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cloud9 vs gambit epic analysis
floppy | 
Albania lilalb 
today cloud9 and gambit will face eathother in dreamhack. first the map pool now starting with the insta bans cloud9 ban train gambit ban nuke this is pretty good for both teams as both maps are stronholds of the opposite side. cloud9 pick vertigo even why cloud9 got demolished by mousesports i think theyre forced to pick it again, they have to start forming a strong map pool and getting a grasp on vertigo would be great. gambit pick overpass now it would probably make sense for them to pick overpass but hear me out, cloud9s overpass is very shaky. The match against virtus pro mightve seemes close but overpass is not a good map of virtus pro. they even lost to k23 on it 16 13. Now cloud9 might be more polished and its clear as theyve opted to nuke and vertigo more than overpass. gambit have also had more experience in this map. cloud9 ban inferno explains itself gambit ban dust2 now this one was hard to predict, but id say theyll go for a decider mirage as they did lose terribly to spirit. But it is a bit justified as thats a spirit favorite. Decider mirage actual score prediction now first map is gonna be vertigo. vertigo is pretty strong for gambit with their latest matches being dominant but againts lesser opponents that dont prefer vertigo. on the cloud9 hand they were looking pretty strong but the match against mousesport mightve put them off the spree that atleast i was expecting in this map. Though they should recollect and win this one around 16-9 to 16-12 overpass now i already explained this one. It will be tough on cloud9 and gambit should take this one but its gonna be really close and maybe overtime. 19-17 or 16-14 for gambit mirage this is gonna be hard but honestly cloud9 should take it. I mean they beat complexity on it with comfort even why complexity played dog shit. Gambit has played pretty good on it too but again on lesser opponents. cloud9 take it 16-12 or smth pog 2-1 cloud9 win
2020-11-30 02:34
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Sup henry
2020-11-30 02:36
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2020-11-30 02:50
Oh my god this is so epical moment!! 11! 1!! 1111!!!!1! 1! 1! 1! 1! 1! 1! 1!!!!!
2020-11-30 02:37
2020-11-30 02:45
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it does check out
2020-11-30 02:50
sh1ro | 
Argentina Xaby
gambit 2-1 or 2-0
2020-11-30 02:51
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dont see that happening but lets see
2020-11-30 13:11
C9 seems like a T sided team right now, but they don't adjust on the fly as well as other teams. Mouz read them like a book on inferno and Ropz was always pushing where they are weak (in the second half). Also it seems like C9 is better verse more passive teams, but if the CT's are constantly pressuring for info they seem to get caught with their pants down a lot. Still they are a very new team need to build chemistry.
2020-11-30 02:54
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team structure is getting better by the match so hope that they can get to a playoff soon
2020-11-30 02:58
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Still a little confused with their roles. Floppy was expected to be support in this line up but he actually is like top fragging a lot.
2020-11-30 02:59
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he lurks a lot if im not mistaken and gathers with the team from earned information from him and his pushes
2020-11-30 03:01
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ya i noticed that on the T side of vertigo he was the mid lurk. I was also really impressed with Alex today, good to see him hitting shots and igl'ing
2020-11-30 03:02
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hes probably doing great calling on the comms but he does need to step up his fragging which he did in dust2 vs complexity. if he frags good the results will be sick
2020-11-30 04:07
Argentina Lukem_Fan
gj, great analysis!
2020-11-30 02:55
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thank you men :>
2020-11-30 02:57
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