havent seen real snow for like 15 years ;(
2020-11-30 01:18
14 replies
I can't imagine a christmas without snow
2020-11-30 01:22
13 replies
lol it's funny for me to hear it... christmas here is 38ºC... i always laugh when all our decoration is about santa claus with thick clothes in 38ªC and ar conditioned in MAX power
2020-11-30 03:05
12 replies
wtf come to russia
2020-11-30 03:06
9 replies
man... i can't stand cold... i just can't, i feel like i don't wanna get out of bed... i believe i would need some years to get used to it and maybe start to like it... anything below 15ºC makes me sad and with no energy
2020-11-30 03:08
1 reply
for me 30c+ = death
2020-11-30 03:19
Brazil |baitzera
moscow isn't that cold tho
2020-11-30 03:39
6 replies
yeah but there will be snow
2020-11-30 03:41
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Brazil |baitzera
Do you consider 10C as very cold? For southerners it probably would be
2020-11-30 03:45
4 replies
10-15c perfect weather for me
2020-11-30 03:46
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Brazil |baitzera
say this to a tropical guys and they would think that you are kidding
2020-11-30 03:52
1 reply
but it's really perfect weather. not hot and not cold 🙄
2020-11-30 04:01
I travel to Spain almost ever winter, its like 10-15, I like it aswell.
2020-11-30 14:57
2020-11-30 03:20
have you ever seen snow irl?
2020-11-30 14:55
Switzerland Titan))
same in switzerland in the cities at least. snows for like 3 days and it all melts withing hours usually
2020-11-30 01:36
Inb4 "Cuddleslut exposed, there is no snow" thread
2020-11-30 01:15
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2020-11-30 01:32
2020-11-30 01:37
I confirm snow
2020-11-30 03:29
minus one celsius day and night but no snow, i just hope it snows this year
2020-11-30 01:16
Nope, it's still pretty warm here. 11C, maybe next month it will snow(((
2020-11-30 01:21
we've had snow here for like a month but sadly it keeps on melting where i am, so the ground is just hard and wet
2020-11-30 01:29
4 replies
do you guys like snow or not? i mean, i remember some canadians came to brazil and everytime i asked about snow they fucking hated it lol
2020-11-30 03:07
3 replies
its honestly close to a 50/50 at this point. i like it because im a skier, but yeah, a lot of people (a lot of which are older people because it makes them hurt or something) actually hate it. And theres fair reasons, makes commutes harder, its wet, its cold asf etc. but i like it.
2020-11-30 03:11
2 replies
i never seen or touched snow... for you it may sound very dumb, but it's kinda something i REALLY wanna try before die... Also i was a very good skater and did some surf here and there when i lived near the beach, how hard would it be for me to be able to snowboard with a decent level?
2020-11-30 03:13
1 reply
nah, it makes perfect sense mens. and well honestly i havent surfed myself, but with some practice i bet you could get it. it may be kinda like skiing and skating, if you can skate you can learn to ski a lot easier. I would recommend either Canada, (probably either south eastern Ontario where i am or Quebec ) or Norway/Switzerland for skiing. i havent been to Norway or Switzerland but i've heard they're good for skiing. however its probably cheaper to come to Canada and also Skiing/snowboarding is common here while in the EU its considered a rich person thing apparently (thats what my sisters British friends said when they were here)
2020-11-30 04:11
Brazil ghcnvbkn
no :((
2020-11-30 01:32
1 reply
F :(
2020-11-30 02:15
No snow here but it’s more likely to happen from jan-feb
2020-11-30 01:32
North America bomberNTC
snow came in michigan usa
2020-11-30 01:36
OK | 
Europe B0OMER
yes since yesterday man hopefully it will stay till christmas
2020-11-30 01:38
month and half ago, but compared to last year, not that much Siberia
2020-11-30 01:40
Estonia mr_abdul
u live in mountains or something? how u get snow that far south from us and we don't have it yet
2020-11-30 01:47
no snow here
2020-11-30 01:49
There's been snow here since halloween
2020-11-30 01:51
Snow is illegal. Climate change agenda is not liking snow
2020-11-30 01:56
2 replies
Real Tyler Durden (strong)?
2020-11-30 02:01
1 reply
fake most likely, he would have mentioned shower at least once
2020-11-30 02:58
PogU still waiting here
2020-11-30 01:58
had snow in my area but moved back to my home down south and the snow mostly melts away very quickly in recent years usually we get super cold windchill until snow comes in January
2020-11-30 01:59
I live in Canada but no snowfall yet. Why? Vancouver.
2020-11-30 02:08
Canada J47
snow already landed in Ontario, Canada!
2020-11-30 02:16
I wish I had some real snow. Lately it has been just some thin fast melting layer.
2020-11-30 02:23
imagine snowing in brazil in fucking summer lol in some cities it snows in winter here tho
2020-11-30 02:54
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2020-11-30 03:00
The government got my hopes up by spreading out salt this evening but so far no snow :(
2020-11-30 02:59
I want snow soon :/
2020-11-30 03:01
Yes snow aha 😐
2020-11-30 03:09
snow never got here kkkkkkk
2020-11-30 03:13
device | 
Brazil vgzz
there is no snow here, the whole year has sun and girls in bikinis
2020-11-30 03:15
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2020-11-30 03:36
was really a lot of it here like like a week ago but then everything melted
2020-11-30 03:18
Ez snow
2020-11-30 03:26
None right now, we had some in October but it's been that awful weather that's just cold and dry since then
2020-11-30 03:26
I know theres a lot of snow in the east and other places in the country, but where I live, we'll get like really shitty snow for like maximum three days, and then it will melt into slush. Haven't had proper good snow here in my city since maybe 2014.
2020-11-30 03:27
I wish. Rarely snows here :(
2020-11-30 03:29
United States _Nohj
No :(, gonna be a mild winter from the looks of things.
2020-11-30 03:31
i have a theory that it was snowing only because mike tyson was fighting, it was so epic event that even the weather had to react, also tyson ended his career in 2005 and after that year the winters started to slowly become 2nd autumns but colder, it might sound stupid af but it's true, believe me
2020-11-30 03:52
North America abigaiI
it's been off and on here. kinda happy cause for now i just have to deal with freezing temps without snow lmao makes things more bearable.
2020-11-30 03:54
Russia VelsVivard
It gets coldy but not much snow yet.
2020-11-30 03:59
snow now for 1 month xD
2020-11-30 04:08
Fuck snow and fuck winter. I hate this season of year.
2020-11-30 15:19
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